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Taunt: v. to provoke with repeated (criticism and/or ridicule) and/or (insults and/or name calling)) frequently due to an imbalance of power

Whether criticism, ridicule, insults, and name calling are used to attack someone it is an attempt to assert dominance or superiority over that someone and get others to indirectly or directly join in.

Taunting provokes anger and aggression from the taunted and there is usually no fear that physical violence will result because frequently the taunter is also physically superior in strength.

Teasing is playful taunting and usually done between equals and usually neither side gets permanently offended. In taunting one side or the taunted side gets offended and there is some frustration that nothing much can be done about the offensive situation. Trash talking may be the attempted defense used by the taunted but there is an implied acceptance of an inferior circumstance which is not challenged very aggressively because there is a realization of relative powerlessness of the taunted in the circumstance.

Taunting usually reveals your weaknesses or flaws and is what makes you feel slightly or greatly inferior to others who don’t have those same weaknesses or flaws.


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