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Older and/or more expensive wines are not frequently better. It is all mostly a question of your personal taste and which wine you personally like the taste of.

There are 8 other wine myths you should read about in this link!

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Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Political, social, and economic empires do not come into existence overnight but usually take much money, blood, work, and effort over a relatively long duration to reach a dominant position in the world. The US empire wasn’t built in a day and it will probably collapse just like Rome did since it is making the same mistakes as Rome in its declining days.


If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.


More and more big government is beginning to operate this way and harming society.


The more corrupt the state, the more laws.


Laws are passed to protect and support the powerful monied special interests and the more special interests there are the more laws must be passed to legalize theft from the public or taxpayer.


The more laws the less justice.


More laws make those in power more powerful and there is less justice for those trying to reach positions of power. Some environmental and safety considerations are the exceptions to the rule but overzealous safety regulations can lessen the quality of the food supply.

Silence is golden.


This is especially true when trying to avoid a heated argument about problems or confrontations which seem to have no solution or winner.  If you don’t have anything nice or useful to say, frequently don’t say anything at all.

Stupid is as stupid does.


This just states the fact that unless you behave stupidly or do stupid things, no one usually suspects that you are indeed stupid.


A grudge remains in your mind too long.


Mentally a grudge can take up much of your thinking time and this is frequently considered wasting mental energy without a useful goal.


A house divided cannot stand.


This just means that frequently a group of humans, with two radically opposing points of view, will eventually divide and go their own ways.

Being judgmental is a sign of life


This sounds better if you say that making choices is a sign of life.  Making snap judgments about humans can lead to many misunderstandings which are not true, so be reluctant to judge a human too quickly. Unfortunately stereotyping people or making hasty generalizations about people is a fact of life for most.


A man is known by the company that he keeps.


This is another way of saying that birds of a feather flock together and you can generally make accurate generalizations based upon the company that someone spends most of his or her time with.

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Bad hygiene, gluttony, drunkenness, refusing to grow up, gossip, and social anxiety and depression all seem like bad characteristics to have but they may have been some important reasons why we successfully evolved as a species.

Read this article for the interesting details.

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At times your unconsciousness is truer than your conscious mind

This is just a statement that sometimes your impulsive feelings about something are truer than what your mind thinks ought to be done in a certain circumstance where your thinking may be bad and/or uncertain.


Severe punishment awaits really bad humans


In most societies the punishment is usually made to fit the crime and if the crime is considered very bad then the punishment is also usually very severe. Social ostracism may be the only punishment for a non criminal offense but being a pariah can be very punishing and greatly hamper your interactions with humans.


Bad intentions can have good results


Firing someone out of spite and intentionally trying to cause financial hardship can lead to someone finding a better job. It can even lead to the hiring of a better employee so both are examples of a bad intention causing two good results.  Bad intentions seldom cause good results but sometimes there are exceptions.



Rudeness is a weak human’s imitation of power.


Rudeness is just one of the many defects of a weak human with a bad personality and it does not necessarily mean that the human is intentionally trying to behave powerfully.



Hope lasts until death.


This is just one way of saying that hope is a recurring theme throughout a lifetime and this is especially true for lottery players who always hope for the big win no matter how many times they are disappointed in real life.


Roll with the punches.


This is just a bad way of saying that you should not stop trying to reach your goals and sink into depression when bad things happen to you in life.


Man cannot live by bread alone.


This is just a way to say that there is usually more to life than just getting and eating food.


Liars frequently set their own traps.


Liars lie that they are doing or have done something which they are not doing or haven’t done.  Their deceptions are frequently destroyed by third parties who tell the truth or the memory of their lies fades and they start contradicting themselves later on and get caught for lying.


Just because everybody’s doing something, doesn’t mean it’s right.


This should be rephrased to make it more accurate. Just because everyone in a group of humans is doing something doesn’t make it the right thing to do.  Offspring especially have to be taught that just because a large group of humans in school are doing it, it may not be the right thing to do.


History repeats itself.


This is true to a large extent because new generations of humans continue to make the same human mistakes that older generations have made only in a new setting.  This is because new generations seldom learn everything of importance from the mistakes of older generations. Also historical bad habits, untruths or myths carry on into future generations and make the probability of old mistakes being repeated more likely.

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We all would like to be happy and feel that we are being successful in life. Few realize that this means making and achieving more and better goals.

Making goals is the hardest part because most of us are trapped in our old and frequently bad habits or old goals which we repeat over and over again and don’t make any progress in life.

The key to making sometimes new and better goals is to research your present activities and determine if they are going to lead to progress in your life or just the same old daily routine. If you find that you are operating in a dead end with little hope for progress in the future then you should change something in your daily routine so that you can escape or improve your circumstances.

This frequently means improving your knowledge and skills through further research and education and making new contacts with humans who can potentially connect you with better opportunities.

Achieving a necessary change in your daily routine will require much optimistic self-motivation which means doing something new and useful and making it part of your daily routine. You can start by prioritizing your goals and rescheduling your time to concentrate on what you feel is most important in your life and ignoring or excluding or reducing the bad or trivial habits in your life.

A better goal is frequently developing a better habit or doing an activity which will improve your life and not letting your life stagnate in old fruitless frequently boring repetitive activities.

The foundation for progress or making and achieving new goals is an insatiable curiosity and desire to learn new skills and new knowledge.

Finally there are distant or ultimate goals which can be achieved by making many goals along the way and you should educate yourself on what these intermediate goals are or should be if you want to reach your ultimate realistic goal.


The successful life is struggling to eliminate the bad habits and old goals which you are reliving and trying to replace them with better habits or new goals which you try to pursue on a daily basis.

My evergreen book HOW TO IMPROVE YOURSELF: HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT; HOW TO SAVE TIME AND MONEY will show you in detail how you can make and achieve sometimes new and better goals or improve the goals which you are working on in the present.

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Here is an article in which describes 5 very interesting spy gadgets which you may also have seen in the movies.

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A sincere effort is all that you can ask

Sincerity is basically honesty and a personal honest effort is what should be asked of everyone even though the effort may not seem sincere because of bad results.

A unchangeable sense of duty imprisons you


More accurately an unchangeable sense of duty makes it more likely that you will fulfill your responsibilities or obligations even in the face of hardship. Imprisons is a strong word which just means that you are trying to act within the boundaries set by your duties. You lose flexibility or open mindedness when your sense of duty is unchangeable.


Absolute submission can be a form of freedom


Freedom from responsibility for your own actions is the form of freedom that complete submission gives.


