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Huffpost.com is a heavily Democrat biased website which dogmatically promoted Hillary Clinton for president and was shocked when Trump won just like the shocked legacy or establishment media. When Huffpost.com was founded it had some very interesting non political articles posted by independent bloggers and you could comment on the article.

Now it has transformed itself into a political left wing mouthpiece which only once in a blue moon  publishes a non political article which is worth reading. This one article on Japanese “ikigai” is an exception to the general rule that myopic political articles and celebrities dominate everything that Huff publishes.

Japanese ikigai fundamentally states that you will be happy if you are doing something that you love, something which you are good at, something that you can be paid for, and fundamentally doing something which the world needs. The article gives an example of a Japanese shoe repairer who has his own shop and derives happiness or satisfaction from being paid for a well done job or service which most humans are thankful for and give positive feedback.

The average Japanese lives about five years longer than the average American and even though a better diet and more communal lifestyle may be the reason, ikigai may also factor in to some extent.

It is possible to have a lousy job and still find ikigai in a hobby, family, or anything which brings joy and happiness into one’s life. Click on the ikigai link and enjoy reading this article. ikigai.

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