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internet pornography

In a nutshell pornography is dehumanizing and increases the probability that you will have unsatisfying sexual relationships in real life. Here are 7 detailed reasons why pornography is usually bad for you and your partner.


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Apology: n. regretfully communicating the acknowledgement of a mistake(s) and/or bad behavior(s)

Occasionally even the best of us makes a mistake or does something bad which affects another human and hurts their feelings or circumstance. If you are conscious of your mistake or bad behavior then you should apologize by saying that you are “sorry”, mention what you are sorry for, and sometimes follow it up by compensating the offended in some way for the inconvenience in their lives. If you are not sure about the compensation then ask them to suggest a compensation if you think there should be one but you personally don’t know what it can be.

Perfection is for robots and not humans and if you apologize appropriately then you will be respected, admired, and trusted even more by others because everyone in life does things which they should be sorry for and you will be forgiven by most humans if you apologize to them appropriately and assume responsibility for your bad actions.

If you were rude, severely critical, used profanity inappropriately, or name called someone saying that they were stupid, crazy, or worthless then saying “sorry” may be enough. If on the other hand you do something bad which winds up costing someone money then appropriate apologizing would be to pay them back the money lost in addition to a verbal apology.

If you borrow something from someone and break it then either repair it or buy a replacement along with an apology for the inconvenience caused them.

In married life you will frequently cause emotional distress about something and very frequently the best response is just to apologize and say “sorry honey”, ”sorry honey it is just my opinion”, or “sorry honey it won’t happen again” if it is truly a onetime mistake or bad behavior.

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leopards in tree

Most humans want to be good and believe that they are doing the best that they can with limited resources and should be respected for it.

Most humans want to feel important or needed. They frequently want to feel needed in a job, family, friendship, or relationship with a significant other.

Most humans prefer stories which organize seemingly random facts into tangible or understandable examples from which to learn about life or circumstances.

Most humans make impulsive decisions and then use facts to justify those decisions instead of letting the facts primarily determine their decision. Past experiences and impulses frequently override the need to include new facts and come up with new decisions to fit the new circumstances.

Most humans like to be listened to which makes them feel like contributing important members of society and will detest you if you try to censor or muzzle them.

Most humans desire good relationships with others and deep and lasting ones with a few humans. The exceptions are humans who have psychopathic personalities.

Most humans generally fear pain the most and try to avoid it before they venture off into uncharted territory in search of pleasure or happiness. Trying out a new food which humans frequently feel may taste bad prevents them from tasting many new good foods in the first place because of a fear of bad taste or being poisoned. A basic desire for painless security frequently overrides a desire to take on new risks with potentially good results and the consequence is inaction or doing nothing at all.

Most humans daydream about or dream of a goal(s) which they will probably never achieve.

Basic human nature doesn’t change much and enthusiastic liberal minded youth frequently become more cautious and conservative in their thinking and behavior with age.

Most human personalities don’t change much in adulthood and you are probably destined to live with most of the good and bad habits which you have acquired as offspring.

Most humans want a second chance. Humans are not perfect, make mistakes, and act immorally and most want to be forgiven and given a second and even a third chance at making up for their transgressions or errors.

Most humans want to be remembered after death for something which they have created or maybe just for their offspring. One of the great regrets which many old humans have is not having done or left behind anything noteworthy on the planet after their death.


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Laziness: n. using a minimum amount of energy on many actions causing delay and/or slowly doing a delegated action(s) which frequently requires more speed and more energy

There is basically physical and mental laziness and it is mostly society which promotes both forms of laziness culturally and if you are a victim then you are only partially to blame for it.

Physical laziness conserves body energy and is a very efficient way of surviving which the body frequently prefers. Only about 3% of the adult population exercises regularly unless you consider physical labor on the job exercise which will increase that percentage somewhat. The second reason for physical laziness is the sedentary culture which promotes the physical inactivity of its citizens.

