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Suicide: n. willfully and forcibly stealing one’s life

Humans commit suicide for a cause or ideology, because they don’t want to live like a vegetable or live in pain, because their once great reputation is lost, because they are mentally ill, because they have committed murder and feel that they deserve the same ultimate punishment, and because everyday crises or problems are so great without seeming solutions that they want to escape their social trap forever.

Attempted suicide and failure can be considered as a genuine cry for help although there are cases when failed attempts at suicide are devious attempts at getting attention, having someone feel sorry for you, getting classified as mentally ill, and escaping military service.

Euthanasia or assisted suicide should be legalized for humans who are mentally coherent and who don’t want to live as bed vegetables in old age hooked up to expensive lifesaving equipment which just stretches out the vegetative state indefinitely at tremendous personal expense or great expense to taxpayers.

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