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Refuse: v. to voluntarily and sometimes intensely oppose and not take and/or not obey a subset(s) which can be given

You can refuse almost anything which can be given. You can refuse a suggestion, an idea, a belief, an opinion, a gift, an invitation, a reward, an order, a command, a request, a contract, etc.

Refusing a personal gift is rare but you may have a food allergy or a fear of guns so refusing a food or a gun gift may be totally understandable and not hurt someone’s feelings. Certain requests are also hard to refuse but you should courageously say, no sorry I can’t or I don’t want to, if it is a time consuming request or one of a series of imposing requests which you feel are causing you personal hardship or annoyance. Invitations can and should be turned down graciously if you really don’t want to attend or can’t schedule it in your time frame.

Some humans are too eager to please others and saying no or refusing things is just not something which they are good at. The truth is that most humans should have more courage in life and say no more often because saying yes is frequently a great waste of your personal time and energy.

Offspring will sometimes challenge or refuse parental authority or demands and workers will often quit or refuse working for an overly demanding boss. It may take some time before someone refuses to obey oppressive demands but most of us have our limits and there comes a point in life when we have no alternative but to refuse.


Refusing a gift, food, or a material possession is obvious but not so obvious is refusing to accept a belief, opinion, or concept.  Refusing a gift can cause hurt feelings but so can accepting someone’s opinion, concept or belief. There is also refusing a request or question which a human may make and this also can lead to hurt feelings. There is also refusing to accept circumstances, good or mostly bad, and fervently trying to do something about a circumstance to change an unpleasant reality.

If you disagree with someone then their feelings might be hurt so you sometimes have to be diplomatic and say that there are exceptions or examples which conflict with your opinions, beliefs, or concepts. Sometimes you just simply have to say that we agree to disagree.


Refusing a demand or command by an authority figure is a sign of insubordination and unless you have a very good reason not to obey then you may be accused of insubordination which can sometimes have severe consequences.

Being refused by the opposite sex too many times may lead to an inferiority complex or being very timid with opposite sex relationships. Some accept social refusal rather readily and are not upset with it that much and there are some humans who can’t take no for an answer and can pester you until they become a real pain in the ass.

Stalking is symptomatic of humans with extreme determination who can’t take no for an answer or simply refuse to quit following someone around much beyond the point of necessity even with legal attempts to stop the stalking.

Refusing to accept permanent failure in life is sometimes an admirable characteristic and frequently with enough trial and error a human will triumph over adversity or a seemingly insoluble problem.

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