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Coronavirus vs. the economy, stupid!

Widely used N95 respirators filter out most airborne particles down to 0.3 microns in diameter. The coronavirus is .2 microns in diameter. So the coronavirus is smaller than .3 microns in diameter and can penetrate the N95 respirator filter. There is no 100% guarantee that a mask will capture every virus that lands on your filter. At .1 microns or less it is already very hard if not realistically impossible to breathe normally through a filter.

However, a mask worn by carriers or potential carriers of the coronavirus will substantially reduce the virus particles emanating from their breath, especially when they sneeze or cough, so humans surrounding them are less likely to inhale the virus from the carrier. Since the breath water from the lungs lodges in the face mask, it is a decent trap for small coronavirus particles which wind up mostly lodging in the moist mask.  So carriers, humans venturing into public places, or potential carriers of the virus should definitely be required to wear a filtering mask of some kind. Some kind of mask is better than none at all since even face fitting masks are not airtight where they contact the facial skin area and mostly around the nose contact border.

Then there is the question of the virus being transmitted from contaminated surfaces and by touch, which no scientific study has determined as of yet. Soap and alcohol seem to kill the virus, so wearing protective gloves which are disinfected on a regular basis by using a soap or alcohol soaking may be an acceptable solution for the average human.

Trying to use only one hand and fingers to touch potentially contaminated surfaces is also advisable so that you can drive your car, open the car door, and insert keys with the clean hand on the steering wheel to avoid contaminating the car also. The contaminated glove hand can be sterilized on a daily basis when not in use. In the supermarket it is wise to use only your left or right glove covered hand to steer the cart and keep the other hand free of contamination for use on your personal property.

If everyone wore a mask close to N95 efficiency and wore easily disinfected latex or rubber gloves, especially the known carriers or potential carriers which have or haven’t had contact with virus-infected humans, then distancing rules of six feet or so wouldn’t be necessary. We could stop the outrageous unemployment in our economy and get back to business as usual and permit bigger crowds to gather socially and benefit everyone economically.

With about 40% of the population living from paycheck to paycheck, the nation can’t afford over 40% unemployment for two or more months, which is what a national lockdown realistically means. Stop panicking, take the minimal protective actions suggested above and get back to work. If you can’t buy a mask, then try making one yourself, which is what I am doing with .3-micron filter paper covered by fabric and tied with a string or rubber band.

The IRS does not have direct deposit accounts for most working citizens and none for illegals. Already check printing capability for millions of citizens with only an address will take months to process and requests for unemployment payments is already delaying and overstressing the bureaucracy with limited government employees and limited online capacity. These are only some of the bureaucratic bottlenecks which threaten getting federal money to those who need it the most and most urgently.

It’s the economy, stupid, not the idiotic directives of know-nothing politicians, local, statewide, or national. Delaying economic recovery will just result in horrific administrative bottlenecks in distributing cash to those who really need it, the humans living from paycheck to paycheck and the working illegals. Yes, the big businesses and government bureaucrats will do just fine no matter what, but the economic chaos created by no money to spend for months for small businesses and a majority of working citizens because of bureaucratic inefficiency and incompetence, will not be a pretty sight.

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Historically jobs were plentiful but technology is devastating the job market. It is turning out that logical thinking brain power is more important than physical power and just the ability to speak a language fluently.

In Greece in 2015 the unemployment rate is 25% for adults and 50% for young adults. The educational system is a colossal failure and the traditional liberal arts education is turning out unskilled workers for the 21st century. Either students are not being taught right or the average worker is no longer capable of keeping up with the skill set necessary for permanent employment. Many entry level jobs are jobs which teenagers can do and are frankly insults to the intelligence of the average adult human.

It seems obvious that there is no long term solution to the problem which will just get worse with time. We will have to design a welfare system to take care of the unemployed and at the same time give them the opportunity of free online education in a technological field for those willing to put in the time, effort, and achievement to learn useful mental skills for the job market.

