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Many humans don’t exercise, can overeat, and can eat and drink anything and don’t gain weight. It is obvious that the claimed sources for weight gain do not apply to many humans. They were just born lucky with fortunate genes and do not have a problem with their weight no matter what their lifestyle.

Some humans put on weight in old age or gain weight because they start taking drugs which alter metabolism and cause weight gain. Many humans gain more weight as they age and women frequently gain weight after a second pregnancy or after menopause. This is all very normal.

Binge eating affects the weight of sumo wrestlers by increasing body fat stored so it is possible for some predisposed to weight gain to gain more weight by overeating.

The sad fact is that if you were born fat or have been born with a tendency to get fat then you will be overweight even though you exercise, don’t overeat, or eat low calorie foods.

Many humans are just born to be fat and there is very little which can be done to reduce weight unless you go on a starvation diet and stay on one permanently. Failing to starve yourself constantly the result will be that you will go back to your overweight weight.

Weight reducing pills and fad diets may make you lose a few pounds in the short duration but once you start to eat normally again then you will gain back all the weight which you lost. Yo yo dieting where you are losing some weight and gaining it back again is a fact of life for humans trying to fight mother nature who wants you to be fat or at an above average weight.

The type of food which you eat affects some humans and a processed food diet rich in carbohydrates and sugar increases the likelihood that you will be fatter than on a balanced diet of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. The change in the American diet in the past 40 years is largely to blame for the increase in obesity in the general population even though lack of exercise and eating too much is also being wrongly blamed for more overweight fat humans in the population.


Your genetics largely determine whether you are born fat or will become fat later on in life. If you are unhappy with what nature gave you then your only way of losing weight is a starvation diet and staying on one being hungry all the time.

Stop being hard on yourself and feeling guilty about being fat because nature intended you to be fat and you should be proud of that fact of life and not fall for the being thin or “normal” weight propaganda which is prevalent in our obsessed low weight society. You are normally fat so love it.

Look at many of Rubens paintings and you will realize that historically being fat was beautiful and you should feel no shame for being overweight.


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