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cognitive-therapy for aspergers

Therapy: n. an action(s) done to cure an illness(s) and/or decrease mental suffering

There is physical or mental therapy which combined is behavioral therapy.

Anger management is an attempt at emotional therapy and rehabilitation is an attempt at excluding or reducing bad habits from your life or behavioral therapy.  A physical cure is frequently more successful than a mental cure because bad habits do not usually change overnight and can’t be solved with just medication, a healthier diet, and physical exercise.

Mental attempted cures with drugs or medications are frequently unsuccessful because the human is placed back into a bad environment from which the mental problem originated and this old environment frequently triggers old dysfunctional behaviors which were the cause of the mental problem to begin with. Pill popping is frequently not a cure but just masks the symptoms to some extent and the patient is really as sick as he or she originally was and not cured.

Successful therapy is usually lengthy and expensive if it is to cure an illness and few in society can afford the luxury of a lengthy curative treatment. Pill popping is usually an attempted quick fix and results in many drug addictions for life with no cure.

Most cancer therapies only delay the inevitable by a few months and the expensive drugs and therapy is all a waste of money and human effort which only benefits the medical profession and the drug companies.

Many humans wind up in therapy because of drug addictions, associating with bad humans, and living lonely depressed lives due to dysfunctional personalities. Most therapy candidates need moral guidance and need to be told how to live healthy lifestyles with the right humans.

Unfortunately good advice is seldom successfully given by psychologists and psychiatrists who seldom have the patience or time or who are not respected as much as priests, rabbis, and mullahs used to be historically for their moral guidance and good advice on living a healthy lifestyle with other humans.

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