There are basically two ways to save money. One way is to set aside some money each time that you get paid and put it into a savings account. The other not so obvious way is to cut back on your expenses such as driving less, eating more economically, cutting back on entertainment, and shopping only for necessities and not doing a lot of impulse buying. Many people also have bad habits that they are not aware of which waste energy, time, and money. This book goes into great detail to show you step by step how to save money whether you are making minimum wage or have a comfortable income but seem to be spending all of it without being able to save any of it!

You can then use the saved money to improve your life or to spend it on higher priced items that you never thought you could afford! “Money talks and bullshit walks” is a crude way of stating the fact that saving up cash can get you the things that you want in life much faster than you thought it was possible, even if your credit is bad or you have no credit.

Find the book on Kindle or Book Nook by searching under my name Uldis Sprogis.

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