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It is human skin showing which is sexy and if it is a neckline which shows cleavage, a sleeveless dress showing a naked arm, a partially see through fabric for a dress, a bikini, and a plunging back line showing skin then it can be called a sexy outfit. There is sexy skin and sexy human body parts.


Of course because of outdated social norms you can overdo sexiness, expose too much skin, and be called whore like or a classic bitch. The truth is that nakedness is the sexiest look which you can have but most humans are embarrassed by small breast sizes or small penises to have the courage to bare it all and be totally sexy 100% naked.


Unfortunately sexy clothing is for women or men who have good looking skin and are not exposing protruding bellies and butts which demands a slight application of aesthetic value standards. Nevertheless, a plump or overweight human who is still well proportioned can still be called sexy, especially in the nude too.

Sexiness in the modern world is too fixated on the size of the breasts and one erroneously assumes that the bigger the breasts the sexier you are. The truth is that there are well proportioned sexy legs, sexy toes, sexy arms, sexy fingers, sexy hips, and sexy facial features which play a much greater overall part in labeling someone sexy or not so sexy than merely sexy relatively normal size breasts and not overly large ones. 

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