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Intrusion: n. affecting and/or entering another’s (behavior and/or property) and/or communication without permission

You may try to break up a fight, trespass, or interrupt a conversation or communication without permission. If you do so then you are intruding in someone’s behavior, property, or communication without permission.

An intruder or intrusion frequently does not belong where he or she or a bot is intruding.

A commercial is frequently not considered an intrusion but that is exactly what it is because if you had a choice then you would prefer the commercial not to be shown on your private TV, cell phone, or computer.

Telephone calls and emails or texting from friends is not an intrusion because it has your permission but if the telephone call is from a telemarketer or political party and if an email or texting is from a stranger or unsolicited business establishment then it can be considered to be an intrusion which is commonly called spam.

Advertisers are desperate for your attention and you can look forward to a lifetime of unsolicited intrusions on your privacy on social media, the cellphone, and computer. Click on something that interests you momentarily and tolerate never ending intrusions which result from that seemingly innocent click!!!


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