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Punctuality: n. achieving a promised goal(s) by the end of duration

Don’t be punctual and you are wasting someone’s time and maybe money.

Showing up late for work can get you fired, show up late for a job interview and you probably won’t get the job, and not showing up on time for a date is more than just being inconsiderate or disrespectful but causes unnecessary worry.

Sometimes a traffic jam or an important meeting will delay you and you will be late with an acceptable excuse but being late will frequently cause concern and worry by the one doing the waiting. 

Being on time whenever possible is a major sign of dependability and most humans like dependable humans better than the ones who don’t think that time is important and effectively steal time from you.

Finally doing a promised task on time is something you should always try to do not only in business life but your life at home too. Dependability is a virtue and you will develop a good reputation for being a reliable even trustworthy human.


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Efficiency means that you are using the minimal amount of energy per unit time. If you use too much energy to do something you are being inefficient and if you use up too much time doing that something then you are being inefficient.

When you are lazy you are using very little energy but wasting much time so you can’t be considered to be very inefficient except in your unwise usage of too much wasted time. The great amount of wasted time makes up for not using much energy so you can be considered to be terribly inefficient too.

Wasting material or mass is wasting stored energy. According to Einstein Energy=mass times the speed of light squared or E=mc2. Material is stored energy and if you are wasting materials then you are being inefficient. If you are wasting natural resources or materials with much wasted material left over then you are also wasting energy and being very inefficient. Wasting or destroying biodiversity or a vital natural resource is highly immoral.

CONCLUSION: Inefficiency is immoral and should be incorporated into a modern updated moral code. Except in emergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

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