The whole concept of a classless society will have to be reassessed and I feel that the future will basically have two classes of citizens. The employed and the unemployed on welfare will be the two distinct classes and discrimination or different political rights will depend on which class that you are in.

To keep the welfare class from enslaving the working class with luxurious demands their voting privileges may have to be reduced so that they have less political power than the working class. The incentive to work and train for work must not disappear and it makes sense that the unemployed class should have a lower standard of living than the working class.

How do you become a member of the working class? You study hard and learn useful mental skills and through personal effort eventually qualify for a useful job and then regain full voting rights in society.

My evergreen truth books EDUCATION REFORM and CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS detail the steps which will have to be taken to avoid the economic collapse of democratic societies in the near future if current problems are not successfully addressed in time.



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Historically many humans were slaves or considered property for the ruling class. They were a vital economic unit. The Romans had Greek slaves, serfs in the middle ages were effectively slaves for the agricultural land owners, and blacks were slaves on plantations.

The concept of human rights for everyone is a rather recent concept and the ruling class has found economic ways of enslaving humans for their economic gain since all humans are really economic units to be exploited for their work potential.

There is a serious question to be answered – What are your human rights when you are destitute and unemployed and unable to find work either due to personal incompetence or an absence of jobs? The fact is that to avoid starvation the government must provide a safety net for the destitute and also unemployed.

A basic human right ought to be financial support for basic standardized needs and an opportunity for internet reeducation in a useful job if you are willing to put in the time, energy, effort, and achievement to the best of your ability. You do not have a basic human right to a job or work, especially if you are incompetent, but you should have the hope for reentering the work force through personal effort and free government internet education assistance to retrain in a useful technological job.

Big businesses, robotization, standardization of parts, and the internet are all going to make the economy job poor unless you are technologically literate and there will probably soon be armies of unemployed, insufficiently skilled humans on welfare or government assistance.

If those destitute and also unemployed and on government assistance have a right to vote then they can potentially elect officials who will grant them a luxury lifestyle on welfare at the expense of the dwindling remaining working taxpayers. When welfare numbers exceed 50% of the population the power of their vote should be reduced by a percentage so that working citizens have more power in the political arena then those on welfare.

China has no problem adjusting the voting rights of her citizens because they don’t vote so the leadership has full authority to grant the destitute and also unemployed basic survival needs.

Specific details and changes in laws will be necessary nationally and worldwide. I outline those steps in my evergreen truth books CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS and NEW UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS.

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A typical lifestyle of a young unemployed adult living with parents is sleeping 9 or more hours, playing video games, watching movies and cartoons, listening to music, internet gambling, watching TV, spending time texting, being on Facebook or social media, eating and snacking, goofing off, and looking for work. That is 15 hours of doing what you like or enjoy in the moment and you are not making any real progress in life. This lifestyle can be addictive and can last for months and even years and leave you depressed and hopeless about your future.

Now compare this to a wiser use of time which may not be as enjoyable, will require sacrificing impulsive bad habits, but will make progress towards a more successful hopeful future.

Scheduling 9 hours of sleep, ½ hour of exercise, 2 hours looking for work, ½ hour video games, ½ hour listening to music, ½ hour internet gambling, ½ hour eating leaves 11 hours for SELF-EDUCATION which can benefit your future life in a great way.

An example of what you can learn to improve your prospects for future success in the medical field is 1 hour of anatomy, 1 hour of biochemistry, 1 hour of cell biology, 1 hour of embryology, 1 hour of genetics, 1 hour of human behavior, 1 hour of immunology, 1 hour of neuroscience, and 1 hour of physiology, and 9 fifteen minute breaks in between the subjects where you just meditate or think about how to make your daily schedule more efficient and useful.

Keep this schedule up for half a year and you will be able to pass an online first year course in medicine or a medicine related field such as radiology or nursing.


Schedule your self-education time wisely and when you land a minimum wage job then save your money for payed internet courses or a regular school education in the field of your choice. It may take you 10 or 15 years instead of 4 years to get the useful education which you need for a good job in a useful field which you will enjoy but ultimately it is your choice and decision.

