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Here is a quick list of the 8 truths with explanations at the end.

Not being ready can be a good thing

Success and failure go hand in hand

Action is the key for all success

Even mistakes mean progress

Making decisions is impeded when there are too many options

Success doesn’t necessarily mean happiness

You can be the best at something even if you don’t like doing it

What we see in others exists in us

An explanation of these 8 truism is wonderfully elaborated upon in this article in ithink-smart.blogspot.com.


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Brainwashing is getting you to obey or believe untruths, deceptions, lies, and ways of doing things without asking questions or thinking about the real truth of things. How this is done may not be obvious to you and there are 6 basic ways that brainwashing is accomplished.

Chanting slogans and excitedly corralling in unison with a group shuts out the logical reasoning questioning powers of the brain.

Deceptively adding bullshit or allegations of possible wrongdoing into your subconscious mixed with some truth and facts can genuinely mislead you into false beliefs and opinions or unproven suspicions.

Cultishly controlling or monopolizing what you watch or read can isolate your thinking and behavior along only biased acceptable lines of thinking and behaving.

Shaming you and ridiculing you for a different point of view or behavior is designed to intimidate you into obediently following without questioning in the future.

Arguing with black or white, yes or no, always or never, and good or bad choices which are emphasized so you don’t have the courage to question and maybe find out that infrequently, sometimes, and frequently are the true answers.

Always phrasing issues as us versus them or us versus the enemy and appealing to the instinctual herd instinct that your group is always better than the other group and your group’s beliefs and behaviors must survive and triumph at all costs.

Note these devious brainwashing techniques are used much on young and old offspring to get obedience to parental beliefs, opinions, and behaviors so you can thank much of what you do and say to the brainwashing tactics of your parents, role models, friends, teachers, and the media. You may think that brainwashing for a good cause or to get good results is justifiable but you will not readily create open mindedness, tolerance, and much logical thinking with a brainwashing approach.

A much more detailed account of these 6 brainwashing techniques is given in this link to a cracked.com article:


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Give them enough time and opportunity and humans will reveal their true personalities, especially bad habits and bad morals.

Smile and most humans will smile with you.

Be kind because others may be having a harder time than you.

Most people are selfish.

True very useful motivation is self-motivation.

Beware of free deals.

Never hire or rent out of pity.

Haste makes waste.

Be trustworthy and reliable and others will respect and admire you.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Missing one opportunity means that others will be coming by in the future.

What you do rather than what you say is more important to humans and offspring.

You are ultimately responsible for feeling happy or unhappy even when disaster or bad circumstances strike because happy optimism originates in your mind.

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TRUE: Coffee can make you defecate

Both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee can stimulate peristalsis or bowel movement, especially if you drink three or more cups at once. If can help you to poop.


TRUE: Coffee is not good for pregnant women

Almost no artificial drug is healthy or good for the fetus and coffee is a drug which can cause bad irregular heartbeat in the fetus.


TRUE: Coffee can help you to focus and increase your ability to remember

Coffee increases brain activity in the memory rich frontal lobe and the attention controlling anterior cingulum causing an increase in your ability to focus and memorize.


MYTH: Coffee fixes hangovers

Coffee may wake up a drunk and slightly dehydrate the body but it will not reduce the amount of alcohol in the blood and make you more sober.


MYTH: Coffee will probably cause insomnia

If you drink three or more cups of coffee before bedtime then you may have a little trouble falling asleep right away but in about 8 to 10 hours about 75% of the caffeine in your blood is gone so if you have coffee for breakfast and lunch it should not affect your sleep and insomnia is not caused by the caffeine if you do have insomnia. Even one cup of coffee before bedtime will minimally keep you from falling asleep and definitely not cause insomnia.


MYTH: Coffee helps to relieve stress

Coffee is not a depressant but a stimulant which increases brain activity and makes you more susceptible to anxiety and panic attacks and can cause more stress not less.


MYTH: Coffee makes women’s breasts smaller

This lie was probably invented by a husband or father who didn’t want his wife or daughter to drink so much coffee so he tried to play on the fear or inadequacy that women feel about having small breasts. Coffee does not affect the growth of body parts and if it did then you could make an untrue claim that coffee also stunts the growth or decreases the size of male penises.