There is a saying that a body at rest tends to stay at rest and a body in motion tends to stay in motion when not physically tired.

Young offspring are physically active but by the teenage years this physical dynamism has been reduced by cultural emphasis on physically passive schooling and computer, TV, and cell phone usage.

Not all humans are as physically coordinated as the best athletes and many are disappointed with school sports because it makes them feel inadequate physically so they choose not to participate in sports because sports are seldom emotionally rewarding for the average human.

Our minds are still active even though we are couch potatoes but physical activity has been conditioned out of us culturally.

Most of us enjoy watching physically active or dynamic human personalities and events which are not boring. Most of us do not prefer watching physically lazy humans if given a choice.

If you are physically lazy then you can blame yourself but a boring unfulfilling job which doesn’t pay much and living in a city may limit your choices of being physically active in a non-boring way.

Not having a good memory may make you poor at schoolwork or having too good a memory may make schoolwork very boring.

Not succeeding at difficult largely USELESS schoolwork may make your mind lazy and not want to do anything difficult mentally which will kill your motivation to learn new information which you could successfully use in your life. Poor education or lack of USEFUL education and brainwashing by the media and commercials is the major reason why most citizens are mentally lazy with little motivation to improve their many bad mental habits.

Little logical reasoning ability is taught because of a heavy dose of liberal arts keeps humans stupid and lazy mentally by making them learn largely USELESS information which they don’t use in life. They are not only trapped physically into inactivity but their USEFUL mental activity is also very minimal and lazy intellectually.

Garbage information into the brain means garbage information output by the brain and makes the brain mentally lazy because very little makes sense and can be applied to real world living experiences. One glaring example of this fact is that many high school graduates don’t know how to budget their money with a calculator and enter the adult world living paycheck to paycheck profligately spending every cent.


If you are lazy physically and mentally then blame it on your lazy parents and the largely illogical liberal arts educational system trying to make education fun and easy but NOT very USEFUL in everyday life as an adult.

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Optimism: n. a belief that a goal(s) will be achieved with a relatively large degree of probability and a general belief that good events will be more frequent than the bad events in living

Pessimism: n. a belief that a goal(s) will be achieved with a very low degree of probability and a general belief that bad events will be more frequent than the good events in living

Optimism is a belief that you can make realistic small and large goals in your life and achieve many of them and also a belief which is not always justified that the good events in life will be more frequent than the bad events in your life.

There are many humans who start out life very optimistically as young adults and due to much misfortune or too many setbacks in life become more pessimistic about being able to reach all the goals which they thought could be achieved by them.

Frequently the reason that humans become pessimistic is that their goals in life have been too unrealistic. To achieve those rare admired positions in society they just have not realized that it takes an above average human with a very good memory or exceptional physical skills to reach celebrity status or achieve a very complex profession such as a doctor or engineer.

A good useful education is frequently a prerequisite to a high status position in society and it frequently means attending a good school, working hard, having enough ability, and having the financial backing to pursue useful higher education.

Most students, especially those coming from poor neighborhoods, don’t get a good useful education and don’t have the financial resources or grades to get useful higher education in a relatively prestigious university.

Handicapped by useless education and a job poor economy for the liberal arts majors it becomes increasingly hard to maintain an optimistic attitude about life without a job or working at minimum wage in a boring job and it is one of the major reasons for depression in young adults starting off in life.


Society brainwashes almost everyone into thinking that if you just work hard at something with persistence then anyone can make it to the top. The truth is that you need considerable talent which means an outstanding memory and/or outstanding physical ability to make it to the top.

Most common humans must adapt to the reality that they will probably be working in a rather unsatisfying job and that their lofty goals will fail. To remain optimistic the common human must learn to be satisfied with the little achievements in life and must learn to live happily with them.

Failing to lower your goals means that you may try to escape your depressing unsatisfied existence with dysfunctional living and getting addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling, promiscuity, pornography, and other bad addictions which will screw up your boring life even more and make your life a pessimistic rat hole.