If you want to make something out of your life and not just wallow in a sea of depressing addictive dead end behavior then learn on your own. Gaining knowledge in a useful field is not time wasted but time wisely invested.

Setting aside time by scheduling your day for self-education is the key to true success in life at any point in your life. If you don’t set aside time to improve your skills for a potential good future job then your prospects for a good future are grim and your relationships with other people, especially a potential future spouse, will not improve.

Money to support offspring is fundamental to a potential happy family life and if you never make enough of it in your life then you will almost never find your soul mate and have a successful family.

Some humans have big dreams and want to do something which no one else has done and make big money at it. Unless you are very talented or with an excellent memory and are prepared to fail many times on your route to stardom or celebrity then your chances of success are remote and having a useful skill which humans are willing to pay for is most important for the common man or woman leading the common life.


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The internet, international banks, international businesses, standardization of parts, and robotization means that there will be armies of destitute and unemployed citizens in the near future and we should plan to accommodate them with a new government safety net.

If you are destitute and also unemployed, AT ANY AGE, then you should be provided with basic healthy food, drink, shelter, and minimal standardized needs such as toiletries and clothing along with a cell phone and a computer to reeducate yourself over the internet with free reeducation in a technological field. 

If you are willing to put in the time, effort, ability, and achieve self-improvement then you will be rewarded with a potential good job if your social skills are also acceptable. You will have turned yourself into an asset and not liability for society at large. If you remain a liability to society then you will probably live on welfare for a lifetime.

What you should not have is a motorized vehicle with which you can roam the world wasting tax payer’s money with discretionary spending on gas or electricity and in shopping malls. All your basic necessities should be delivered door to door by the government and you should have the right to choose to work or not work if you find the minimum wage unacceptable. Being on this kind of welfare means that you will be using the minimum amount of energy or money to support yourself in a very efficient way and you will have an incentive to reeducate yourself at no cost if you choose to do so.

Not having a job will probably mean that you will be leading a single life without motorized wheels and if you become an unwed mother or one living with a male then the shelter accommodations will be very minimal and you will be living under congested circumstances with your brood getting no additional spending money for each offspring which you chose to conceive.

Your penalty for having many offspring will be living in congested circumstances for the rest of your life unless you reeducate yourself and land a good paying job which can support your brood. If members of your brood gain successful employment and enough money on their own then they will be able to escape living with their parents or be in a position to help unemployed mom and/or male friend out financially.

In the poorer nations an internet cellphone with reeducation possibilities should be provided all destitute and also unemployed citizens.  Delivery of basic standardized needs should only be done where it is cost effective to do so such as in major cities where the poor should be migrating into.

You probably have many unanswered questions to ask and I have two of many books to answer most of your questions since a blog should be short and sweet with few details.

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Robots and computer software is quickly replacing boring, simple, and meaningless make work jobs but it also soon threatens to automate or to replace the diagnosing and treatment of complex diseases and will radically change many professions or careers. All this won’t translate to a shorter workweek but it will translate into armies of humans on government welfare and an elite working class.

My evergreen book CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS outlines the necessary changes which will have to be made to avoid a revolution and massive social unrest. Already over 50% of graduates, especially in the liberal arts fields, can’t find a job upon graduation because they are not skilled enough in modern technology. We will have to radically reorganize education, politics, social structure, and the economy as outlined in my evergreen book COMMON SENSE.

Here is a link to a blog in the Economist which explains bullshit jobs in greater detail.


Here are some more shocking statistics about working in the USA and the bad state of jobs in general.


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TRUTH: Shrinking the government is good in the long duration:

It may seem that shrinking the government will cause many to lose their jobs such as teachers, bureaucrats, and infrastructure workers. In the short run this is true but in the long duration it is good for the economy because government will be forced to become more efficient and not waste as much tax payer’s money.

