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Some of us complicate our lives with too many material possessions, too many friends, and too many personal interests or commitments. We may feel stressed out with too little time to relax and may even complicate matters by being financially deep in debt.

Simplifying your life is the answer to an out of control life and one way to do this is to set priorities in your life. Job, family, personal interests, and friends should usually be your priority order and that means spending more time and effort on your job, then family, things which interest you, and finally friends.

Too many material possessions means that you should cut back on your buying and only try to buy what you NEED and not what you WANT. This is not always easy because most of us are impulse buyers and seldom stop to ask ourselves. Can I do without the purchase for a week, month, or year? If the answer is yes then you should not buy it. If spending is a major problem then you should definitely learn to budget your money and learn about how to do it on the internet.

If many friends are not important to your job then concentrate on keeping in touch with the closest friends and let the others only be casual acquaintances which you may only remember once a year.

Having many personal interests means that you will probably not be bored but they usually do take up much of your time and even money so you can prioritize them and spend most of your time and money on the ones which you have a passion for. A smart way to prioritize interests is to ask yourself-Will these interests help me develop new skills or make me more knowledgeable? If the answer is no then you should put those interests last on your set of priorities which means spending less time, energy, and money on them.

For almost anything which you do you can ask the question. Can I spend the time, energy, and money on something better or more important? If the answer is yes then switch priorities and you will be on the road to simplifying your life.

Finally if you have a bad job then one of your major priorities should be learning new skills or new knowledge so that you can land a better job or even a different one from the one which you currently have.


Prioritizing your life or finding out what has the most importance in your life and spending more time, energy, and money on it is one of the keys to simplifying your life and getting off the frantic random treadmill which you may be on now.

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