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Historically war was the way to expand empires and subjugate different cultures. Today because of assured mutual nuclear destruction it is highly improbable that war will break out between major powers like Russia, China, and the USA.

Regional wars are still possible but increasingly big money is being used to rule the world. Iran may seem like a warlike threat but economic sanctions by almost all the nations of the world brought Iran to the negotiating table about it’s nuclear ambitions.

Extreme Muslim fundamentalism may be a regional concern but the probability that they will become a nuclear terrorist threat to other nations in the world is highly improbable unless Iran goes nuclear.


Future nuclear war is highly improbable and for regional military conflicts Special Forces and a Marine Corps backup should be all the military force which is necessary to prevent the expansionist ambitions of small local tyrants.

A cyber threat to the military and a nation’s electrical infrastructure is the only realistic threat which must be planned for and defended against.


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