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Torture: n. inflicting severe pain and/or discomfort on a lifeform(s)

Torture can extract the truth or lies or nothing at all or it can extract a combination of truth and lies. What part of the extraction is the truth and what part lies is unknown to the interrogator. Yes, torture can make you admit to being guilty of the most henous crimes but whether those admissions are truthful is still an unanswerable question.

Hopefully the tortured will reveal some truth along with lies and if you check out all the possibilities then you may be able to separate fact from fiction. The truthful facts can potentially be used to avoid terrorist plots or connect the tortured victim to some if not all of his or her compatriots or coconspiritors.

I am not an advocate of torturing with cruel and unusual punishment but I can possibly justify it in extreme emergency situations where many innocent lives may be at stake due to a nuclear bomb which will go off in 24 hours. If the source of the info is a human or humans with an outstanding reputation for honesty and there is a high probability that they are probably right that they know the human who knows the location of the nuclear bomb then I may arrest the alleged perpetrator with terrorist connections and possibly use torture to extract the location information if they don’t reveal it voluntarily.

Realistically this is a nightmare scenario and I don’t believe in torturing humans to find out where they planted a conventional bomb to go off. I would follow the alleged perpetrator and prosecute them only after the bomb actually went off and caused death and found strong physical evidence to support the accusation. Humans can be set up or framed for crimes they never committed so if the human has an impeccable reputation mere hearsay is not enough to arrest them.


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