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Devotion: n. frequently showing loverelating commitment and frequently investing a relatively large amount of (time and/or money) and/or effort into samer commitment

Lovrelate: v. to sense much lovin and affection and liking for a subset(s) but not simultaneously

Commitment: n. attaching to a goal(s) for duration

Devotion means that you are not only committed to something but you also love or lovrelate that something and frequently invest much time, money, and effort into the commitment.

Devotion to a human(s) is the most frequent type but you can also be devoted to a cause such as a religion or a conservation organization.

Sometimes you can start off by being devoted to a marriage and latter it becomes merely a commitment without much love and the only reason that you stay married is because you promised the relationship would last a lifetime and you decide to keep that promise.

I am devoted to my marriage and the pursuit of truth which includes trying to logically define important words but other humans may merely be devoted to staying alive in this frequently unjust world.

If you are not devoted to anything important then find or pursue a passion or passions in your life and devote yourself to it or them and you may get much satisfaction doing so.


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Empathy: n. sharing a sensation(s) with concern and understanding for the bad and/or good circumstance(s) and/or event(s) with another and sometimes offering helpful advice and/or caring

Empathy is a learned skill which needs concern and an understanding of another’s emotional reaction to a bad and/or good circumstance and/or event.

Empathizing with a good circumstance(s) and/or event(s) is rather easy because it means sharing in the happiness or joy of the moment and words such as “great” and “I love that” may be all that is needed to show that you too are happy that something good happened to a fellow human.

You frequently need to detect disappointment, fear, sorrow, shame, revulsion, mental pain, and many more bad emotions which a human may have based on words spoken, facial expressions, and a history of similar reactions under similar bad circumstances and/or events.

“Putting yourself in another’s shoes” is a way of vaguely describing what empathy means.

Once you accurately identify the emotion and circumstances of another human which may require a few questions with answers, you can then proceed to calm and reassure the human or join in the celebration to show that you know how they feel and that you would have a similar emotional reaction to the circumstance(s) and/or event(s).

“I feel your pain” is another way of vaguely describing what empathy sometimes means for a bad circumstance(s) and/or event(s).

Sometimes showing empathy or giving emotional support is enough and it is all that is needed but sometimes a suggestion as to what to do differently the next time to avoid the emotional turmoil in the first place can be helpful advice.



Empathy basically means detecting and sharing good and/or bad emotions and sometimes offering helpful suggestions which will avoid bad emotions in the future or which will create more good emotions in the future. Not only helpful advice can be given but actual physical caring behavior can coexist with the emotional empathy.

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Humans have their ups and downs in life but here are some signs that you are probably a relatively happy human and will probably stay that way.


You share your happiness

You compliment humans appropriately and are generally kind to them thus trying to spread your happiness to others too who will probably reciprocate with similar happy compliments and acts of kindness thus increasing your happiness in the future also.


You don’t worry about the little problems or mistakes in your life

You focus your attention on the good things in your life most of the time and don’t let minor annoyances ruin your generally optimistic good mood. You don’t get overly upset when humans don’t text you back, you get stuck in traffic, you spill coffee, you miss your favorite show, you don’t feed the pet, or you don’t put out the garbage on time.


You are grateful for and get satisfaction from the little things in life

You enjoy spending time with family, friends, your favorite show or music, and enjoy exercising occasionally. If you are a loner then you have interesting things to occupy your time which gives you satisfaction.


You revel in other human’s successes

You enjoy hearing about other human’s successes and frequently join them in their happiness which adds to the total moments of happiness which you can experience in life. You are happy about your own achievements but also happy about the achievements of others who may be important in your life.


You get satisfaction from doing things in the present

It turns out that a human is happier engrossed in doing something than thinking about or daydreaming about doing something in the future. When your mind wanders then you are not as happy as when you are doing something in the moment.


