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Broadly speaking there are important external foreign threats and important internal national threats which a vast majority have no personal control over. Then there are external personal threats and internal personal threatening dysfunctions which can be blamed on bad parenting, bad education, bad addictions, character flaws, and faulty beliefs and opinions.

The major ongoing national foreign threat is the criminal CCP of China which lies, steals, and even murders to maintain tyrannical national power. The CCP plans to dominate economically and strategically via a strong military as much of the world as possible using lies, theft, and murder if it furthers the national objectives. Fortunately the rest of the world is waking up to the unethical colonial like ambitions of the CCP and frankly may fear China but no longer respects China as a reliable potential ally and a friendly or benign nation.

Scarier 4 foreign threats are cyber warfare, biological warfare, nuclear warfare, and EMP or electromagnetic pulses from a nuclear explosion in orbital space which can totally disrupt internet communications and electronic grids with deadly consequences for entire nations.

Fortunately no nation would probably own up to these four kinds of warfare because that nation would be automatically attacked and destroyed by counter measures. It would be a form of suicide to even try to unleash such devastation. We are talking here about a form of feared assured mutual destruction which is a major reason why we haven’t had a nuclear war yet and why biological and cyber warfare is quite unlikely on a massive scale. Sure, we will probably have more pandemics in the future and more ransomware and malware attacks on private businesses and government entities but wholesale destruction is highly unlikely to occur in the near future.

The major ongoing national internal threats are an out of control national debt, too high taxes, and censorship of moral or ethical free speech which is an invitation to tyrannical or authoritarian rule by the government and monopolistic big tech. The national debt can be reduced by less government spending coming from a smaller government and eliminating a lot of laws hampering the prosperity and expansion of small businesses which are now really competing against international corporations which makes it an unfair competition with monopolistic oppression.

Censorship of moral free speech is a serious looming threat because if you can’t freely express your political or social views in public and in public forums then imposition of censoring tyrannical or authoritarian rule is inescapable and individual human rights and liberties are going to be gradually extinguished.

External personal threats to children and adults are internet criminals, pollution of education with toxic academic ideologies such as forced diversity and cancel culture which are assaults on meritocracy, individual responsibility, the work ethic, and moral or ethical free speech. Lowered educational standards make us less competitive with the rest of the world.

Addictive illegal and legal drugs are perhaps the greatest personal threat with a practice of escaping reality by taking a pill for anything which may trouble you. Pills or drugs are often an escape from reality and seldom cure what ails you but rather complicates your life with side effects which further exacerbate depression, anxiety, and mental illness in one form or another.  Tabloid like media, and a culturally ignorant new generation not schooled in the constitution and moral or ethical principles are all personal external threats.

Some are beginning to argue that tech tools which are the internet, social media and their content are harmful to the young generation mentally and physically. But used properly the internet and social media are great sources for self education and local, national, and international communication, especially for adults.

Libel, slander, and violence threats are realistic concerns for the internet and social media. Less clear is what if anything should be done with insults, ridicule, put downs, name calling, humiliation, and severe criticism which far too many are beginning to label as “hate speech” which is to be aggressively censored and blacklisted. But who should have the power to censor and blacklist “hate speech” and is it even wise to try and do so?

Internal personal dysfunctions are also a major threat to the inhabitants of America. Personal addictions to legal and illegal drugs, alcoholism, gambling, promiscuity, pornography, excessive shopping, gluttony, and pedophelia can all be contributary causes to personal, family, and social dysfunctions causing a lot of unhappiness and misery, divorce, economic hardship, and even bankruptcy. Too many come from dysfunctional single parent homes and fewer and fewer have happy heterosexual role model parents and peers who are drug free and have integrity, are dependable, hardworking, ambitious, competent, and have a healthy positive attitude on life.

So in conclusion, America will probably not be destroyed overnight but will continue to decline economically and culturally and the individual will gradually lose more freedoms. Will tyrannical or authoritarian control by the government be our future? Only time will tell.

Draconian oppression by the government will probably not work in the long run since there is considerable rising resistance to oppressive government lockdowns and vaccine mandates. If we lose our freedoms then it will probably be by gradually introducing oppressive national laws which are then enforced by corrupt judges, the FBI, and local police.

The biggest threats to America should not lurch you into panic mode and Armageddon like fears. Awareness of the threatening problems is the first step towards starting to mitigate the threats, especially the personal internal and some external personal threats which you have the most potential control over through courageous and determined action. Most important of all, put your money where your mouth is and monetarily support authors, digital media, and organizations which most closely reflect your personal beliefs and opinions.

