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Replacement: n. removing a subset(s) and using a different subset(s)

When something breaks or is worn out or used up we frequently replace it with something new. Sometimes the new item is the same brand or make but new clothes may be different and we may not always buy the same food.

When we replace something with the same thing then it has become a habit and we seem to have a kind of loyalty to it since it is frequently something which we consider valuable or a good thing. When we are unhappy with a product we frequently replace it with something new and different which we hope will be a wiser choice.

Much of what life is all about is replacing things and frequently hoping that the replacement will be just as good or even better than the original choice that we made.

Getting fired or replaced by someone else on the job is a traumatic experience but being replaced by computer software is even more traumatic because it frequently means having to learn new job skills to stay employed.

Hip and joint replacement is a medical procedure where something artificial replaces something organic and makes mobility possible for some who have lost mobility with worn out  or damaged joints and bone body parts.


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