Abuse of power comes as no surprise


This is just a takeoff on the fact that complete power corrupts absolutely.  People in positions of less than complete power also are very tempted and sometimes do abuse the position.


Action causes more trouble than thought


The thought that gives rise to the troubling action is really to blame but the effects of actions are more noticeable.


Alienation produces eccentrics or revolutionaries


This is just another way of saying that the dissatisfaction with the status quo produces revolutionaries who try to change it or produces eccentrics who try to isolate themselves from status quo realities.

Ambition is just as dangerous as complacency


This is just a sloppy way of saying that too much ambition and too much complacency are both bad human characteristics which frequently get you in trouble.


An elite is inevitable


If you call leaders elite then it is a fact that there will always be elite leaders and their followers.


Artificial desires are despoiling the earth


It is true that trivial entertainment behavior that has little to do with survival is using up too many natural resources and destroying biodiversity at an alarming rate. Society has created many artificial activities and desires to occupy people with relatively mindless activities when they are not working but this is true also of work which has been created just to keep people busy within the society.

The work also has very little to do with necessary survival on the face of this earth. CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS and COMMON SENSE are two evergreen books which I wrote that address this problem and offer solutions.


Even the best laid plans go bad.


This should be rephrased to say that even the best laid plans can and do sometimes go bad but definitely rather infrequently.

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Scientists are still discovering some rather unique and even “scary” animals and plants that live in this world.

Here are 6 creature examples as presented in this article.

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Honesty is the best policy.

If you are honest it means that you are truthful and sincere and this is the kind of person others want to associate with. You can translate this into success in life with added effort, reliability, and achievement. A good reputation means trustworthiness and reliability which is impossible without honesty as a foundation.


A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.

This just means that immoral people in greater positions of power have the opportunity to steal much more than an immoral common man or woman.


If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

If someone tells you that you have suddenly won much money, especially from a stranger, it is probably not true. If someone tells you that you have gotten a valuable gift or valuable tickets for free, it is probably not true.

Many scams sound temptingly inviting, but they are almost all untruthful cons. If something can be gotten with much time, effort, and money and someone suggests that you can get it for free or almost for free-beware!!!!!!


Better to give than to receive.

This is untrue propaganda widely spread by altruists and social do-gooders who want people to dedicate their lives to helping the unfortunate in society.  The truth is that it is better to both give and receive in most human activities.

At the beginning of most human relationships it is probably better to give more than you receive but as the relationship matures there should be more giving and receiving for both parties or the relationship will remain very lopsided and dysfunctional master slave relationship.


Words once spoken can never be recalled.

This is just a statement of fact but it also implies that sometimes words are said in anger or under stressful circumstances which we later come to regret.  Calling your wife an idiot or a bitch in a fit of anger can haunt you for a long time even though time is supposed to heal all wounds.


Birds of a feather, flock together

This is a general fact of life that humans with similar opinions, interests, education levels, and economic levels tend to associate with each other more frequently than with humans that are very different from them.


Forgiveness is an important key to happiness.

Forgiveness is only one of the keys to happiness but without it there can be unnecessary long periods of resentment for a personal wrong or mistake that has been done.


Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

The pleasant memory of kind words recurs in the brain long after the kind words are said and the enjoyment of those words also recurs in the brain.


If a million people believe a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing

This is just a statement of the fact that if a million humans believe in something stupid then it is still stupid or if they believe that a lie is the truth then it is still a lie.


An optimistic attitude means all the difference in the world

Being an optimist rather than a pessimist is indeed a big difference in attitudes and it will affect your life in so many important ways. Many more humans will be interested in befriending you if you have an optimistic attitude.

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There are two educations. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live.

The sad fact is that public schools are neither teaching us how to make a good living nor are they teaching us how to live a morally successful life in the 21st technological century. Most relatively trivial liberal arts pursuits are just mostly an inefficient waste of human time, effort, and money and leave many unprepared for the new real world.


There are six honest serving men and women. They can teach you all you need to know. Their names are-Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.

If you want to educate yourself on any subject imaginable, find answers to these questions and you will be able to discover and learn the useful knowledge yourself.


A man or woman can learn only two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.

Of course you can also learn by trial and error but this is a very stupid and inefficient way to learn.


Practice frequently makes perfect.

Practice frequently makes an acceptable performance which is not necessarily perfect. It is frequently a fact that much practicing of a skill must occur before mastery is achieved. This applies to game skills, job skills, and knowledge skills.

Playing a musical instrument is an example where you get better and better at playing with more and more practice but you seldom get perfect results.

Perfection is the domain of robots who can repeat something perfectly every time.  People may try to be perfectionists but very many are not perfect and make many mistakes along the way.

Practice does not always make perfect.


Repetition is the best way to learn

This of course is not true if you almost have a photographic memory.


Everyone makes mistakes.

This is true all the time since humans are imperfect creatures and not robots.  What makes for a difference between something good and bad is how many mistakes are made in doing something.  The more mistakes that you make, the worse is your performance at some task.


If you don’t control your mind, someone else will.

This is true in most cases. If you don’t have strong personal beliefs or personal ways of looking at and thinking about events, opinions, facts, and people then you will meet plenty of people who are trying to impose their beliefs and propaganda on you.

Businesses through advertising are always thinking up ways of getting you to buy their product or service. Media commentators and writers would like nothing better than to convince you that their viewpoints are the correct ones to have.

Almost everyone would like you to believe what they believe in.


A little knowledge can go a long way

A little knowledge, especially if it is a true general principle, can be applied over and over again in many areas of life.

Be friendly towards people and it will increase the likelihood that they will be friendly towards you.  This is a little knowledge that can go a long way towards improving your relationships with other people throughout a lifetime.

Treat others the way that you would wish to be treated is also a little knowledge that is useful throughout a lifetime.

Abstraction is a type of decadence

To the extent that abstraction departs from reality and nature, that is the extent to which it can be considered to be decadent. Nowhere is this more evident than in abstract painting where all natural beauty and reason is absent and all that is left is a gross mutant product or creativity running into a dead end.

Even the best writer has to erase

This just means that even perfectionists make some mistakes.

Experience is the best teacher.

Doing something physically is frequently a better teacher than learning how to do it in your head. The truth is that the mind and body have to be coordinated to get the best learning results. Learning only through experience can sometimes be a long and arduous process since there might be too much trial and error learning going on. Experience learning can frequently be speeded up and improved with some book or internet learning too.

A little learning is a dangerous thing.

It is dangerous only if you assume that by acquiring a little knowledge about something you automatically assume that you know all that there is about that something. Knowing how to use the accelerator and brakes does not automatically mean that you are a good driver and if you assume that you are, it can be very dangerous.

