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Reputation: n. the degree of respect and/or disrespect possessed which is an appraisal of the degree of respect and/or disrespect made by a subset(s) of humans

Not many of us have an excellent reputation because frankly few know that you need to be honest, sincere, dependable, trustworthy, caring, and competent to have an excellent reputation. If you sometimes lie, are not dependable, and are not competent in your job or as a parent then you may get by but you will definitely not have an excellent reputation.

If you are in a leadership position then reputation is very important. If you live a rather isolated life and don’t interact with humans that frequently then your reputation may not seem that important and you will get by as long as you show up for work and don’t screw up on the job.

Reputation may not seem important to you until you develop a bad reputation and then you realize how hard it is to get it back since almost no one trusts you anymore and generally does not want to have anything to do with you.

If your reputation is very bad then your only recourse is to move to another location in the country. You can begin with a fresh new start trying to develop a good reputation which will unfortunately take some time because a good reputation is earned over a relatively long time of demonstrating trustworthiness. A good reputation is not something which you automatically get by just asking for it.

Getting a good reputation back after losing it is almost impossible so the best advice is don’t lose it in the first place and behave appropriately.

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