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Showing an honest true profile is what will help insure success in internet dating more than any tricks you might want to try to improve your image and theoretically but not practically make it more attractive.

Some people try to post images of what they looked like five or ten years ago, try to hide their eyes with sun glasses, lie about their height and weight, and introduce buddies or other themes in the background of the photo. Don’t do this. Your potential date is not interested in most of your buddies nor do they want to see pictures of how you looked in the past and definitely would like to look into your eyes without sunglasses obstructing the view.

Give your real age and body height and weight because the truth will surface on the first date and cause great disappointment and disillusionment and no follow up dating will exist and you both will have wasted your time and effort and money.

Before an actual first date find out as much relevant information as possible over the internet or even ask for a phone number so you can ask follow up questions, especially if both of you have revealed that you have a job which is believable and are not just humans looking for a good time at minimum expense and nothing more.

Some important questions to ask before a first date:

Are you currently employed?

What are your favorite relatives and what do they do?

Do you have any best friends and what do they do?

What do you see yourself doing five or ten years from now?

What do you love to do and what do you hate to do?

What do you do in your spare time?

Is there anything in the past which you will definitely not do in the future?

In a description of who you are also be truthful and reveal that you are not currently employed if that is the case because the biggest turnoff is dating someone who is only looking for a good time and not enough funds to finance the good time. Money is one of the most important things in a relationship and if you aren’t making any the actual date will almost never be successful.

Prior to the actual date make sure that you try to find out as much as possible about the person’s loves and hates by asking questions because what he or she intensely cares about is probably something which is a dominant theme in their lives and you will have to live with it if the date goes past the first introduction.

If you are not asked questions in return this is probably a sign that a potential date is not that interested in you in the first place. If they are reluctant to answer your questions they are probably a secretive personality and have something unpleasant to hide.

Don’t be afraid to ask if your date has any future plans or whether there is something they would like to achieve before they die because this will give you an indication of whether your potential date is stagnating and maybe even depressed with life or whether they are one who hopes to move on in life towards a better future.

During the actual first date ask many follow up questions about job and family relatives and what jobs the relatives have in real life and who their best friends are because you will get a better idea of what environment your date is coming from and with what kind of role models he or she has been exposed to.

Don’t just talk about yourself and turn the date into a monologue and don’t just talk about many untrue things that you are doing in your life.

Reveal some unimportant vulnerability which you may both share in common since it will help your date to empathize with you and realize that no one is perfect. If you have had some failed relationships in the past mention them briefly and show that you have moved on past those failures and are not living in the disappointing past.

If you are addicted to something or in therapy or with poor health you probably should not be dating and it is obviously something which you will have to try and hide.

Revealing briefly what problems you have had in the past and how you solved them or got over them will create the impression that despite life’s drawbacks you can solve them and move on and are ready for a new relationship.

Conclusion: Be truthful and don’t be afraid to ask questions about your date before the first actual date. It will save you much time and effort and money and avoid one disappointing date after another.

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Subset: n. a thing

Righta: adj. true and/or just

MYTH: Combative killing games satisfy our primordial urge to hunt and kill and satisfy that motivation without being violent towards real humans.

TRUTH: Mutant video games prolong the motivation to kill and create a bad habit of addictive killing.

In nature prey only gets killed once in a while and not 4 or more constant hours at a time.

Destroy violent video games and you will help exclude the predator within us and replace them with prey pursuit and killing scenes from the wilderness as ones you should watch and be entertained by.

Your urge to kill will be satisfied and it won’t artificially and unnaturally be prolonged for hours!!!!!!

Artificially and unnaturally prolonged sex is unhealthy and prolonged killing is bad for your mind!!!!!!

Learn from nature who knows how to do subsets righta and not from human mythical yet modern behaviors which are bad habits to exclude from your life and as soon as possible so start tomorrow!!!!!!

It is true that most violent games can become boring because you are only killing monsters and humans and destroying objects.

What do you want to do with your life?

Achieve a world record in the number of subsets that you have destroyed in your lifetime on a video screen?

Your objective should be to see how many subsets you have built or created in your lifetime.

Building and creation video games with perhaps a minimum of predatory activities should be the useful pursuits for the future.

Human’s inherit the predatory urge to kill or hunt and it will probably make many violent games popular into the predictive future but the killing should be short and sweet and purposeful behavior as in wild nature!!!!!!

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Animal sounds are not just noise but meaningful communications which we all intuitively know if we have sociable cats and/or dogs which seem to be communicating with us some of the time.

We can learn from animals which communicate purposefully and do not pursue trivial and random communications which can really be considered noise without valuable content.

