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The truth is that there should be no need for a future huge conventional fighting machine because no wars between countries should be fought with massive ground troops in the future.   The United States has strategic nuclear weapons so it can scratch most of that expensive sea and air fighting equipment which is realistically a waste of energy, money, and material resources.

Most countries won’t need an army, tanks, aircraft carriers, destroyers or any other massive offensive or defensive fighting equipment. The United States should still have a few aircraft carriers and more than a handful of submarines to maintain localized superior air power in the short run anywhere in the world but that is all.

Because strategic nuclear weapons can be used efficiently by the United States and other major powers to protect any country on the face of this earth from invasion, we no longer need large standing armies. The military industrial complex will have to be downsized quite a bit and made more efficient with small fast strike force capability and a Marine Corp backup as priority number one and two.

In 20 years we may not even need a national guard but only an internal police force which will coordinate its activities with an Interpol type of international police force cooperation.

Nuclear submarines should roam the seas in the transition period to a worldwide police force better than Interpol and Special Forces can emerge from submarines to do special assignments for international smuggling and international drug trafficking and piracy.  Nuclear bombs on some of those submarines should be prepared to exclude an enemy who becomes aggressive and ignores national boundaries. The potential threat of force is the only real insurance against a violent tyrant’s desired aggressive actions. The threat of greater violence or the fear of its usage will prevent a tyrant attack.

The military is dependent to some degree on GPS electronic signals which can be spoofed and jammed and especially susceptible are drones. Smart bombs can also be spoofed and jammed but there are backup inertial guidance systems and laser guided systems which can be installed which don’t have to depend on GPS signals alone. North Korea has tried to use jamming devices to interfere with South Koreas GPS signals as a test by the Chinese helped espionage but those attempts more than once have largely failed to completely stop activity because there are reserve devices for GPS also.

In the United States and maybe elsewhere trucks with very expensive products have been highjacked with relatively inexpensive bubble jammers which destroy GPS tracking capability and make cell phone use and GPS useless. Sophisticated thieves can do great economic damage if they want to and open source electronic information on the internet is making this possible for clever crooks. In the future not only the FBI but the military may have to be involved to prevent this theft from exceeding minimum amounts. The installation of reserve systems for civilian GPS which is used by the government and private individuals will have to be done.

As long as there are independent tyrannical regions in the world such as China and Russia where there is a unique currency and an independent military the United States will need a military nuclear force to prevent the potentially aggressive actions of megalomaniacal tyrants.

A voluntary military force which is paid adequately is what any dominant military power should have.  If there are not enough voluntary military personnel for national security then the most just way to compensate is to increase military pay to the point where adequate personnel enlist.

Cyber warfare is the biggest threat to any nation and the military should be concentrating on protecting a nation’s infrastructure which is dependent on computers from being sabotaged in the future. The internet has created a largely electronic world and it is the new primary function of the military to protect this vulnerable resource from foreign attack or secretive invasion.

Theoretically you can jam any electronic device and a military dependent on electronics should be vigilant and should have backup devices or systems ready if an attempt is made to deactivate or destroy the electronic communications system both military and civilian.


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