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Unconditionality: n. an action(s) done to get a reaction(s) from a lifeform(s) but being content not to get the expected reaction(s)

There is talk about unconditional love, support, forgiveness, and surrender.

Except for unconditional surrender there are frequently many exceptions to unconditional love, support, and forgiveness.

If your spouse is adulterous, lies to you, is violently abusive, is on a criminal spree, and disrespects you then it is very hard to keep unconditional love alive.

You frequently have to forgive your offspring unconditionally but if they steal from you, lie to you and are leading an immoral addictive lifestyle then you may not want to forgive them unconditionally for their highly deviant behavior. Supporting a tragic lifestyle unconditionally is just not something most humans are inclined to do.

Unconditionality is an absolute concept and there are many real life situations where this absolute is just not valid or realistically applicable.

Most of our behavior should be conditional and we have a right to disagree and try to punish or change immorality and bad behavior where we can.

I have an unconditional love of wildlife but I can understand how some farmers get upset that wildlife is destroying their crops or domesticated animals. I believe in building fences and enclosures and not killing wildlife but realize that this is not always financially doable. Raise your domesticated crops and animals far away from wildlife is my solution to the problem and I am a fervent believer in expanding wilderness and not degrading or reducing it in size.

When you give something and would like to get something back but would also be content if you got nothing back then this is called unconditional giving.

Unconditional love is an example where you love something but don’t necessarily expect that love to be reciprocated or given back.

Classic religions preach unconditional love but the truth is that for a marital relationship to work there must also be times when the love is given conditionally, especially when there has been considerable immorality such as lying or adultery.

Loving a liar and adulterer unconditionally is a mistake which can only possibly be corrected with conditional love that the incidents don’t happen again or divorce is a serious alternative solution to the moral dilemma.

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