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Young offspring rearing and offspring rearing in general is promises of rewards which could be called bribes, and rewards for accomplishments but not generally for good behavior which should be expected and enforced with threats of punishment or withdrawal of privileges.

There are also punishments which are the withdrawal of privileges and threats of punishment or threats to withdraw privileges. For very young offspring the threat of a spanking or actual spanking may also be used to curb serious violence, lying, and stealing.

A privilege can also be considered a reward and/or right to do something at almost any time or frequently. Withdrawing or threatening to withdraw the reward and/or right may be considered to be a form of punishment.

The best way to motivate offspring to behave well is with appropriate praise for good behavior and verbal condemnation for misbehavior. When the positive approach with motivating words fails then unfortunately privilege withdrawal or other forms of punishment may be necessary.

If you include hugs and kisses as rewards or signs of love and affection then this is definitely a plus but even more important is demonstrating the love and affection for spouse in front of the offspring.

The line between rewards and privileges is sometimes vague but here is a likely list for relatively young offspring:


Favorite food (not including sweets or the occasional desert),

time to play with a favorite or special toy,

playing a video game

going to the park

horsey ride

going out to eat fast food

going to the zoo

going to the library

fishing trip

money in piggy bank

wearing dress up clothes

making mud pies


going to friend’s houses whenever they want

supervised computer use

listening to a bedtime story

riding on a bicycle with mom or dad

staying up late

setting the table

going to a movie with a friend

sleeping in a different place in the house

playing outside

bouncing on a bed

feeding a pet

making noises with pots, pans, rattles, or bells

riding a tricycle

going outside at night


Isolation in the bathroom or closet for a period of time such as 10 minutes

Sitting in a chair or on the couch for a period of time such as 10 minutes

Box lunches instead of school cafeteria food (if you give organic food in box lunches then it is really a reward and not a punishment)

Staying indoors or an early curfew before the usual 9 pm deadline

Taking away a special or favorite toy for a few days or week

Taking away a daily privilege for a day, a few days, or week.

Offspring will sometimes refuse to eat the food given or prepared and they should not be bribed with the promise of sweets or desert if they eat the meal. The best recourse is to just say, no food until tomorrow or breakfast. Children will not starve if denied one or two meals and usually when they are really hungry they will eat almost anything given.

It is the responsibility of parents to develop good habits as early as possible.

As early as possible offspring should be introduced to a wide variety of food so that they learn to eat fruits, vegetables, and meat in a balanced way. Milk, natural juices, and water should be emphasized as drinks.

As early as possible offspring should be taught the joys of reading by reading to them physical or online books and introducing them to the alphabet and numbers with alphabet and numbers toys or blocks. If you want your young offspring to be interested in school or learning then you have to start early at home introducing them into the world of learning from books and computers.

Neatness and orderliness should start young and a time to put away toys should become a daily accepted routine.

Most modern plastic toys are trivial crap which doesn’t teach anything useful so stick to physical construction toys, vehicles, planes, cars, trucks, dolls, action figures, animals, small plastic houses, appliances, tools, and geometrical shapes with different sizes. The more the real world is reflected in toys the better toys they are.


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Threat: n. a communication with a promise(s) to do a subset(s) which is frequently a punishment judged by a human(s) recipient to be (bad and/or wrong) and/or (immoral and/or sometimes an incentive for action(s)) and most of samer promise(s) create fear

We are sometimes threatened by a boss with job loss, threatened with divorce by a spouse, threatened with violence by an abusive spouse, threatened by a stalker, and an offspring may threaten to leave home. There are also criminal business threats and bullying in and out of school with miscellaneous threats to life and limb.

Criminal threats are the violent threats but some are hard to prove and prosecution against such threats is rather difficult in many cases.

Blackmail, extortion, and a threat to strike are just a few examples of the way that threats arise in society.

An employee may threaten to leave a job, a close friend may threaten you with the loss of friendship, and a parent may threaten offspring with punishment.
Threats are sometimes used as a last resort when peaceful human interaction fails and usually a threat of punishment of some kind is used to motivate humans to alter their behavior.

Almost no one likes to be threatened but if the threat is not an illegal threat of violence it is something which we come across from time to time and parents frequently have to threaten offspring to get them to behave. The threat of withdrawing a greatly desired privilege as punishment is sometimes very effective in successfully altering behavior.

The implied threat of a fine or imprisonment is what keeps most away from criminal behavior and gets us to pay our taxes.

Loss of a good reputation or ostracism is a looming threat if we do not behave morally.

Cyber threats are a real danger to individuals, businesses, the military, and infrastructure like electrical grids. It is the primary reason why we surf the web cautiously and utilize what we think are security software and precautions to try and avoid cyber threats.

