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Silliness: n. a (random behavior(s) without a serious goal(s) and/or an unknown goal(s)) which frequently causes laughter and/or a smile

Offspring running around randomly yelling bleh bleh bleh and doing random body movements is an example of silliness. Offspring putting a pot on the head and making noises may be an enactment of some fantasy whose goal we are unaware of and also consider silliness.

We frequently don’t consider adults to be silly but rather stupid if they do some childhood silliness. We frequently laugh at childhood silliness but not at adult silliness because we assume that they are socially literate and no longer should do silly things. Comedians sometimes do silly things on stage and we frequently think it is funny and we are not judgmental about their silly behavior and call them stupid.

Slapstick comedy is random harmless violence and it is really silly behavior which we laugh at yet also consider stupid.


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