Elaboration is a form of pollution

Elaboration is an embellishment of the facts which frequently results in rather boring and time consuming rhetoric which can indeed be considered a form of pollution which wastes time, energy, and sometimes money.

Knowledge is power.

Knowledge in the right fields can be powerful and land you a good job. Knowledge in fields such as the arts, philosophy, history and the humanities may leave you with bad job skills that are useful almost nowhere and this can not be considered to be powerful knowledge.

Knowing yourself lets you understand others

This is true to some extent because knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you to identify those same strengths and weaknesses in others. It will not be a complete understanding of others but at least it is a start.


Knowledge should be advanced at all costs

Scientific knowledge should be advanced at all costs but liberal arts education is so subjective and peppered with so much false and very subjective opinions that most of it is not worth advancing.

Liberal arts education should be promoted by private institutions of learning and not the government.

Secular morality should be advanced at all costs and in a nutshell that means in non-emergency situations don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

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It’s Not What You Said, It’s What You Didn’t Say

You Accidentally Asserted Power Over Them

They Think You Owe Them

You Wasted Their Time

You Assumed That Because You Were OK With a Situation, Everybody Was

For details on these accidental ways that you can make humans hate you read this link.

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How to write a successful pop song, which gang is responsible for a crime, where terrorists are hiding bombs, how new drugs will affect humans, and how to keep a crowd of humans from trampling each other are things which math can predict.

For the amazing details read this link.

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The Zumwalt stealth destroyer is a technological marvel. It’s stealth shape means that it appears like a very small fishing vessel on radar even though it is 610 feet long and displaces 15,000 tons of water. Nineteen sailors per shift control the ship and computers do the rest.

For more details read this link.
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He has a good job or is studying hard and getting educated for a good paying useful job.

He makes promises and fulfills most of them and doesn’t make untrue excuses when he doesn’t fulfill a promise.

He doesn’t lie to you or play deceptive games with you but is honest and sincere but not in a brutal, rude, or unkind way.

If there is a difference of opinion then he is ready to discuss or talk about it without angry confrontation, changing the topic, or silent withdrawal.

He doesn’t believe that luck determines your destiny in life but that personal optimistic, effort, and achievement are much more important factors in leading a successful satisfying life.

He is not afraid to talk about marital life and share his opinions on offspring rearing, especially the realistic financial responsibility which this implies.



He nurtures and protects you and himself which is what caring means.

He nurtures or supports the important things which you are doing in your life.

He praises you for the good things which you are doing and believe in and tries to protect you from the bad influences in your life.

He knows that bad humans and bad actions can become bad habits which will be very difficult to exclude from your behavior.

He cares about your personality and intelligence more than your looks and does not just say things to make you happy if they are not true.

He cares about the important goals in your life and supports them with genuine praise.

He cares about his own important goals in life and is just not obsessed with you alone.

He is observant about your emotional state and can empathize with your unhappiness and sometimes tries to make you feel better with optimistic comments.



If you are dating a responsible caring man then he is an excellent candidate for a future potential mate.

Note that not every characteristic or behavior on the list is necessary for the ideal mate for you but you should try to keep your standards as high as possible unless you have a bad personality, no income, and are not very attractive.

Having all three bad characteristics may turn you into a recluse or a desperate woman wanting to attach yourself to the first male, no matter how bad, who shows some interest in you.


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Why do we sleep, how many planets are in our solar system, why is ice slippery, how to beat solitaire, how many species of animal exist, what is the length of the US coastline, and how gravity works are 8 questions science can’t answer.

For details read this link.

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To be and remain a creative blogger you need a continuous source of new information which you then proceed to change and/or rearrange with your personal writing style and opinions about the order of the information which you want to present.

No new input means that there will be no new output and you will be writing in a dead end. Research, research, and research for new information. A blogger should spend more time researching and reading new information than writing. If you don’t like the research process then don’t be surprised if you run out of inspiration to write rather quickly.

Pick an area of expertise which you predominantly want to write about and passionately write about it and continue to research the topic for new ideas to add to your existing knowledge. You will probably quickly find out that once you write a few blogs then you will start running out of new ideas or simply not have the time to research and write as frequently.

If you find out that you have writer’s block then it is time to write about some new topic which may be your second or third passion in life. Find a new category to write about, do the research on the internet, in other blogs, or in books and change and/or rearrange the information and write a blog about it.

If you find out that you are spending more time writing than researching and acquiring new knowledge then you will probably write something relatively uninteresting and boring which will only have personal meaning to you. Pay attention to likes counts on other blogs to give you a better idea of what topics interest other bloggers and the way that they are presented in the blog.

Keep in mind that most readers are asking the question- Is it interesting or relevant to me and how will it help to make my life more interesting or useful. In effect, will this article entertain and inform me of something which I have an interest in and be useful in my life?

If you seem to be writing about something which interests few humans then be prepared for a lonely existence in your limited world. I am fortunate that the truth about almost any topic interests me so I blog and never run out of new topics to write about and I do so on a daily basis.


You need a constant source of new information to write something new so try to develop an insatiable curiosity for the new and interesting with research reading. Creative blogging is about 95% research and 5% writing and if you are not spending time this way then you will not be a very creative blogger nor will you continue to be one.

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The appearance of some animals is just hard to believe.

This is a link to which shows you 15 of these animal sensations.

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Creativity: n. forming an original concept in the mind and/or to cause a subset(s) to exist which didn’t exist before in time

From this definition of creativity it means that you have to make a new or original idea or thing which didn’t exist before in time. Many of us think that we are being creative by just rearranging old ideas and making “new” creations by rearranging shapes, sizes, colors, and materials.

This is a very simple kind of static creativity because we are really not inventing anything truly new or original which hasn’t existed before but merely changing and/or rearranging the parts.

True creativity is inventing something new by synthesizing parts which never functioned together before and making them function together more efficiently in a truly original and useful new way.

Technological inventions are examples of true frequently desirable efficient creativity. Food, fashion, music, and literary creativity is frequently overrated very subjective inefficient creativity which frequently has minimal real value in the world for the common human.

If you want to be technologically creative then you have to understand efficiency which frequently means creating something smaller, faster, and more efficient from an energy usage point of view.

If you want to be creative in the liberal arts world then all that you have to do is to change and/or rearrange shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. In literature you have to change and/or rearrange topics or idea sequences and in music composition you have to change and/or rearrange cords and musical notes. You will basically be changing by adding and/or subtracting shapes, sizes, colors, cords, notes, topics, words, sentences, etc. The examples which you will be adding to and/or subtracting from will be original works of art so you will have to gain much knowledge about historical artwork which you can then proceed to change and/or rearrange.