Implied and actual threats which create fear in society is the glue which keeps most humans from illegality and immorality. Take away the fear of punishment from society and it would run wild with dysfunctional and criminal behavior.

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Aggression: n. pursuing a goal(s) forcefully and/or threateningly which may include (body contact and/or violence) and/or a ((verbal threat(s) and/or verbal attack(s)) and/or physical attack(s))

Aggressiveness is part of human nature and many young offspring get into physical fights with siblings and other offspring and some even become bully problems for others. Society tries to channel aggression into less harmful pursuits such as wrestling, boxing, football, violent video games, and non-violent competition which minimizes the potential violence and harm which one human can do to another.

Despite acceptable forms of social aggression there are abusive families and considerable criminal violence which is always a part of society.

There is much verbal aggression which exists and human confrontations which result in combative arguments with each side trying to win with their point of view. Verbal aggression can be pretty nasty with harsh criticism, put downs, ridicule, name calling, and sometimes threats which imply physical harm such as “I will kill you!”

The struggle for dominance is part of animal behavior and human nature also has an abundance of it and ways of expressing it have acceptable social norms. Aggression causes fear and can result in passive compliance or a desire to retaliate immediately or at some point in the future.

Aggressive nations are feared just like aggressive humans but there is frequently the desire to retaliate rather than to passively submit.

Tyrants use aggression to make the ruled passively submit and are also more prone to extend their aggression beyond their borders because successful aggression at home tempts them to practice aggression abroad.

There is no one gene for aggression and we all have the potential for aggressive behavior. Some have a genetic makeup with more aggressive potential than others and are more predisposed to practice aggression in their lives.

Are males frequently more aggressive than females? Yes, because historically males have been stronger physically and dominated society with physical force more than mental force of persuasion. There are some pretty aggressive females in western societies but few choose to lead violent gangs and tyrant nations. Women’s liberation is really an attempt to escape the historical oppression which they have experienced and are continuing to experience under dominant male aggressiveness.


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Motivation is frequently thought of as getting someone to do something or achieve a goal(s) and what is not realized is that doing something right frequently means not doing something which will prevent us from achieving the goal(s).


Proper motivation is sometimes accompanied by a warning that you should not do something along the way which will interfere with your goal(s) achievement.


Motivation does not have a true antonym such as blocking or preventing a behavior but the blocking or preventing is an integral part of the motivation process where only some things are prevented or blocked so that the motivation can proceed successfully to its conclusion or goal(s).


Proper motivation is not just emotionally stimulating a desire to win or succeed with promises of rewards, commands, encouragements, and even instilling some fear with threats of punishment if the goal(s) is not achieved. To properly motivate you must have taught how to achieve by warning of the possible mistakes which should not be made along the way.


“Cross the street by yourself but look both ways before you do” is the proper way to motivate offspring to cross the street but in safety with an appropriate warning.


“Get the job done in a week but remember to get enough sleep so that you can function efficiently every day” is an example of properly motivating an employee  who historically has frequently shown up tired for work.


The hidden truth is that to motivate properly you must also frequently have a good knowledge or understanding of the weaknesses of the one whom you want to motivate. Warning of the weaknesses or suggesting real ways to minimize those weaknesses is an important part of the motivational process or motivation!!!!!!


The other hidden truth not found in the definition of motivation is that selfmotivation is what you need the most in life to achieve success. If you mostly depend on others to motivate you then you may sometimes be waiting forever to get off your butt and do something truly useful with your life.

Motivation: n. stimulating and/or preventing a behavior(s) with a subset(s) which is frequently done with (the promise of a reward and/or punishment) and/or (a command and/or an encouragement(s)) and/or (a threat and/or a warning)

Selfmotivation: n. motivated by one’s desire(s) and/or need(s) and/or belief(s) and/or past experiences which activate and/or prevent one’s behavior(s)

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Anxiety: n. a low to medium intensity fear resulting from the anticipation of a (realistic and/or fantasized dangerous event(s)) and/or (threatening event(s) and/or bad circumstance(s)) which may be accompanied by the uncertainty of not knowing (what to do and/or what will exist) good and/or bad

Anxiety is not very intense fear so it is not paranoia.

You may be anxious because you are not certain that something good or bad will exist in the future and this uncertainty or doubt can be a slightly fearful feeling especially if it is something bad which may exist. If it is a good possibility the slight fear or anxiety is because you fear it may disappear or go away or not exist the way that you hope it will.

Most anxiety originates from the anticipation of a dangerous or threatening event in the future which may be real or fantasized mentally.

