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Repetition: n. doing an event(s) more than once with or without duration(s) in between

Repetition is a fact of life. We walk, talk, eat, drink, sit, and go to and from work many times. Walking and talking and eating is not considered repetition unless we walk to the same place, say the same words, or eat the same food, etc.. Some jobs are relatively repetitious and maybe even boring with nothing new happening but merely a repetition of a daily routine.

Sometimes we are asked to repeat something that we said and repeating words such as hi, good bye, please, and thank you are a very common occurrence.

Practice is also a form of repetition and it is something done to learn a new skill or new knowledge. Once we learn something that we practice we frequently repeat it in our lives when necessary. Good and bad habits are really behaviors which are repeated over and over again frequently for a lifetime.

If you don’t like a bad habit then don’t repeat it so frequently. If you want to develop a good habit then you have to repeat some behavior over and over again as many times as is needed to form a good new habit which is eventually done automatically.


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