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Standard: n. a subset(s) considered by an authority or a consensus as a basis of comparison such as (a position on a scale and/or a certain measure) and/or (a principle and/or a model) and/or (a behavioral norm and/or an acceptable deviation) and/or a constant deviation from a subset(s)


Standards are made so that we can judge the excellence or perfection of something.

If you do something trying to be excellent or perfect then the standards will determine whether you have been successful or have come within acceptable limits of performance.

Perfection is frequently the absolute standard which few if any are capable of but it is used to measure human, plant, animal, and robotic performance.

How far from the standard your performance is determines whether it is acceptable or unacceptable and needs improvement.

Test standards are the most common ones which most of us come into contact with when we compare our performance to that of others. Who can run the fastest or throw the furthest is a measure of athletic skill but today mental skill is increasingly more important in determining the success or failure of a human in a technological society.

Reliability, durability, efficiency, ease of repair, ease of use, and beauty are standards used to judge the value of objects such as mechanical and electronic devices.

Beauty and human behavior are very subjective standards and they probably are the only ones which can’t be made into an absolute standard which will meet the test of time unchanged.

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