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 Vengefulness: n. desiring to punish for a real and/or imagined (injury(s) and/or wrong(s))


We have all been ridiculed, name called, put down, been the victim of harsh criticism, have been rude to, been insulted, been called ugly or stupid, and have been intentionally hurt physically. The normal human response or reaction is to want to or desire to punish that human for doing us harm or wronging us. If we proceed to try and punish the offending human then that is called vengeance. Vengefulness is merely a desire to punish but not actually punishing the offender.


Sometimes a personally felt injury and/or wrong is just your imagination. You may not have been promoted on the job which you think you deserved. What you may not realize is that some other candidate for the job may have had superior qualifications or had developed a more friendly relationship with the boss and those are valid reasons why you were not promoted.


Sometimes someone ignoring you or not talking to you very frequently may be an imagined wrong since you feel that you deserve more attention. What you may not realize that communication is time consuming and that spending more time with you is just mostly a waste of time, energy, and maybe even money.


Being vengeful or wanting some form of revenge can make you very miserable mentally and your bitterness will hurt you more in the long duration than it will hurt the offending human.  Learn to quickly get over your vengeful feelings because they are usually mostly a waste of mental energy which doesn’t improve your life in any significant way but in fact handicaps it.


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