If you want to be more efficient in your communications with humans try to be short and brief and to the point and don’t just randomly talk about what just impulsively pops into your head.

Ask whether what you are about to say will inform the other human with something which they can use in their life such as good advice backed up with personal experiences or teaching them new important facts which they can use in their lives.

Try to avoid gossip and going on and on about what existed in your life in the past and minute details about your daily life.

Don’t bore people and frighten away potential new friends by trying to hang out with them conversationally.

Above all be selective in the humans you talk to the most in a smart way and usually don’t say anything at all or cut the conversation short if what you are about to say won’t help that other person in living their daily lives.

Silence is frequently golden in the wild and you should learn to be more silent in your life.

Especially think about what you are about to say in silence for a few seconds before you actually say something which should be usually important.

If you love to talk record your conversations on a mini audio recorder and then play them back when you have some time and start analyzing the conversations by asking.

Was what I said trivial and uninformative?

If the answer is yes then don’t say the same thing in the future.

Did it help the other human in some way?

If you don’t think you helped then don’t say it in future conversations.

Could I have said what I said in fewer words and still get the message across?

Analyze and eliminate those words and phrases or topics which don’t get any valuable message across in future conversations and become a more efficient more interesting talker.

Many of us just have a bad blabbing habit which all of us should be working to decrease in our lives because it is effectively just trivial noise no one wants to hear or should hear.





Intelligent: adj. possessing the ability to memorize and process much information but it is not a measure of how smart you are in life

Smart: n. a human having complete logical reasoning skills and successfully applying them to solve political and social and economic and scientific problems

Have you ever envied the humans with large IQ’s and thought

If only I was as smart as them I would be better off in this world and my life would be more enjoyable.


Almost everyone is intelligent and most of us have similar brain sizes and the only reason you have been stereotyped as less smart is because you have a memory which is not as good as the memory of those with large IQ’s.

You too can learn the thousand and one trivial facts and synonyms and antonyms and thousands of words and verbose book information which those with large IQ’s have memorized.

But why should you?

They are not much smarter than you and many are less smart with so much education which has brainwashed them into thinking that they know everything there is to know and are in positions where they think they have the right to communicate to you what is right and wrong and how you should live your life.

Your memory is not so good but that does not mean that you can’t be smarter than them.

All you need is a quality education based on facts and the truth and you will be smarter than the humans with large IQ’s in this world.

Where do you get such valuable education?

Read my evergreen truth blogs and then if you begin to feel smarter then read some or every evergreen book which I have published especially COMMON SENSE and you will begin to feel confident in knowing that you are indeed smarter than almost every human in leadership positions in politics and society and economics and education.

If you take some or all of my advice then you can go on the internet, use search engines, and read what really interests you and you will be much better able to separate fact from fiction and view the articles with an analytical knowing insight. You too will not fall prey to the myths and deceptions which are being propagandized on the internet in politics, society, economics and education. You will know the truth much better and be able to laugh a little at human stupidity and truly find solutions to any problems which you may have in life.



Happy people

Happiness is sensing pleasure. If you sense pleasure you are happy though the intensity of the pleasure of course varies depending on what you are doing.

It may seem that happiness and money are joined and the more money you have the happier you are.

It has been shown that above the poverty line humans with more money have about the same amount of happiness.

What is certain is that not having money decreases our happiness and decreases our ability to function independently in society and this causes an increase in unpleasant stress.

It is true that there is a large difference in what we think will give us happiness and actually feeling happy when we get it.

Whatever you think will make you happy gives temporary short duration pleasure which usually remains not more than a few seconds a few days or a time between the two.

Then we get back to our average daily habits of being happy.

The reason that it is difficult to judge how happy humans are in life is because thinking about whether one is happy or not and communicating it is frequently much different than the factual real amount of happiness in a human’s life.

Extreme or very intense happiness or ecstasy is usually transient in average humans and is frequently present with orgasm and drug highs.

No one should plan to live their lives in ecstasy 100% of the time because it is very unhealthy and can frequently lead to terrible health and even death.

There is also the happiness of creative work which is experienced by skilled creative professionals who are in a circumstance of mostly impulsive creativity that is almost like an outer body experience.

Skilled composers of music and artists and impromptu speakers and inventors are examples of humans who find largely impulsive happiness in their creative effort.

It also seems to be a fact that the more choices which you have in life the more stressful it becomes and your happiness in choosing some action decreases.

It also seems that people purchasing or getting an object produces more happiness than being in a position of being able to exchange that object for a different one if not satisfied with the original choice.

It is also a fact that remembering an intense moment of happiness will remain with you longer in memory than a series of low intensity happy moments.

