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Society: n. a collection of interacting and interdependent humans with important common goals but possessing much variety of personally important and many objectively unimportant goals

Moral behavior generally keeps a society functioning relatively peacefully and common goals are eating, drinking, living in shelter, working, having sex, reproducing, having friends, transportation, and being entertained.

The only area threatened with great change is the area of work. Robots, computer software, and technology is creating an almost jobless society for the average human.  

Society will just have to change and begin to accept the fact that eventually a majority of its citizens will be destitute and unemployed or on welfare. The question to seriously confront is what will be the standard of living of those on welfare?

If the standard of living is too high then there won’t be an incentive to work at all because living on the government dole will be a pleasure. It is obvious that there must be an incentive for humans to work who can become greatly skilled so the real question is what DIFFERENT rights should those on welfare have than the working class?

I recommend that mobility should be restricted for all those on welfare and that they should be denied motor vehicle transportation and that their basic standardized needs should be delivered door to door by an efficient private company. If you want to travel the world and use non standard goods then you will have to become a member of the working class.

Online personalized interactive audio visual computer education will be provided for free so that you can train yourself  or your offspring through the investment of personal time, effort, and achievement and perhaps land a useful job in society. Only if you are working will you have the opportunity of mobility and buying any goods or services which your brain desires.

The concept of EQUAL rights for all will have to be changed to the concept of JUST rights for all and this will have to be reflected in a revised constitution with new unalienable rights.

My evergreen truth books CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS, EDUCATION REFORM, and JUSTICE detail the just changes which will have to be made so that citizens will not feel that they are being screwed by society but in fact being justly treated.

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