In the liberal arts fields you should try to find the “best” subjective examples of historical artwork, learn from them and then proceed to change and/or rearrange them to create what you think are better examples of some very subjective artwork with your personal biases.

If you want to remain creative then find more excellent historical examples of creativity in your field of interest and then proceed to change and/or rearrange them.

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The world’s smallest car and a tank car are just two of the amazing street legal vehicles on the road. Read about these two and 6 other wild examples of vehicles on this link.

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No, fond and tender feelings are examples of low intensity pleasure or a little pleasure which is not love.  Love must be very intense pleasure and does not happen in a relationship as frequently as fond or tender feelings.  Fond and tender feelings are really examples of affectionate and liking behavior which is not love nor loving behavior.  Fond and tender feelings are frequently examples of affectionate and liking behavior which is very important in long lasting relationships especially marriages but those medium and low intensity feelings are not loving emotions and definitely not loving behaviors.

There is a fundamental difference between the concepts “I love that woman” and “I like that woman” or “I love my motorcycle” and “I like my motorcycle”.

subset: n. a thing

Liking someone shows that you care for that person and in a close relationship it increases the probability that you also love that person. Affectionate behavior is a subset of liking behavior and loving behavior is a subset of loveall behavior. Liking and loving behaviors are both independent subsets of attracting behaviors.

loveall: n. loving everything

We are saying that we love a subset(s) if we like it very intensely.  If we say that we love a subset(s) with low intensity it is more accurate to say that we like that subset(s) or are affectionate towards that subset(s).

Being loving and affectionate and liking someone in a relationship is being attracted to someone and is not loving them. This is to avoid a serious logical paradox that loving, affection, and liking mean the same thing. I love you really means that I like you, I am affectionate towards you and I love you intensely at times and a new word for this kind of a loving relationship is necessary.

To avoid logical confusion the concept of universal love should be replaced with the following two new words:

Lovrelate: v. to sense much lovin and affection and liking for a subset(s) but not simultaneously

Lovrelationship: n. sensing much lovin and affection and liking for a subset(s) but not simultaneously

It should be obvious that a new logical definition for love is also necessary.

Love: v. to sense a very intense pleasure for a subset(s) one cares about and the behaviors which exist with it and frequently desiring to (possess and/or interact with) and/or experience samer subset(s) for a short and/or long duration

Lovin: n. sensing a very intense pleasure from a subset(s) one cares about and the behavior(s) which exist with it and frequently desiring to (possess and/or interact with) and/or experience samer subset(s)


I lovrelate you is the new replacement for I love you and this logically means that in a traditional loving relationship you display moments of love, affection, and liking in your lovrelationship. The world does not need more love but it does need more lovrelationships or more love, affection, and liking, especially in marriages and human relationships.

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You make your own happiness.

This is true most of the time because you can be relatively happy even under the seemingly worst economic, political, or social situations. You can laugh at almost anything that life throws at you and ultimately happiness is a state of mind which you should train yourself to control. Yes, some foods don’t taste good, your job may stress you out, you may be hopelessly unemployed, your relationships with people might be dismal, but you can still be happy that you are alive and there is almost always the possible optimistic hope that things can be improved.

Laughter is the best medicine.


An optimistic approach or a hearty laugh at unpleasant events or illness can go a long way towards wiring the brain into a healthier healing mode. This way depression or great unhappiness can sometimes be avoided. Sometimes fate is so bad that no amount of laughter will help, but that is reality.

Be careful what you find to be humorous.


Much humor has as its basis human weakness or imperfections that are laughed at.  You have to be careful laughing at human stupidity, lack of punctuality, addiction problems, weakness for certain foods, weight problems, lack of beauty, etc. because you can wind up offending someone who may have that human weakness or imperfection. Nobody likes it when you laugh at a personal problem or weakness that they may have.

Worrying frequently never changes anything.


This just states the fact that worrying about a problem will not change anything unless action is taken to try and solve the problem. Sometimes too much worrying or getting tired of worrying is the motivation that is needed to start to do something about the problem.

Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words can break our hearts.


Broken bones can heal but sometimes hurtful words such as “I hate you” and “I don’t love you” can leave lasting unhealed emotional wounds from which recovery is sometimes not possible.

Anger or hate can be a useful motivating force.


Any intense emotion can be a motivating force. Intense emotion is often a sign that you like something very much or that you hate something very much. If you hate something very much and are angry then you may actually decide to do something about the situation or maybe avoid future encounters with the object of the hate.

Laugh and the world laughs with you; cry and you cry alone.


Most smart humans shy away from misery and generally like to be in the company of happy people rather than miserable ones.

Calm is more conductive to creativity than is anxiety


This is just an acknowledgment that creativity, which depends primarily upon thinking, is hampered when emotions interfere with a necessary clear creative thinking process.


Categorizing fear is calming


If you think about, realize, and verbalize what the source of your fear is then there is a considerable calming effect because the fear does not seem so irrational and without a cause.

The best cure for a short temper is a long walk.


This is just one of the ways that a short temper can be overcome. Another way is to take time out for a few minutes, many minutes, or to quickly get involved in a totally different activity which will calm down the immediate anger to some extent.

Drama frequently obscures the real issues


Another way of saying this is that emotions can often obscure the vital facts in an issue. When emotions take over, reason often leaves through the back door.


Being happy is important but not always priority number one.


Humans who are starving will quickly challenge the dominant importance of being just happy in life which is impossible on an empty stomach. Having relatively many happy moments in your life is somewhat important but working at a difficult or boring job may be a more important temporary necessity in your life than happiness.

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Beaver dams, termite mega cities, weaver bird sky condominiums, gopher towns, mud dauber prisons, trapdoor spiders, and spider mega webs are some awesome examples of animal architectural achievements.

Read the fascinating details on this link.

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Many of us daydream of fame, wealth, beauty, genius and thirst for power which is an inborn urge many of us are born with. We naively believe that having one or all five is a guarantee of happiness in our lives.

Read the truth about what succeeding at these “desirable” goals really can mean in your life in this link.

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Many of us think that all that you have to do to become super successful is to change your bad habits and adopt some good constructive ones. The truth is that the odds of becoming super successful are stacked against you unless you are born “lucky” and have some of the following characteristics and circumstances.