You have good relationships with humans or a good relationship with yourself

Good trusting relationships with humans can increase your happy experiences but even loners can be happy with themselves if they occupy their time doing things which make them happy when they are alone.


You know how to handle your stress

You know how to take breaks, meditate, exercise, or spend some time talking to friends to reduce stress during peak stress periods.


You try to maintain an optimistic outlook even in the face of failure or pessimistic outcomes

You are determined not to let temporary failure, mistakes, or other bad events permanently ruin your generally optimistic outlook. You generally have a can do attitude.


You prefer associating with happy humans

Happiness is contagious and if you are happy and show it then other humans who are either happy or want to be happy will gravitate to you.


You set short duration and long duration goals and achieve them

You are a goal setter and achiever which increases your sense of self-worth and makes you a happier human.


You sleep better

There have been studies which show that happy humans get better sleep so if you are not having any problems with sleep which is either not sleeping enough or sleeping too much then you are probably relatively happy in life.



Happiness is contagious so if you try to associate with humans who are happy themselves then you will increase your chances of remaining happy. A happy optimistic attitude is ultimately your responsibility if you want it. Apply happiness tips to your life.

If you are a loner it will be harder to be happy but you can still be happy by doing satisfying things in life which do not necessarily include other humans. If you work towards and get a good paying job then you will be able to afford good healthy food and some material luxuries which are a good foundation for future family relationships if you want them.

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In the western world with so many divorces, promiscuity, and single humans many married women and some men fear adultery or unfaithfulness and feel insecure in their relationships.

Adultery causes fear of abandonment, anger, hate, jealousy, and much unhappiness for the victim and offspring if there are any. 

In a sexually permissive society where many no longer consider adultery to be immoral you are fighting an uphill battle to find and then maintain a happy lasting marital relationship.


Finding that gem of a human who has a good job, has not been historically promiscuous, is not the victim of two or more divorces, and believes that marriage should be a lifelong commitment is becoming a rather scarce commodity.


Finding that trustworthy reliable human who keeps their promises and doesn’t lie to you is becoming a rarity and if you find such a person then go for it with all of your charms and skills, become a faithful friend, and hope for or make a marriage proposal.


If you are single, with a poor job, not so attractive, and with bad communication skills then maybe you should consider staying single because the chances that a marriage will last is close to zero. Poor financial management or poor income and adultery are the two leading causes of divorce.


Seriously assess your situation because your best course of action may be to just stay single, carefree, worry free, and not get married in the first place but live a happy single life!!!!!!

Adultery:  n. stealing marital sexual fidelity


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Psychotropic drugs do not cure chemical imbalances in the brain but create their own artificial chemical imbalances with bad side effects and in fact become addictive drugs from which withdrawal causes more new bad reactions.


There are 9 more psychiatric myths debunked by this blog.


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Nature is the standard of efficiency. It communicates efficiently and uses natural resources efficiently with no pollution while selecting the healthiest, smartest, and efficient to reproduce future generations.


Humans on the other hand have historically been inefficient communicators and have been rather unsuccessful is allocating the most resources to the healthiest, smartest, and efficient humans and having them reproduce in greater numbers for the benefit of future generations.


Technology is fast changing inefficiency in society but there are places where short term efficiency alone should not be the standard for production. We all need healthy biodiverse food to be healthy and efficient agribusiness factory techniques which emphasize quantity and not quality production are not producing the healthiest food possible to the detriment of future human health. Efficient manufacturing of products is also not as important as maintaining efficient minimal pollution levels which threaten the health of future generations of humans and wildlife if the pollution levels are too high.


We do not need polluting efficiency in the short duration but sustainable efficiency in the long duration which means quality certified biodiverse organic food and minimum pollution factories like the BMW plant in Chattanooga Tennessee.


Our outdated educational system is still mostly teaching liberal arts which is a job poor field. Gross inefficiency exists in traditional class settings of 20 or more students per teacher. The system is very inefficient and does not utilize each student’s abilities to their fullest.