Teachers teaching job useless subjects to most students such as music, theater, sports, foreign languages, history, composition, etc. which they will not use in real life will be eliminated and computer assisted individualized instruction will eventually replace most inefficient bureaucratic teaching methods which try to teach 20 or more students subject matter at the same pace inefficiently instead of at each student’s individual pace. Less money means fewer unnecessary teachers and subjects and more efficient cost effective computerization.

The only place where classroom teaching to many students is vital is in elementary school where impressionable young minds should be taught proper behavioral etiquette and a strong secular moral code. Don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder. By the age of 13 all secular students should have learned how to behave socially and have a strong moral code to impulsively lead their lives with so they can go on and work part time for about 4 hours a day at safe jobs in the community to learn work skills and not just goof off in school and not learning any useful job skills in middle and high school. Children desperately need to learn a work ethic and find out how hard and boring a life is without proper useful education in the adult world to motivate them to learn useful technological skills in school.

My evergreen book EDUCATION REFORM shows in detail the necessary educational changes needed to prepare offspring to work successfully in the technological 21st century upon graduation.

Less money for the bureaucracy means more economical computerization and it will hopefully force government to streamline special interest laws and tax rules which add costly expense to the operation of any business.

Less money means more efficient infrastructure work on bridges and roads and beautification where there is a notorious waste of money hiring year round workers for projects which require short duration fast and efficient working schedules and procedures. I have personally seen many work crews of 5 or 6 humans where only one or two were actually working or doing something constructive. Infrastructure work is a gravy train for local union workers and overpaid workers and their local monopoly companies inefficiently raking in taxpayer’s money. The solution is efficient mobile national work crews which travel nationwide and do local infrastructure work for the government only when needed.

Fewer government workers means that they will have to retrain for work in the private sector or have the option of existing on welfare for the rest of their lives and costing taxpayer’s less money in the long duration.

TRUTH: Corporations need lower taxes to stimulate the economy in the long duration:

It may seem that corporations are hoarding money, buying other companies, and not reinvesting in jobs in the private sector despite the fact that with tax loopholes they are paying as much tax as in other advanced countries of the world. The fact is that it is a global economy and corporations will invest money overseas where there is more profit in manufacturing. If corporate taxes were reduced in the United States then not only would national companies want to invest their money here but foreign international corporations would want to invest in the United States and make greater profits on manufacturing for themselves. The net effect would be more jobs for Americans and not less.

However, with robotization, the internet, monopolies, and standardization of parts there will still be many Americans destitute and on welfare into the foreseeable future and changes in welfare laws and changes in voting rights for the destitute welfare unemployed will have to be made to accommodate the armies of unemployed which the government will have to support.

TRUTH: The rich should pay the same percentage of their income in taxes as everyone else in the economy:

Progressive taxation is unjust and forces the rich to seek offshore tax shelters and special interest legislation which gives them more money to keep so the net effect is that the rich actually can pay less taxes than the middle class wage earner. It is way overdue that everyone including the poor workers should be paying the same fixed percentage of their gross income which is about 5%.  To support the growing numbers of humans on welfare a national sales tax of about 10% should be imposed to disincentivize consumption and pay for the growing numbers destitute and on welfare. The national sales tax can be adjusted higher on a periodic basis to take care of the growing numbers on welfare in the near future. Some of the national sales tax can go to reeducating young unemployed and destitute adults and the destitute and unemployed on welfare for useful private sector real jobs in the rapidly changing economy. A dysfunctional status quo economy is no longer acceptable!!!!!!

CONCLUSION: In the long duration we need a smaller more efficient government, less corporate taxation to bring more jobs to the United States, and a just fixed percentage of taxation of about 5% for every working citizen rich or poor so that everyone working will be concerned about high taxation. A fixed percentage of income taxation is just because the rich will still be paying more money in taxes than the lowest paid worker.

Make the government and corporations more efficient and the working taxpayers will benefit by an improved efficient economy with much less of their tax money being wasted by big government and corporate inefficiency.

A more efficient nation and world means less money and energy wasted, less pollution, and a greater probability that biodiversity can survive worldwide and maybe even prosper.


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