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 MYTH: Clothing must be colorful and varied to express individual artistic taste.

TRUTH: Clothing is optional and walking around naked in your private homes is the only clothing that you need-HUMAN SKIN. When you go outdoors in the winter you need one color warm clothing from natural fibers not changed by artificial poisonous polluting dyes. In the summertime walk around naked and only use sunscreen if you are out in the sun too long. THAT IS ALL THE CLOTHING THAT YOU NEED!!!

The truth is that people a hundred years from now could theoretically be walking around naked only wearing natural skin with sunscreen when the weather permits.  The process of changing the world back to nudism how nature intended the world to be will take a very long time and for some it will feel like forever.

Nudism can exist in gated communities and soon it could become the latest craze or high fashion to travel to and from public places naked.  Private places can still have the option of demanding that clothing be worn but soon I would like to predict that people will no longer be arrested for streaking through this world and it will not be something to laugh at and ridicule. Let it all hang out!  Are you brave and courageous enough? I doubt it.   It is nice to dream about utopias once in a while but men with small penises and women with small breasts will always rebel against such a natural concept.

There is nothing more beautiful and natural than good skin and a natural human body.  Clothes should only be worn out of natural environmental necessity.  Clothing is also worn to cover up human blemishes or imperfections in the skin of the body which are a social embarrassment.  We are striving here for human perfection and that means an even tone of skin without warts or blemishes over the entire body is the preferred appearance and how Mother Nature preferred it in the distant past.

Being excessively overweight and nude is not a pretty sight so once again clothing is used to hide and prolong a human imperfection.

Jewelry is also worn for two basic purposes- to cover up imperfections which are frequently the natural results of aging and to impress other social acquaintances that one is wealthy and therefore one should ignore ones decreased natural beauty.

Just think what a horror it would be if an offspring was born with jewelry and pierced noses and pierced lips and pierced navels and covered with Swarovski crystals on the body in asymmetric shapes.  Each mother would cry out- please no!  How could my newborn be so deformed and ugly?

When making love try stroking a beautiful face only to be almost cut by sharp earrings.  Earrings are just as unnatural and they should not appear on the bodies of babies or on the bodies of beautiful and not so beautiful adult women.  Trash that crappy jewelry as fast as you can or sell it on Ebay to the gullible sucker who comes down the international pike. Happy selling my smart attractive people of the world!

Clothing should be symmetric with symmetric pockets and basic monotone colors.   My recommendation is to use the colors of the natural spectrum but you may add colors such as fuschia which is my personal biased favorite monotone.  Symmetrical clothing should simulate the natural symmetry of the human body which should be perfectly symmetrical.  Tops and bottoms should be of the same color.

Natural no press cotton can be the primary material of choice but in the short duration chemical imitations can still be used since we haven’t used up chemicals yet.  For exotic climates such as the north and south pole and for space clothes superior synthetics should still be manufactured and used.

The truth is that clothing should imitate the beauty of natural skin and the symmetry of the natural body.   Natural animal skin prints and pictures from nature are also acceptable variations from monotone colors.  Almost all asymmetric designs and color combinations should be avoided as much as possible since they can’t be considered to be naturally beautiful.

I applaud anyone who has the courage to wear pajamas with two or more pockets in public and in the workplace.  What a joy that kind of clothing is to wear 24/7.  One color imitates the one tone natural skin so it looks good and is comfortable day and night with no change of clothes needed.  Less clothes to wash and dry and sort.  It is an example of optimally efficient utilitarian clothing.  Rank conscious people will still want to modify the pajamas with floral designs and crystals and jewelry and unusual hairstyles and tattoo patterns and artistic cars and artistic motorcycles and etc. and they should have the right to do so if they want to pollute their life with mutant artistic creations which would never survive in the wilderness.

The truth is that clothing choices are very subjective in nature and there is a heavy desire to dress differently from everyone else so it is highly improbable that my personal biases about clothing will dominate in the near future.

Smell is the best sense to inform us whether something stinks or not. Smell your socks the next day.  Do they smell bad?  If they don’t smell bad then wear them again and again.  If you are leading a sedentary life and not sweating a lot your clothes are not dirty until they begin to smell bad.

Maybe you can invent Velcro like arm pit pads that are removable on a daily basis and are still comfortable to wear. I personally like a muscle shirt with no armpits but not too many people have the nerve to wear them in public. This way you would not have to wash your T-shirt or shirt every day if you sweat a lot.

Of course you can check for stains on a daily basis so that your clothes are esthetically pleasing if you wish but smell free and stain free is the definition of clean clothes.  They don’t smell bad!  Think of all the detergent that we will be saving and all the washer dryer energy and money.

I told you the truth was worth every penny and the truth doesn’t lie!  ALSO you can dress yourself in almost partial darkness with the light of a digital alarm clock.  Blind people dress themselves by feeling and putting their clothes on in the dark so why can’t you do the same?  What is the rush? You have plenty of time.

You can also groom in the dark with minimal lighting especially if you are a male and have short hair that you comb backwards on your head or a crew cut is even better which needs almost no combing at all.

You can learn to walk around your house in the dark with less than candlelight lighting and not trip on hazardous junk on the floor if you don’t have it in the first place lying on the floor.  Keep the house junk free and you can navigate at a pretty good clip once you habituate yourself to your environment.  Think of the money and energy we could all be saving if we did this together as one world society dedicated to efficient energy use.

Time is not money at home and doing things a little slower can be a large payoff in the home budget.  ENERGY IS MONEY!!!!!  Score another point for TRUTH!!!! Energy can be converted into matter so matter is also energy. E=MC2

If you don’t want smelly socks you will have to wear shoes in which you don’t sweat in a lot and sneakers are not sweat free.

You need a material which breathes as much as possible. Try sandals but I’m sure technology will come up with a material that lets the shoe breath or permits water vapor to escape easily. Ideally it would be a slip on shoe with a sole that is very flexible and rather thick so it will last a long time and be durable.

That is my challenge to you. Come up with that kind of shoe which can be used most of the time but not 100% of the time. For speedy activity you will need a tougher sole and leather so that it doesn’t warp during heavy running and a sneaker may approximate the performance you need for agile running and playing cotennis.

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