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Safety: n. a large probability that injury to a person(s) and/or damage to a subset(s) will not exist in the near future

Humans generally feel safe when the probability of injury is minimal which usually means that they are also in a relatively safe environment such as at home. It is true that many accidents occur in the home but nowhere except perhaps in a padded cell is safety guaranteed 100%.

There are also some minimal precautions which can be made to be safer when driving such as seat belts and safety glass which help in the event of a car accident.

Toy manufacturers also have to obey safety guidelines such as non toxic paint and no small parts which a young offspring could potentially choke on.

It is one thing to make safety rules when someone is acting responsibly but it is almost impossible to pass safety measures for irresponsibly behaving humans. Ultimately humans have a responsibility to act in safe ways themselves without extra burdensome government regulations.

Safety rules should not ensure maximum safety unless hundreds of lives are at stake such as airlines.

Safety rules should assume the need for some responsible smart behavior on the part of the humans using a device and/or tool. Warnings about improper usage should appear on the product and it is ultimately the responsibility of the user to read them and act accordingly.

When you are not in danger of being injured or when a house is hurricane proof or can’t be damaged then you can say that you are safe or that your house is relatively safe.

Most humans behave safely because they are afraid of getting hurt and the government sometimes goes to great length to protect you from harm by passing safety laws causing the installation of home smoke detectors and car seat belts.

 It seems that there is an attempt to legislate proper human behavior or an attempt to reduce the bad consequences of irresponsibility. DUI laws, helmet laws, lead paint laws, mold laws, toy laws, and building laws are just a few of the examples of laws passed trying to optimize a safe environment for humans to live in.

Some complain of the government trying to be a nanny state for adults trying too much to protect them from irresponsible behavior with too many laws all in the name of safety.

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