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When a heavy lepton decays, one of the particles it decays into is always its corresponding neutrino. The other particles “could be” a quark and its antiquark, or another lepton and its antineutrino.

This pretty much summarized the dark hole of knowledge which subatomic particle physics has become. Ok, a “heavy” lepton decays into a neutrino, quark and antiquark, or another lepton and its antineutrino. What does a neutrino, quark, antiquark, lepton, or antineutrino decay into?

Is there such a thing as a “heavy” quark, heavy antiquark, heavy neutrino or heavy anitneutrino?

No one knows or probably will know with any degree of scientific precision because decay chains beyond one decay are not readily observable scientifically.

Charged subatomic particles mysteriously appear and then quickly disappear by changing into other particles and/or energy and no one really knows or can describe the process accurately with measurable results. It is even possible that subatomic particles not only transform into other more stable particles but that some of their energy and mass may actually become part of dark mass or dark energy which is undetectable by any scientific instrumentation which we currently have.

Dark energy is about 73 % of the universe, dark mass or matter is 23% and that leaves about 4% comprising planets, stars, electromagnetic radiation, and lifeforms.

That charge is conserved in the universe leads to concepts of matter and antimatter colliding and forming the universe about 14 billion years ago yet there seems to be more matter than antimatter left over and no one can explain why because it is probably the wrong way of thinking about the “creationist” origins of the universe in the first place. Antimatter and matter never collided in such great quantities in the first place because the universe has always been around and was never created or recycled from prior universes or forms of matter and/or energy!!!

Rational and logical conclusion: matter and antimatter did not collide together billions of years ago. An even more devastating indictment of this philosophical theoretical assumption is-Where did the matter and antimatter come from or how was it formed or created and for religious believers by whom?

Subatomic particle detectors only detect charged particles and electromagnetic waves and if there are any neutrally charged particles or if there is any dark mass or energy then no detection is possible. Unfortunately we will never have all the answers to this insurmountable dilemma until we can detect the undetectable! Try and accelerate non charged neutrons using an electromagnetic field and make them collide with one another. Mission impossible for now!

I am not one advocating the cessation of investigations into subatomic particles because it is entirely possible that some new rational knowledge will eventually come from it. I personally like experimentation on a grand scale with billion dollar equipment.

“Magical” subatomic particles being created and decaying is a highly skilled endeavor and maybe someday the decay chains of subatomic particles will be uncovered with greater precision. For the time being, some of that knowledge may be useful in answering what actually exists in the space of a black hole which has such great gravitational force.

Charge is theoretically conserved but what if it isn’t in some cases? No one knows. If charge is conserved then maybe a photon is two charges or identical frequencies rotating in opposite directions creating an attractive force which keeps the photon together. No one knows yet.

Onward you half crazed scientists boldly striving for a potentially great future of rational logical knowledge about the workings of the universe!!!


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