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Virtuality: n. an artificial environment frequently with a cloose correspondence to sensory visual reality and/or imaginary sensory visual reality


Cloose: adj. existing at a relatively (short distance in space and/or small time interval) and/or (small number and/or small degree) and/or small quantity

Today virtual reality is largely a visual experience but it is also possible to have virtual reality with sound too since it is a wave with frequencies just like light frequencies. Sure, sound virtual reality will probably sound like noise to most ears so it has limited real functionality. Visual reality can also be noisy reality if it deviates too greatly from reality. Visual noise is rampant and deserves extinction.

Virtual or visual reality can be distorted into mutant forms of expression with a mixture of real and imaginary mutant forms making the net product a mutant also and subject to potential future extinction. Ask yourself. Would I like to live with those artistic mutant creations if they became part of my real world? Yes or no?

The answer in many cases would be a resounding no. I don’t want that mutant living on my property or in my city and wish it would disappear replaced by natural plants and animals that are beneficial to the environment and not toxically hazardous to it.

Virtual reality is great if it reflects real nature with as close a correspondence as possible and the next best subjects are transportation vehicles and buildings which are part of our real world existence. If virtual reality distorts reality then it also distorts your brain functions and impairs them in the long run because they have not been tested by nature for thousands of years or more and survived.

Who would like a pyramid in their back yard? It is a mutant artistic status symbol creation of the ancient Egypt and we don’t need it anymore in our modern world so recycle or destroy it and the historic literature on it and let desert wildlife return there instead!

There are plenty of mutant status symbols existing in the modern world and they too should be recycled or destroyed and replaced by wilderness or efficient sustainable long lasting products wherever possible. The throw away society must come to a speedy end and reusable, repairable, dependable, and long lasting should be the requirements for functional excellence.

Quality not quantity should be the long duration goal. This is vitally so in agriculture where organic is the standard of healthy excellence and substandard modified food without enough natural nutrients should be frowned on and ultimately rejected by everyone.

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