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Quagmire: n. a very difficult and/or impossible situation to escape from and/or end and achieve an initial desired goal(s)

We are in a deficit spending quagmire and our educational and welfare system also seems to be in a quagmire which may not be so easy to escape or improve.

A quagmire is a trap not easily escaped from and we have an abundance of social and legal traps which try desperately to hold on to the past in rapidly changing times which require new approaches and solutions which most are too afraid of or are very reluctant to do. With such a diversity of opinion and vested or status quo political interests it is no wonder that most don’t know what has to be done to realistically escape the quagmire.

The largely liberal arts archaic educational system is not educating students fit to enter the technological 21st century job market, no jobs translates into a growing welfare population, and growing immorality is creating a socially dysfunctional generation not able to form enough strong human and family bonds. A struggling and dwindling middle class is asked to fund the irresponsible financial, educational, and welfare system all teetering on the verge of bankruptcy.

The system is breaking down rapidly and it will probably require a true financial crisis to get the political leadership to do something about the unstable financial, social, and educational quagmire which we are in and struggling with.

EDUCATION REFORM and CHANGES IN WELFARE LAW offer a radical but soon to be necessary solution to the quagmire if totalitarian rule is to be avoided.

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