You are born to rich smart parents

Money and a very good memory is a great help which doesn’t guarantee super success but it can make your journey to success much easier if you apply yourself properly and learn useful social and job skills. High IQ just means that you have a very good memory which you should be able to apply to the real world if you have smarts or practical brain processing ability. There are idiot savants with phenomenal memory who can’t use their great gift in society very well but this is an extreme exception to the rule that very good memory and talent rules.


Your parents are usefully educated

A definite asset is having smart parents who can be exceptional role models and it also means that they probably studied hard and had better than average memories.


You were born attractive

Attractive humans in general earn 3% to 4% more than not so attractive ones. An investment in plastic surgery may be a realistic option if you have some glaring unattractive features.


You are an only child

Statistics show that single offspring imitate adult parents more and are socially more mature sooner as a result. They also tend to stay in school longer and frequently have more self-esteem.


You are born in or move to the right country

You need to be born in or to travel to a country which offers entrepreneurial opportunity to the new generation based on effort and merit such as the US and China.


You are male and white

Feminists and ethnic groups may disagree with this fact and in the near future maybe gender and ethnic origin will not matter that much in the struggle for super success. Talent, merit, and effort may dominate the landscape of the super successful in the future without much gender or ethnic bias but we still have a long way to go to achieve those idealistic goals.


There are some exceptions to the rule but the super successful frequently are  very talented, have very good memories, are attractive, usefully educated, hardworking, and socially competent individuals. The talent, very good memory, and attractiveness you are born with and the useful education, hard work, and social competence is something which you must acquire in your life or you will not become super successful.

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Time will tell.

Sometimes we have problems in life, are expecting something good to happen soon, or would like to do something which is not financially possible at the moment.  It usually takes some time to resolve the problems, to have something good happen, or to save up enough money for the thing that you really want. As time progresses things can get worse or they can get better but very frequently you can’t do anything about your predicament right away.

Sometimes better late than never.


Showing up late for an appointment and doing a promise later than expected is usually better than not showing up for an appointment or not fulfilling a promise at all. However, showing up late for a job interview, an airline flight, or being late remembering an anniversary are the many exceptions to this partial truth.

At times inactivity is preferable to mindless functioning


Inactivity is preferable to mindlessly wasting time, energy, and money on purposeless or useless behavior which is mindless functioning. Inactivity probably means that you will be sitting or lying down so this is the perfect time to do some thinking and reflecting on your life and it is an opportunity to plan for a better lifestyle.

Haste makes waste.


Doing things too quickly increases the odds that you will make mistakes along the way and slow things down in the long run. Some people are exceptions, are talented, and can do things very fast and very well.

 The early bird catches the worm.


The one with a head start usually finishes first, gets the job done first, gets an interview first, and in general does something sooner than another. That person is frequently in an advantageous position to do the next important thing which may be reaching some other goal first.

What’s done is done.


This is just another way of saying that you can’t change the past.  However, you can learn from past mistakes by not making them again in the future, so reflecting on the past is not totally useless.

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Smiling laughing seal

Parrots, gorillas, dogs, sea lions, bees, and even mold can be considered to be quite intelligent.

The details appear in this article link to

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The grass is always greener in someone else’s yard.

This is largely true because no matter how well off you are you will always be able to find someone who is better off than you financially, is more prestigious, or has a better family life than you.  That person can then become the source of pessimistic envy or optimistic motivation to do even better in life.


Easy come, easy go.


This applies to people who get a lot of money very quickly and also wind up spending it almost as quickly. Perfect examples of this are many lotto winners who very quickly spend their riches in a thousand and one stupid ways and wind up where they started- almost broke. There are exceptions to this principle but there are few who, without experience in money management, wind up investing the money wisely.


Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


If you don’t invest your time, energy, and money in something, then you will probably not make much progress in your life and gain nothing of importance. Some people may get lucky and inherit money without venturing anything, but this happens to very few people.



Every achievement requires a sacrifice


This just states the fact that investing your time, energy, and money trying to achieve something means that other important things in your life will have to be ignored or sacrificed.

Time with family, friends, and hobbies are some of the things that may be sacrificed. An achievement may mean that you sacrifice a bad habit which may mean cruising bars too much. In this later case you are not really sacrificing or giving up anything that is truly useful.


It’s good to give extra money to charity


In an age of government welfare funded with your money, private charities are just not that necessary. You can still give money to worthwhile causes or charities such as medical research into an illness or give money to a children’s hospital.

When money speaks, the truth frequently keeps silent.


This basically means that money has no morals and can be used for good or bad, truthful or untruthful purposes. Deceitful humans can use money badly and truth suffers. Obviously, if money is used for good and truthful purposes then the truth does not keep silent.

Money doesn’t grow on trees.


This is almost always true unless you are in the lumber business.

Keep something in reserve for emergencies


Save something for a rainy day- says the same thing.


Save money and money will save you.


This is especially true for medical or financial emergencies, especially when your credit line is maxed out.  It makes good sense to put away some money for the proverbial rainy day or emergency days in your life. Save enough money and you can retire early. Unfortunately inflation reduces the value of saved money over time and most investments these days are a scam, especially the stock market.


Whatever you have spend less.


This is one of the major ways of successfully saving money. If you spend less of your money then you will have more left over to save, invest, or spend on something truly useful and necessary.

Politics is used for personal gain


Personal gain is definitely what special interest groups want, believe in, and try to get. Rare is the politician these days that wants political office primarily so that he can change society for the better.


Redistributing wealth is imperative


Redistributing wealth by stealing from those who have it and giving it to those that don’t is not a just way of spreading the wealth unless you are unemployed and also destitute and need someone’s money to survive physically.  As much as possible, the society should reward effort, merit, and achievement with good paying jobs in society that reflect a more just distribution of earned wealth.

Inheritance of old wealth should be promoted by polygamous marriages for the very wealthy so that inherited money will often go to more than one family member.          Politically redistributing wealth to special interest groups is also not a just way of spreading the money around since most of these special interest groups do not generally promote the welfare of all the people.

Some government money can be redistributed and it should go into free internet education in highly technological fields and their corresponding good paying jobs.  This way government can reward effort, merit, and achievement in an objective way. Liberal arts education is just too subjective an area with a lot of propaganda that isn’t helping society at large and this kind of education should only be in the hands of private institutions of learning.

CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS is an evergreen book which I have written that goes into great detail about how government money should flow into education for those on welfare and those still in school.


Much saved money can give you the freedom to do what you really want or to do nothing at all.


Enough saved money can set you free of having to work for a living for a while or even for the rest of your life.

With money you can buy a house, but not a home.


This basically means that a good relationship with your significant other or spouse and children is what makes for a homey atmosphere in the house that you own.  Just buying a house will not usually improve your relationship with those closest to you if the relationship is not very good in the first place.


