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Vest: v. to give authority to do and/or possess a subset(s) and/or a set(s)


If you have a vested interest in something(s) such as equity in the stock market that means that you probably own some part of that subset(s) such as some property and/or some equity. Of course you could theoretically own all the stock equity in a public corporation but that is usually not done and is reserved for private corporations only.


Parents also have a vested interest in their offspring and own them to some extent and have the right to demand certain proper social behavior from them to avoid public embarrassment, censure, criticism, or ostracism.


A vested interest in a sport, profession, or activity(s) also means that you have some ownership rights and frequently want that activity(s) to thrive for your benefit and the benefit of others.

Vested interests are the reason for the status quo approach by most who are afraid to lose their vested interests if changes are made in politics, education, economics, law, agriculture, theoretical science, sociology, sports, medicine, psychiatry, relationships, manufacturing, business, and any entrenched profession for that matter.

Necessary change means a change in vested interests and it is obvious some of these vested interests will get hurt financially and so resistance persists until crises demand definitive changes and the present circumstances are no longer tolerable or tolerated by almost anyone.

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