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Unconsciousness: n. not sensing and not thinking but includes impulsive brain activity which is not sensed and unremembered dreaming

Unsensed brain activity when you are asleep and autonomic nervous system functioning of the heart, kidneys, liver, and stomach while awake can be considered unconsciousness. A dream which you remember or stomach pain and rapid heartbeat awareness can’t be considered to be unconscious behavior.

Impulsive behavior while awake originates in sub conscious impulses but it is usually not considered unconscious behavior since it exists while you are awake and effectively you are conscious of every move that you make or think about.

Some may argue that sub conscious and unconscious brain activity is really one and the same thing because we have no control over it and the brain activity just happens without actual control over it. Sub conscious brain impulses happen while you are awake and unconscious brain impulses basically happen when you are asleep so there is a subtle difference.

Unconscious and sub conscious brain activity plays a very important part in our lives and our impulsive behavior originates from the activity which controls most of the good and bad habits which we have little conscious control over until we decide to change them.

The autonomic nervous system in control of breathing, heartbeat, and digestion does everything unconsciously as far as we are concerned. While we are asleep there is unremembered dreaming going on and other brain activity which is all unconscious activity since we are not directly aware of it. While we are alive there is an unconscious part of the brain which is working and it ceases to work when we die.

Boxers can knock one another out into unconsciousness and brain concussions are frequently cases of sudden unconsciousness which can last a long duration and rarely permanently.

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