With money you can buy a doctor, but not good health.


Good health comes from eating a healthy variety of minimally processed organic foods, sleeping well, not overstressing your mind and body, and getting a little exercise.  A doctor will usually cure or mask an illness with synthetic drugs which have even worse side effects but may not improve your health which really needs good living advice and practices.


With money you can buy a book, but not knowledge.


Just buying a lot of books and not reading them will not make you any smarter. Reading much fiction and wordy non-fiction books will just mostly waste most of your time, money, and effort and not give you much useful knowledge which can be applied in the real world.


With money you can buy a position, but not respect.


Politicians can often get elected by spending a lot of money on a campaign but if they are not morally sound people then they will not be respected by the people and may loose political office the next time around. There are exceptions where respect can develop after buying a position because the person may be very moral and really become good at the job.

I have written an evergreen book HOW TO SAVE MONEY which should be very useful if you would like to save some for luxuries that you can’t afford now or if you would like to invest some in a better education and job. Not many of us save money these days and it is a lost art which can really improve your life in a thousand and one ways.


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snake with frog prey

Snakes, spiders, foxes, dragonfly larvae, octopus squid, and humpback whales have some astounding abilities when it comes to catching prey.

Read the fascinating details in this article.

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With money you can buy sex, but not love.

This just means that money alone will not guarantee a good loving relationship with someone.  Money certainly helps as a good foundation but personality traits such as caring, honesty, and loyalty are just a few of the many things which must be present to make love bloom.  My evergreen book LOVEALL will explain in detail what love is and how you should behave and how not to behave if you want to create a loving relationship with someone.  Money can not buy love but it can help you to get love because many women and men are attracted to wealthy people and money attraction is a very important foundation of love.

 You can’t buy love.  

You can rarely buy love but you can buy the services of loving people to take care of your children or family when you are not there and you can buy the services of people who love their work and are good at it.  Having money is a big attractant to women and if you have some minor personality flaws or are not that attractive then you have a better chance of finding a woman or man who will eventually grow to love you.  

Love does wonders, but money makes marriages.  

Too little money is still one of the major reasons why most marriages end in divorce because children soon enter the picture and marriage becomes an expensive lifestyle.  Basically, if you are smart then you should avoid marrying unless you are making enough money to support a family. Money will not make a successful marriage if the people can’t get along emotionally with each other or have severe personality flaws that clash so marry someone for more than just the money which they make.  

Money is a means to an end.  

It usually takes some money or a lot of money to reach most of your goals in life.  

If you have money, men and women will think you are wise, handsome or beautiful, and a good social example.  

This just basically means that humans will kiss up to you if you have a lot of money thus hoping to get some of it too.  

Once the last tree is cut and the last river poisoned, you will find that you cannot eat your money.  

This just means that if money is not used to preserve biodiversity and the environment, no amount of money will buy back a healthy diverse environment once it is destroyed by greedy destructive human activity.  

You get what you pay for.  

This is almost always true unless you are sold a high priced but performance poor product or service.  Some services are overpriced and you don’t always get honest repairs, so overpaying for a service does not always mean that you are getting your money’s worth.


Money doesn’t buy happiness but can help happiness to thrive.  

This is mostly true. If you overspend money on too many goods and services and pile up huge credit card debt you will probably be unhappy. Many relationships break up because of too little money or poor money management so not having money can cause great unhappiness! Having enough money means that you can usually use it to pursue the things that really make you happy in life. Money is the best foundation for happiness to thrive.  

Lend your money and lose your friend.  

This is almost guaranteed if the friend never repays the loan even when times are good.  

Buyer beware.  

Government regulation in all fields of business has tried to set acceptable standards for commerce.  Nevertheless, it is still basically true that you should be wary of buying from strangers and especially unreliable sources or people.  

A fool and his money are soon parted.  

This is usually true for people that have never learned to manage or budget their money. They then wind up living from paycheck to paycheck or effectively spend all the money that they make. The result is that they don’t save or invest any money and have none left when they spend it. Emergency situations mean a stressful financial crisis or going deeper into debt which is frequently never paid off.  

A penny saved is a penny earned.  

A penny earned can be a penny saved if you don’t spend it on something first.  

The best things in life are not free.  

The social myth is that the best things in life are free which is not true. My best things in life are food and sex and I know of almost no one who is getting them both for free unless you are on welfare. Conversation is enjoyed by many people but you are still using your time and energy calories doing so, so it is not really free. To burn energy calories you need food and food is not free for most of us. It is best to rephrase this and say that the best things in life don’t have to cost much money.

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Tigers take revenge, rats show empathy, elephants mourn their dead, fruit flies like to drink away sexual rejection, and pigeons are superstitious.

The details appear in this article link to

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Answering objections the customer hasn’t asked

Informing a customer of previous customer objections and giving your answers to them makes you seem defensive and creates value uncertainty in a customer who may then choose not to buy and you will lose the sale. Don’t convey a defensive attitude.

 Leaving the next step to the customer

Sales letter and sales emails should never put the ball in the customer’s court and ask them to respond only if they are interested or want to learn more. The probability that you will get a response is minimal. You should be the one following up with further sales pitches designed to get an impulsive reaction from the customer to your communication which is made so that it is too enticing to resist.

Selling features or accessories rather than the results or usefulness of the product or service

With the possible exception of personal cars, customers are not interested in accessories or features especially if they don’t add greatly to the main utility or results which they are looking for. Sell a product or service based on the way that it will positively affect their lives or business and find out if there are any ways that your product is superior to competing products or services and stress that point more.

Don’t fake intimacy

Don’t display excessive flattery or affection which is a form of kissing up to the customer since you should be gaining their trust gradually. Saying “how are you doing today” will repulse a customer because he will feel that it is none of your business how good he or she feels or how well they are doing that day. Stick to a businesslike conversation and avoid probing for personal details or engaging in flattery or affection when you don’t know the customer’s personality at all.

Writing a sales proposal too soon

Writing a lengthy time consuming sales proposal is a waste of time and is very presumptuous and cocky if you first have not received a verbal agreement to buy from the customer.

Talking more than listening

Being a pushy aggressive salesman who talks too much is a repulsive personality which most customers will try to avoid. More important is listening to the customers concerns, asking questions about these concerns, and offering solutions to them with your product or service. Respond appropriately to what the customer does and says rather than focusing in on your sales pitch and continuing it whenever you can get a word in on the conversation. Soft sell to a customer considering their needs or wants first before you try to impose your need or desire to make a sale.

