The major problem with the government of the United States today is that it is too large and the state governments are almost all alike and doing a lot of paperwork and making government very inefficient. It is high time that we eliminate state governments, especially the Senate, and streamline all the laws in the nation. The sole representatives of the people should be the House of Representatives and the representative districts should be enlarged in population to about a million people. This means that we will only need about 300 Congressmen to rule the entire nation.

The saving in working tax payer’s money will be enormous and the whole election process can be greatly streamlined without the need for billions and billions of dollars going into and wasted by costly political campaigns. Today Congress is elected and already they start campaigning for the next election and never get any real necessary business done to improve the country. This is why I recommend that all members of the House of Representatives be elected every 10 years along with the president and vice president. Political campaigning once every ten years, what a relief that will be for the representatives and the people because they won’t have to hear the same old boring political rhetoric and biases or propaganda over and over again on a daily basis!

I have also included a bonus for you to read at the end of this article which is NEW DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE which is an eye opener, especially the part about the unalienable rights of citizens. Jefferson is being updated as are the entire laws of this country which need urgent updating. We do need CHANGE in this country, and I am showing you all the concrete steps which should be taken and as fast as possible!

Find the article on Kindle or Nook Book by searching under my name Uldis Sprogis. Use it as a starting point for further improvements which you think should be made in the constitution and blog about it. Join the constitution updating movement and try to get important politicians to follow you. Enjoy!!!

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