MYTH: Coffee is addictive in normal doses

Coffee may be habit forming for many humans but unless you consume very large amounts of it on a daily basis and change your metabolism then you will not suffer from headaches, anxiety, and irritability which are withdrawal symptoms from excessive daily caffeine consumption. Coffee in large doses can be addictive but not as severe an addiction as there is to artificial and natural highly addictive drugs


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There is an untrue belief that one human messiah will come to save the world or the universe and then there will be peace on earth and justice will prevail. That one messiah would have to have supernatural powers so he or she could force humans to not behave in an irrational or illogical emotionally charged selfish way which is what humans are doing today with a severely flawed outdated language.

The truth is that we need more than one messiah to combat the lies and deceptions and untruths which make up current political, social, economical, educational, language, and scientific mythology or untruths.

The truth is that there are and should be millions more of true messiahs on this planet all trying to pursue the truth and then trying to apply updated truths in their lives and the lives of others.

If you are fighting courageously to promote the conservation of biodiversity and its expansion in this world then you are a messiah of the balance of nature truth.

If you are honest and sincere and truthful and change your beliefs about what you think is true when confronted with more logical alternatives then you are an evolving messiah of truthful living.

If you abhor deceptions, lies, and untruths in politics, society, economics, education, and science and try to do something about it in your personal life and your interactions with others then you are a good messiah of healthy trustworthy human interactions.

If you are fighting against inefficiency at home, in the workplace, and in society and think that trivial human pursuits pollute the planet too much by using up too many precious resources then you are a messiah of truth because nature abhors inefficiency.

If you think that stealing is morally wrong but that there should be a safety net for the unemployed and destitute and that they should have the opportunity to reeducate themselves at government expense for truly useful technological skills in the workplace then you are a messiah of truthful necessary human philanthropy.

If you believe that adultery is immoral in a marriage then you are a messiah of truth trying to preserve the just and efficient reproduction of humans.

If you believe that murder should be against the law unless it is in selfdefense  then you are a messiah of truthful human conflict.

If you believe that language should be updated to be less emotional and more logical with accurate definitions then you are a messiah of efficient language truth.

CONCLUSION: Modern politics, society, economics, education, language, and science is filled with myths or untruths and if you are courageously fighting against one or more of these myths then you are a member of the new army of messiahs which this world so desperately needs and you should be proud of the fact and should try to indoctrinate your offspring with a similar zeal. Also try to convince as many fellow humans to follow your newly discovered truths.

If you do this with courage and conviction maybe at some point in the near future you will have much more peace and justice on the face of this earth for both humans and wild animals and plants.

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The following 8 statements are true and if you don’t believe them then you believe in one or more food myths.

All calorie sources are the same (Calories from proteins and fats will satiate you sooner and you won’t have to overeat which is likely if you get most of your calories from carbs and sugars.)

Eating much protein will not harm your kidneys and cause osteoporosis

A low fat diet is not the healthiest way to eat

Salt is not dangerous to eat unless you have high blood pressure

Saturated fat from meat and other sources does not raise your cholesterol nor does it cause heart attacks and death

Coffee in moderation is not bad for you

Eggs rich in cholesterol can’t give you heart disease

Low carb diets with much saturated fat does not increase your risk for heart disease and other chronic illnesses

To get more detailed information about the 8 myths read the following Popular Science article.


CONCLUSION: Humans are omnivores who can eat natural proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Eat a great variety of all kinds of certified organic foods which can include fast food once in a while and eat only when you are hungry. Stop eating when you feel full and eat only about once a day. If you are not hungry don’t eat at all. You can not eat anything all day long and you will not starve or die!

EXPERIMENT with new foods and eat them if they taste good, are not artificially sweetened with added sugar, and are not overly processed. Don’t be afraid that new foods will poison you or make you sick in some way. Natural unprocessed food is not bad for you so don’t get paranoid about eating something new. Variety is the spice and health of life!!!!!!

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