Based on all this objective knowledge about happiness it is wrong to think that humans should have an absolute right to the pursuit of happiness and that this wrong concept should be codified in a written constitution.

Pursuing the greatest pleasure or happiness would be the hedonistic pursuit of sexual orgasm and an unrestricted use of legal and illegal mind changing drugs.

The unalienable right to the pursuit of happiness should be changed to more realistic goals as those outlined in my book NEW CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.

Over 50 percent of those leading happy lives are genetically born to be happier than others.

You inherited the happy genes from your parents and you also learned many happy tricks from their happy lifestyles and the happy lifestyles of role models.

You can help to exclude sources of unhappiness but you can’t easily create happiness in humans by only communicating with them and making suggestions.

If you are born unhealthy and with a poor memory and unhappy parents and an unattractive body such as being overly fat then your battle to be happy and maintain happiness will be more difficult.

It is much easier to create happiness in humans by asking them to imitate happy role models and it must be highly volitional.

It should be obvious that teaching young offspring to be happier is much easier than teaching grown adults living in their difficult to change bad unhappy habits which don’t cause much happiness.

Matt Killingsworth has done a study on happiness and has found that if you want to be happy you should function in the present activity.

This basically means that if you are pursuing a purposeful activity you are happier than if you are doing nothing or nothing of importance.

He has uncovered that no matter what you are doing your mind wanders and that it wanders about 30% of the time no matter what you are doing.

Mind wandering is a cause of unhappiness but unhappiness is not the cause of mind wandering. When you are unhappy your mind may be wondering but wondering does not cause unhappiness.

There is no paradox in thinking about happiness if you are not brainwashed by the mythological concepts of happiness in literature.

The old concepts about happiness are illogical constructs which should die a fast death.

Biological reality has no paradoxes!

Dreaming or thinking about making much money or having a great job or being very successful is not a source of happiness.

It is working purposefully at your job that causes moments of happiness and correspondingly moments of unhappiness.

The truth shall set you free of all historical paradoxes!!!

Throw that literary historical crap into the garbage and recycle it into truly useful logical knowledge about the world on the internet.

Throw out  that crappy emotional mythological literature in the book stores and that literary crap coming out in future publications!!!

It is all making almost everyone terribly unhappy.

Start trashing that emotional irrational literary crap in our public schools too.

The new generation does not want to be made very unhappy by reading it!!!

The verbosity with which it is done and the few useful facts which are presented should be called criminal behavior and many should be thrown in jail so they no longer have the right to brainwash the gullible public.

Dreaming or thinking about how great your future will be if only you get lucky and worshiping celebrities and their products which are consumed by the gullible star struck public will not make you happier or more successful in life!!!!!!

What should you start to read if anything?

Try reading some of my evergreen blogs and any of my evergreen books on my website and especially the book COMMON SENSE.




pennsylvania amish farm

Living a germ free lifestyle is not the healthiest environment for offspring and they should get dirty and grimy in their youth growing organic plants in the house  or yard or in city farming environments.

In the house you can grow organic food and plants with efficient and cheap LED lighting made specifically for growing plants as written up in my article DESTROY POLLUTING AGRIBUSINESS WORLDWIDE WITH REVOLUTIONARY LED LIGHTING!!! March 5, 2013

If offspring do live dirty lives and don’t wash their hands unless they are covered with grease or grime and visit nature once in a while and drink breast milk when newborn they will have much fewer allergies and especially predispositions to allergies.

Offspring should stay away from modern medical drugs and vaccines as much as possible and only use them for life threatening circumstances and especially not use drugs for frequent colds and mild bacterial infections which the immune system can take care of given enough time of about a week or two.

For actual scientific evidence about their better health read the following article about the Amish.





You stop communicating or talking to your spouse completely and ignore him or her.

There is no close interaction or intimacy because there is no trust and/or sex in the marriage.

You are financially on the brink of bankruptcy from overwhelming financial debt and there is very little hope of pulling out of debt even in small increments.

You are heavily addicted to alcohol and/or drugs and/or prescription medications and you think everything is fine and doesn’t need changing.

You are spending too much time away from home and family and are too dedicated to your career and other outside interests.

You are having an intimate affair outside of marriage and it is not the first but one of many.

You are addicted to the internet with its social media and almost spend no time with family.

You are verbally and emotionally and bodily abusive with your spouse and have been for a relatively long duration

You are addicted to pornography.

You are addicted to spending too much time and money buying material possessions and hoarding them.

You no longer care for your spouse and won’t try counseling as a last resort to try and save the marriage.

You have unrealistic expectations from your spouse which are impossible to live up to or you never forgive for past mistakes and indiscretions which your spouse has made.