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Verdict: n. formal recorded judgment of a jury of peers and/or judge by communicating guilty or not guilty on different count(s) presented during a criminal and/or civil prosecution


With an official verdict you are guilty or innocent of a legal prosecution.


I foresee a time in the future when someone will be declared 60% to 80% guilty or innocent of an official offense because the reality is that you may only be a percent guilty of an offense or not guilty of it by a percentage.


The yes or no approach to justice these days is frequently unjust and I look forward to the day when computer judges will hand down percentage guilty or innocent verdicts too because in life there is in reality no certainty all the time and it is frequently an attempt to fit a round peg into a square hole to use a geometric analogy.


An example: You quickly went through a red light with no cars on the intersection and no speeding cars 100 meters from both left and right sides of the intersection. You are guilty only for about 1% of the crime of going through a red light and should be fined 99% less by an observing camera or no fine at all should be assessed! That is true real justice and will increase the efficiency of too much traffic congestion and waiting and wasting gasoline without probable cause for “endangering the safety of” the public!


Waiting for a light to change from red to green at night at about 3 in the morning with no visible traffic for 100 meters is also not a crime with a probable cause for “endangering the safety of” the public!

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