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Unsolvable: adj. not logically solved for duration and sometimes only with violence and/or the threat of violence is there a solution


Most unsolvable problems exist because there is no possibility of finding logical connections with the vague badly defined concepts which they are trying to use.

Some problems are unsolvable because there is too much inaccurate, undefined, verbosity surrounding the subject matter and emotional biases and beliefs reign supreme.

Some problems are unsolvable because the foundational beliefs and/or opinions are firmly or dogmatically held and not subject to change by rational discussions or by the introduction of contradictory facts and/or opinions.

Having too many variables in the mix is another reason why some problems are unsolvable.

Some problems are unsolvable because the leadership simply refuses to make the necessary changes until they reach a crisis mode and only then are problems sometimes solved successfully.

Offspring overly aggressive criminal and/or immoral behavior problems which have been neglected for too long are sometimes unsolvable until the threat of violence or actual violence begins to solve the problem. I will beat the shit out of you if I catch you stealing a tenth time again from us or the neighbors. I have caught you lying ten times already and grounding and taking away privileges has not worked. I will beat the shit out of you the 11th time you lie to me! Thank nature that relatively few offspring are that rebellious, overly aggressive physically, or with criminal or immoral intent. Most behavioral problems can be solved without violence if caught in time before a moral transgression becomes a very bad habit impossible to stop peacefully.

In some third world countries some tyrannical political corruption is unsolvable until there is a successful overthrow of the government by violent actions.

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