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Think: v. to silently and mentally verbalize and try to make correspondences between the subsets of one’s own knowledge and/or experiences and using as much logic as possible

What does “think about it” really mean? You are silently talking to yourself using words trying to come up with valid relationships which will hopefully help you decide what to do or solve a problem or problems.

You could think out loud but doing it silently is much more effective and faster or more efficient. Your impulsive feelings come into play so thinking out loud does not give the clearest view of the thinking process which includes many impulsive thoughts which enter and control the mind which are based on past experiences.

Not everyone thinks the same way because our past experiences are frequently very different and some think more logically than others and have different impulsive reactions to stimuli and especially brain stimuli.

Think before you act is frequently good advice but unfortunately most of our thinking is impulsive thinking since real life frequently demands rather quick reactions to circumstances.

If there is a primary reason for my creative output it is that I have a voracious appetite for new useful knowledge and the luxury of much time to think about it.

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