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Sarcasm: n. using irony to ridicule and show contempt

A few examples will suffice but there are tens of examples.

When someone does something wrong – you contemptuously say Very good, well done, nice!

The irony is that you unexpectedly say nice or good to something bad and your tone of voice can be slightly exaggerated and demeaning or contemptuous with a hint of ridicule.


I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.


The irony is that you take long walks with humans that you like but you prefer annoying humans to take long walks alone so they don’t bother you. The contempt expressed is for annoying humans.

Let’s share. You’ll take the grenade. I’ll take the pin.

The irony is that sharing is usually done for mutual benefit and if you blow yourself up with a grenade then you kill yourself. Sharing implies liking someone and it is not someone you want killed. You are actually ridiculing the human and expressing a cloaked dislike or contempt for them.


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