This book will give you a greater understanding of what love is, how it works, and how it can sometimes be manipulated to achieve loving relationships.

A thorough understanding of the intricacies of love will help you to analyze your own love relationships, and from there you can chose to manipulate your behavior to become a more loving person or you can slyly manipulate the behavior of others to get more love from them. Knowing how love works may not be the most exciting aspect of love, but at least you will understand the love that enters and leaves your life.

After reading this book you will know the truth about love, what love is and is not.

There are 73 questions and answers and here are a few of the questions which are answered:
Can one learn to be a better lover?
How can you improve your chances of being loved?
Is falling in love the same as being in love?
How can I tell if the person I love loves me?
Can one be deceived by lovers?
Do opposites attract?
Can one demand love from another?
What is the best kind of love?
Should one continue to love even though one is not being loved?

Finally, if you read the entire book I guarantee that you will be close to becoming an expert at love and loving relationships!

Find the book on Kindle by searching under my name Uldis Sprogis. If you understand the whole book it is probably the first and last book which you will have to read on the subject of love. Enjoy!!!

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