Don’t waste time on dead end customers

First probing whether a customer is sales material is important. Spend the first five minutes of the conversation asking questions to find out if the customer has a real need for your product or service and can afford to pay for your product or service. There is nothing so time wasting and disappointing than to find out after 15 minutes of random talking that the customer really does not need or want your product or service and doesn’t have the money to pay for it.

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Keep your promises


Gaining and then maintaining trust with a customer means not lying to them or offending them. Not meeting your promise punctually at the promised time is a form of lying which wastes your customer’s time, energy, and even money.

If you know that you can’t fulfill the commitment or promise that you make then don’t make it because one failure to deliver when promised means dropping the ball once and you will probably not be given a second chance and will be out of the game.


Treating one sale as the end of the process or relationship


Aim for long duration relationships rather than short duration income. Referrals or word of mouth advertising is much more efficient a way to further sell your product or service than winning new business all over again from scratch. Make arrangements and try to contact a customer after the sale also so the likelihood of them being a word of mouth salesman for you will increase in probability.


Don’t ask for referrals right away after the sale


Until a customer has used your product or service for a while they are really not in a knowledgeable position to recommend what you have to offer to a friend or an acquaintance. Give the customer time to use your product or service and then ask for referrals in writing or in person.



China has relocated about 200 million humans from farms to the big cities and has built infrastructure connecting the major population centers. Cheap labor, an abundance of natural resources, and population control with one child per family made China competitive with the west but it is finding out that robotization or smart labor and not cheap labor is what future economic progress is all about.

African nations may want to imitate the Chinese model but it will fail as long as there is not a United States of Africa which can move large numbers of humans to new massive cities along the coastal regions. Each African country is just not big enough and rich enough in resources to compete with Asian countries, China, and the West. Political dictatorships predominate in Africa and they have not been smart enough to use their centralized power to bring economic prosperity despite the potential cheap labor available.

The Chinese model only has some hope of improving the economic state of
Africa if the nations begin to merge politically into a larger and larger politically unified country. Another drawback to unification of Africa is that one language is not taught throughout all of Africa and the tribal biases are a great handicap to potential future unification. The final drawback is a lack of population control which is just swelling the ranks of the poor and unemployed.

It is impossible for Africa to imitate the Chinese because there is no continental political unity, there is no unifying language, no population control, and smart labor and not cheap labor is what will make future economies competitive in the world arena.

Most of Africa will remain overpopulated and economically poor on into the foreseeable future. If they do begin to prosper locally then biodiversity will be destroyed to the detriment of everyone in the world.

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images (1)

Sivertip grizzlies can smell you as far away as 18 miles and there are plenty of other outstanding animal senses which will awe you.

Here is a link to the article:

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There are some pretty amazing animal defenses which humans would consider gross or disgusting yet apparently they are effective since they are used in reality in the animal kingdom by some outrageous animals.

Here is a link to the article:

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  1. I believe that people are as happy as they want to be.
  2. I am persistent even in the face of disappointment.
  3. I constantly improve my knowledge and skills.
  4. I think BIG even when I’m dealing with the small-minded.
  5. I am truly committed to being of service to others.
  6. I am willing to leave my comfort zones.
  7. I am a consummate professional and behave accordingly.
  8. I accept change as a part of life, willingly and completely.
  9. I make decisions quickly and then take immediate action.
  10. I take full responsibility for my performance.

The original information was a link to which follows:


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Mentally wishing that certain desires and/or goals will be achieved is frequently not enough but must be followed up by actions made to increase the probability of achieving those wished for desires and/or goals.


Winning is achieving a goal(s) which others have also tried to achieve and failed.


Wisdom is the goal of gathering truths throughout a lifetime but it is also having a mental and intuitive feeling of what should and should not be changed at a given point in time.  Much wisdom is a knowledge, understanding, and communications about human nature.

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Faster charging batteries, an exoskeleton which makes you 17 times stronger, mind-control prosthetic limbs, and energy transfer wireless technology to charge batteries remotely are just 4 of the 15 ways that new technology will change the world.

Here is a link to the article which gives details.

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You probably didn’t know that cellulose or wood is added to or used as a non-nutritional filler in some foods for texture and it costs about 30% of the cost of real flour.

Burger meat is frequently treated with ammonia gas to kill germs.

100% orange juice, not from concentrate, is frequently kept bottled for as long as a year and has flavor packets added to flavor what is a rather tasteless orange juice product naturally.

Artificial blueberries are added to some yogurts and cereals.

Free range chickens are actually being grown in huge warehouses.

Some companies have bogus claims for health benefits such as heart, coronary, and cardiovascular health without any scientific backing. Foods claim to support immunity whatever that is supposed to mean and once again with no scientific proof.

Here is a link to where the original article appeared making these claims.


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The 8 myths are as follows and you may at first disagree or agree:


Great salespeople are fast talking pushy extroverts


Great salespeople have strong academic backgrounds


Great salespeople make great sales managers


You can transform a good salesperson into a great one


Great salespeople want to be promoted in the company


Great salespeople can sell anything to anyone and will be outstanding in any selling job


The internet eliminates the need for great salespeople


A great product or great engineering makes great salespeople unnecessary

There are some relatively rare exceptions to these rules or general principles because people are complex and not totally predictable in every circumstance. For example there may be the rare great salesperson who acquires a managerial education and goes on to become a great manager also.

There may be the relatively rare academician who also has developed people skills or is very good at communicating with people and can transform him or her self into a great salesperson.

There may be an internet ad or video which is so compelling and convincing that intervention by a great salesperson is not necessary and the product or service will sell itself without further human sales assistance.

Humans can have multiple skills and be good at more than one job or profession so absolute rules for them do not always apply.

The truth or general principles or rules about these 8 myths which have rare exceptions is written up in by Geoffrey James whose link follows:

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Camouflage and chemical sprays are classic ways that some animals outsmart predators but there are many more ingenious ways of doing so. Read about them in this great link on

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Mass marketing via TV, radio, mail, and newspapers is no longer cost effective and is being replaced by focused selling to smaller identified groups of customers with special needs and demands. 

The practical historical philosophy that one commercial or ad fits all customers is quickly biting the dust and being replaced by customized selling approaches to much smaller audiences.

Here is a link to an article in which describes the revolutionary changes occurring.

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Give them enough time and opportunity and humans will reveal their true personalities, especially bad habits and bad morals.

Smile and most humans will smile with you.

Be kind because others may be having a harder time than you.

Most people are selfish.

True very useful motivation is self-motivation.

Beware of free deals.

Never hire or rent out of pity.

Haste makes waste.

