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Motivation is frequently thought of as getting someone to do something or achieve a goal(s) and what is not realized is that doing something right frequently means not doing something which will prevent us from achieving the goal(s).


Proper motivation is sometimes accompanied by a warning that you should not do something along the way which will interfere with your goal(s) achievement.


Motivation does not have a true antonym such as blocking or preventing a behavior but the blocking or preventing is an integral part of the motivation process where only some things are prevented or blocked so that the motivation can proceed successfully to its conclusion or goal(s).


Proper motivation is not just emotionally stimulating a desire to win or succeed with promises of rewards, commands, encouragements, and even instilling some fear with threats of punishment if the goal(s) is not achieved. To properly motivate you must have taught how to achieve by warning of the possible mistakes which should not be made along the way.


“Cross the street by yourself but look both ways before you do” is the proper way to motivate offspring to cross the street but in safety with an appropriate warning.


“Get the job done in a week but remember to get enough sleep so that you can function efficiently every day” is an example of properly motivating an employee  who historically has frequently shown up tired for work.


The hidden truth is that to motivate properly you must also frequently have a good knowledge or understanding of the weaknesses of the one whom you want to motivate. Warning of the weaknesses or suggesting real ways to minimize those weaknesses is an important part of the motivational process or motivation!!!!!!


The other hidden truth not found in the definition of motivation is that selfmotivation is what you need the most in life to achieve success. If you mostly depend on others to motivate you then you may sometimes be waiting forever to get off your butt and do something truly useful with your life.

Motivation: n. stimulating and/or preventing a behavior(s) with a subset(s) which is frequently done with (the promise of a reward and/or punishment) and/or (a command and/or an encouragement(s)) and/or (a threat and/or a warning)

Selfmotivation: n. motivated by one’s desire(s) and/or need(s) and/or belief(s) and/or past experiences which activate and/or prevent one’s behavior(s)

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