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Volition: n. willing and making a conscious choice(s) and/or decision(s) without prior and/or simultaneous external coercion and/or threat


When we impulsively react to a situation we are impulsively choosing or making a spontaneous decision. That is not what volition is. When we spend a transient amount of time before making a choice and/or decision and then consciously make a decision and/or choice then we are being volitional.


It is a little more complicated than that because if we are coerced and/or threatened before and/or during the decision making process then it is someone else trying to impose their volition on you.


Free will is really a desire to reach a goal(s) not affected by coercion and/or threat and not the decision making process itself which volition includes. So with volition there is a will and the actual process of making a conscious choice and/or decision.


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