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Ruin: v. to completely or almost completely destroy a subset(s) which can be physical and/or moral and/or political and/or social and/or economic


You can ruin your health, ruin a relationship, and ruin your good reputation with immoral behavior. Some make it back from financial ruin but it is not an easy achievement. Moving to a different part of the world is sometimes the only way that you can start over fresh if you ruin your reputation. Ruining your health is the ultimate tragedy because a healthy body is the foundation to any progress which you would want to make in society.

Civilizations are ruined from internal immorality and/or environmental devastation and archeologists make a living sifting through ancient ruins.

Ruining is usually total destruction but as long as you are alive there is some hope that you can work your way out of financial ruin which will also help a damaged reputation but not a ruined one.

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