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Testimony: n. communicating evidence formally and frequently in a court of law

Testimonial: n. a formal communication by an authority figure frequently worthy of respect on the merits of a subset(s)

Most of us know that testimonies are evidence presented in a court of law but there are also testimonials by celebrities and respected humans promoting a human(s), a point of view, or promoting information and/or goods and/or services.


Whether you believe the testimony depends to a large degree on how much trust, respect, and admiration you may have for the individual giving the testimony. If it is a disreputable or controversial human doing the testimonial then the chances are that you will not believe or respect the contents of the testimony that much and may even chose to ignore it.


Reputable moral humans are the source for the best testimony and anyone falling short of this idealized standard should be suspected of some possible deception or even lying.


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