If you believe that truths should rule over falsehoods in human interactions, in a better nation and a better world then this dynamic comprehensive book is for you.



If we all knew the truths and facts about everything we would all be able to make common sense opinions and statements about almost everything which crossed our path.  Unfortunately the world is filled with many  accepted mythsuntruths, deceptions, and lies which are old and new opinions and beliefs which make true common sense judgments about events and reality almost impossible or at least highly unlikely.

This book is full of important truths and facts about almost every important subject which people come across sooner or later.  It can help to bring back common sense in human affairs, especially where it needs to be applied the most– in new updated just laws and beliefs.  There are about 3000 vital topics relevant to today’s world and you can skip to the ones that interest you very easily because each topic has a book number associated with it so you don’t get lost during a sequential search on Kindle.

Fundamental to the book is the revolutionary logical definition of about 2000 common words which reveals their true meaning without the need for synonyms and multiple meanings. Most of the topics are true today and will be true a hundred or so years from now so they are EVERGREEN TRUTHS.

This book is an attempt to give any reader a heavy dose of common sense truth and challenge your comforting complacency.

Find the book on Kindle or Nook Book by searching under my name and purchase the over 2000 page awesome book for a bargain price of $3.50.

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