If the anticipation is just an impulsive expression of low or medium intensity fear in the mind originating from stored unconscious fearful past experiences then your mind has no logical control over the feelings. You will probably need much reassurance by others that you should try to eliminate the fear with constant denial.

Unfortunately willing impulsive anxiety to disappear is frequently not possible and psychologists frequently prescribe drugs to lessen the intensity of the anxiety but it never cures the impulsive feeling which does not go away if it is irrational and not based on real fearful things. The irrational impulsive fears are the result of historical bad experiences stored in sub conscious memory. Unfortunately you can change the past but you can create new good experiences which may reduce the intensity of those bad historical sub conscious memories.

Anxiety disorders are not mental illnesses with chemical imbalances in the brain but merely impulsive low and/or medium intensity fears which we have which may or may not be grounded on facts.

Using drugs leads to real chemical imbalances in the brain with disastrous side effects which are worse when you try to withdraw from the drug. Anxieties are just a fact of life of daily existence and some humans have more anxieties than others which may slightly interfere with their ability to successfully lead their daily lives but it is not an excuse for medication use!

The only cure for anxieties is reconditioning the brain by placing the human in an environment free of anxieties or with minimum anxieties or with circumstances which don’t lead to anxieties and KEEP THEM THERE for an extended period of time. Yes this is radical behavior modification and it costs much money and time to do so but it is the only hope for a cure that the patient with many anxiety problems has. Psychiatric drugs don’t cure anxieties but merely mask the symptoms which resurface sooner or later if the patient remains in the anxiety causing environment!!!!!!

Not many have the luxury of moving to a relatively anxiety free environment so most of us just have to grit our teeth and live as best that we can with reassurances from humans who care about us that most anxieties will change with time or even go away given enough time with many new anxiety free experiences in life.

Anxiety disorder is merely a deceptive way of saying that you are not meeting acceptable social norms of behavior but the answer should not be -take drugs!!!!!


All very intense anxieties are phobias if they are predictable and exist frequently and not anxiety disorders as the psychiatric profession wrongly claims. Anxieties are usually low to medium intensity normal human fear behaviors and not to be treated with psychiatric artificial drugs.


When impulsive very intense fears exist too frequently or are compulsive and when they are too intense and above the norm and interfere with normal living causing too great a disruption in daily behavior then the anxieties are considered to be disorders by the psychiatric profession and subject to medication with the use of powerful artificial sedatives.


These artificial sedatives have bad side effects and going off them can create more intense fears than before medication because they change the normal chemical balance of the brain. Rather than curing a fictional chemical imbalance the drugs create an real chemical imbalance in the brain which then requires further treatment of the side effects with more medication or drugs.


All extreme predictable and frequent anxieties are phobias and they should be treated with radical behavior modification which unfortunately takes too long and costs too much money and is unfortunately not a realistic alternative for most humans.


A panic attack or panic disorder is when there is a sudden and frequent very intense fear which is frequently associated with physiological changes such as sweating, chest pain, very intense or irregular palpitations, and choking sensations.  Because of the suddenness of the very intense fear many times neither the psychiatrist nor the patient is aware of the triggering mechanism in the environment and make the wrong assumption that the fear has no cause which can be eliminated from the patient’s life or that the patient should in fact be desensitized to the stimulus through radical behavior modification which takes much time and money to cure.


A social phobia is a very intense fear of being judged by others, fear of embarrassment or ridicule and is a reason why some humans choose to live relatively reclusive lives because they have an intense fear of other humans and their potential disapproval reactions. Once again radical behavior modification which takes much time and money is the cure and quick fix strong artificial sedatives frequently make the situation only worse in the long duration.


Going through a very intense fearful event such as the unexpected death of a loved one, a natural devastating disaster, or a physical or sexual assault may leave one with frightening thoughts and memories of the fearful event(s) which may surface very frequently and reduce normal functioning. Some of these very fearful events can almost kill a mental motivation to live and function normally. Psychiatric artificial drugs are not the cure but part of the problem. Creating hope in the patient that they can work and return to normal if they try and human caring and empathy are the cure.


General anxiety disorder is worry and fear when no external stimulus seems to provoke the bad response but there is a triggering mechanism and that is numerous spontaneous memories of very intense fears that can’t be consciously identified one by one. The very intense fear or worry is the impulsive actions  or recall of the brain without conscious associations with the actual very intense fearful events or memories.


The remaining phobias are very intense fears of things which can be identified and which can be cured by gradual exposure techniques which take much time and money. Most can’t afford the cure so they are disastrously medicated with powerful psychiatric artificial sedatives instead.


Finally uncertainty can cause worry and fear that a goal will not be achieved but there is frequently no phobia of uncertainty and there should be!!!!!!


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