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Spy: v. to secretly collect information on a human(s) which is frequently a government and/or organization

Since time immemorial spies have been used to gain competitive advantage in warfare and in business by uncovering military strategy ahead of time and uncovering business secrets. 

Tyrants have historically and are continuing to spy on the ruled to detect potential threats to their rule. Even democracies are beginning to spy on their citizens for political advantage and the detection of criminal activity, especially hackers and online criminals.

Nations spy on each other, especially China and the United States, who not only compete politically with different political systems but also are competing economically and want to know as many national and business secrets as possible.

Computers with sophisticated algorithms are doing most of the online spying and cameras almost everywhere are uncovering illegal activity where there might be some.

Immorality in society is trying to be combated by surveillance and the fear that you will be caught in illegalities by big brother or big sister watching you.

Unfortunately surveillance is not an adequate replacement for a moral secular society and without a commonly held secular morality the court system will become a sham catering to those with money and not the truth.

The truth is that citizen informants are the most potent weapon for illegality and if a criminal enterprise starts getting out of hand then there should be protected  whistleblowers who can unmask any cover up that may be going on.

Invasion of privacy is of no concern to me because if you are functioning within the law then there is frankly nothing to be greatly concerned about. Yes, if you are a raving racist, hate monger, terrorist, or child pornographer then you have something to fear and you probably will be censored even from the internet.

The right to moral free speech or the right to criticize the government and corrupt institutions should be the most guarded of rights and once the internet starts censoring moral free speech then we are in a terrible predicament and in a state of tyranny.

Follow the money and you will root out corruption optimally. I strongly advocate open source government, open source monopoly businesses, and open source unions. That means full financial disclosure of the income of politicians and their relatives, full financial disclosure of monopoly businesses and monopoly unions. Information is power, especially financial information, and it is time to give this vital financial information to the public via the internet.

Politicians and monopoly enterprises should have no confidential privacy and it is high time that the public has a right to spy on these leadership moneybags.

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