Be trustworthy and reliable and others will respect and admire you.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Missing one opportunity means that others will be coming by in the future.

What you do rather than what you say is more important to humans and offspring.

You are ultimately responsible for feeling happy or unhappy even when disaster or bad circumstances strike because happy optimism originates in your mind.

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Delegation means having an employee do part of the job which you are usually responsible for doing on your own.

Delegation can create trust between you and a deserving employee and he or she may feel that you are giving them a chance to improve their skills and give them some hope that maybe in the future they may be able to do your job in the organization or to do your job in another organization if they chose to leave at some point in the future.

If you yourself also hope to get a position of greater authority in an organization then you will be able to recommend the delegated employee for your position in the organization and gain a satisfied loyal employee and this may be very useful if you need his or her help at some point in the future.

Here is a link to the article in by Peter Economy which describes nicely the 5 most important things which you should consider when delegating authority.

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Here is a link to the article by Brett Arends at

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Studies have shown

that you move in predictable patterns,

that you can’t resist shiny things,

that shopping makes you high,

that you are not good with numbers, and

that you go for brands rather than cheaper generic equivalents.

For a detailed explanation of how you are tricked into buying things you don’t really need read this link.

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There are the basic introverts and extroverts,

the leadership types and the followers,

the creative types and the task orientated ones,

the ones interested in advancement in the organization and

the ones happy to be doing a useful job and not that ambitious,

and then there is the dissatisfied one who just wants to do enough work to keep the job and not get fired and go on to the next job in another organization.

There are many different combinations which you can get with these 5 basic categories of humans but some of the combinations are less probable such as an introverted follower who is task oriented and interested in advancement in the organization.

For example, you can have an extrovert, leadership type, creative, and interested in advancement in the organization. You can have an extrovert who is a follower, task oriented, and not interested in advancement in the organization.  You can have an introvert who is a follower, task oriented, and not interested in advancement in the organization. You can also have a deceptive extrovert, leadership type, who is task oriented, and interested in advancement in another organization where he sees more opportunity for advancement.

The extrovert may require more interaction with the boss and with other employees and may want more public recognition or recognition for his or her accomplishments in front of other employees than the introvert.

The leadership type may want to be mentored to some extent and that means that the boss will have to permit him more interaction with employees and will have to delegate occasional responsibility over one or more employees once he is knowledgeable in what their jobs and responsibilities are.

Creative types will want to operate more independently and may want some time to improve their skills on the job. They may want the boss to ask them for their opinion more frequently than other employees.

Those wanting to climb the organizational hierarchy should be given time to interact with and maybe even learn some of the job skills of the employees which he or she may be leading in the future. Educational opportunities outside the job may be offered such as a business management degree necessary for further advancement.

Nothing motivates any employee more than a confident, competent, optimistic, trustworthy boss who knows how to concisely communicate general and specific job goals in a timely fashion, competently monitors work progress, helps or guides the employees when help is necessary to complete the goals, and gives appropriate praise and rewards to each employee for jobs well done when the goals are achieved successfully.

When goals are not achieved in time or successfully then appropriate procedures are instituted so failure does not occur again and even demotion or firing is threatened if the failure rate becomes unacceptable.

If you are this kind of a motivating boss then you will be respected and admired and will be running the organization efficiently.


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A model poses during the annual World Bodypainting Festival in Poertschach

Cheery humans frequently die sooner as do most very tall men. There are 3 other advantages of being “unattractive”.

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A man is having an argument with his girlfriend while sitting on a couch

Most bad habits deal with bad emotional control, lying, trying to change the hard or impossible to change, and letting external humans or events adversely affect the relationship.


If your spouse does not take out the garbage, doesn’t like to cook, will not vacuum, and do household chores in general then it may be possible to gradually change this in the relationship eventually.

If your spouse is shy or not sociable, is a poor communicator, is not funny or humorous, is unreliable and doesn’t keep promises, is overly selfish, or is not interested in disciplining offspring then it will be almost impossible to change these basic personality types. If you do try to change your spouse’s personality then you will probably meet with failure and have to go through much nagging or complaining and fruitless arguments.


Nothing is worse than engaging in-laws who take sides in a marriage and almost always find fault in one spouse and not the other. Ganging up on a spouse with in-law backup will only heighten the anger over an issue and not resolve any problem. Borrowing money from in-laws and not being able to pay it back later is also a major source of added problems in a relationship. Let the in-laws give affection and gifts to offspring but don’t get them involved in relationship problems.


Nothing is more embarrassing than demonstrating bad communication in public by openly arguing or fighting in public. Extreme displays of affection in public are also embarrassing where modest affection is more acceptable.


When there is a clash of opinions it is very easy to get emotionally angry and get into an adversarial mode instead of a calm discussion which may lead to compromise or one side deciding to not push an opinion on the other any further. A calm discussion may bring out the reason for the underlying angry emotions and reveal the important details in a problem which is begging for a solution.

Too much angry and hateful exchanges reduces the feeling that you still love one another despite your disagreements on many minor relatively unimportant issues. If the arguing is over important issues then the probability of them being resolved in anger is minimal and you should seriously work on asking questions and finding answers in a calm and controlled manner which will increase the probability that you will solve the problem or problems.


Trying to calmly discuss important issues, especially financial matters, when feeling tired, stressed, or after an argument is not the right time to do so. Set aside a time, such as an hour before bedtime or a few hours after work, when you can discuss important issues in a calm and collected way without much external tension interfering with the communication.


If your partner was promiscuous before marriage and lied to you and was not dependable then it is your own fault for marrying him or her and feeling jealous. If on the other hand you have married a reliable, honest spouse and have developed a trustworthy relationship for over a year then there is no reason why you should be consumed with jealousy.

If you have a predictable relationship and suddenly he hangs up on a call and doesn’t answer, does not answer promptly who called,  suddenly there is a drop in how frequently he wants sex, or you have an impulsive feeling that he or she has changed in some unusual way then spying may be a solution to your impulsive doubts. If you have developed a mutual trusting relationship in your marriage and everything is going along smoothly then spying should not be necessary and it will only increase your doubts and keep you in a state of terminal jealousy.


Nothing destroys a marriage speedier than lying because it destroys a trusting relationship which is necessary for a strong bond in the marriage. Lying to yourself that honesty is not important will not make things better.

Little white lies like lying about liking a homemade meal or a dress which you don’t like may encourage you to lie about bigger things too. You may become unreliable in the promises which you make and start making stupid excuses instead. Anger, suspicion, jealousy, unsatisfaction, disappointment, and unnecessary stress all grow and can explode in an untrustworthy relationship and even end it.


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