Teaching moral behavior in a class setting is important in elementary school where students should be encouraged to interact with each other in a civilized way. However, once you are thirteen years old with a moral foundation each student should be able to advance at their own pace and graduate to the next level of expertise based on achievement level and not grade or age level.


Yes, same age students can be in a classroom but each one would be at his or her highest level of achievement in a subject. The result is that many hard working talented students would be graduating high school much before the age of 18 and have full voting rights before the age of 18. My evergreen truth book EDUCATION REFORM has the details of how teaching can be revolutionized to teach for the technological 21st century.


It has been scientifically shown that students retain only about 10% of what they read after about 2 weeks but retain as much as 70% if they interact with the material by speaking also. This fact alone means that interactive audio visual computer instruction is the most efficient way to teach students in most subjects and classrooms will have to have headphones and microphones so that the students can interact with the subject material fully and learn at the fastest pace possible. Yes, there will be lab time during which students can interact with physical objects also to further advance their knowledge of reality by tactile stimulation because motor memory is very important in connecting students with the real world as much as is needed.


Most literature, history, and philosophy is an excursion into useless mythological verbose information which will not be used again in life and should not be boring sources of vague information to be memorized for students in the 21st century. You should not be killing time in school but should be efficiently learning useful skills for a good job in society.


We need quality education for everyone and not mediocre quantity education for the common human in society!!!!!! WHAT you teach is far more important than HOW MUCH you teach. HOW MUCH useless information we have been and are teaching students is a crime which can no longer be justified and should not continue on into the future.


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Selfish: adj. a behavior(s) which tries to optimize a personal goal(s) with little or no consideration of another lifeform(s)’s needs

The truth is that we all want a piece of the pie of life for ourselves. We are all selfish and the only difference is that at one extreme humans want to get all that they can without regard for other human needs and at the other extreme are the fanatical altruists who sacrifice their lives for others without paying much attention to their own personal development which should make them desirable productive contributing humans on the face of this precious earth.


Human civilization would collapse if all humans were totally selfish and couldn’t interact peacefully with each other or if all were just fanatical altruists and distributed information, products, and services but did not produce any of that information, products and services themselves.


If you can live a relatively isolated hermit like life and not hurt anyone physically or mentally then you are a just moral human being.


If you are a very giving human and want to help others by volunteering some of your time and effort but still maintain a rather productive independent life of your own which may include a family then that is also entirely acceptable behavior.


If you are in a business promoting information, a product, or service which helps humans then that is probably also worthwhile.


If you are a member of a charitable organization and using it to enrich yourself and staff members taking about 9 dollars for every dollar distributed to the charitable cause then you are a fraudulent inefficient immoral charity organization and should not exist at all.


If your business selfishly deceives humans into buying your product or service and it is almost worthless, unhealthy, or makes human’s lives worse off then you are in an immoral business and should radically change or should not exist at all.


If you are selfishly trying to make big bucks selling overly processed food with artificial additives, growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, and using GMO plants which make poisons which kill insects or have resistance to artificial herbicides then you are creating unhealthy food and also creating unhealthy humans or stealing human’s health and that is not a moral action.


If you are selfishly making big bucks in the stock market by manipulating stock prices with volatile fluctuations with your billions of dollars with the aid of fast computers then you are stealing money from other investors and it is a highly immoral action.


If you are bribing politicians with big money or lobbying to get special interest legislation passed to benefit your company or organization and stifle business competition then you are creating an unjust advantage for yourself over others and that is a very selfish and immoral action to be doing.


The list of selfish things which humans do for money, prestige, and power are endless and the question to always ask is-Are you doing something good or moral to another human or humans or is it a purely one way street where you or your organization benefit and most others are hurt or handicapped in the process.


Finally, if you or your organization lies to, steals from, or deceives humans and bribes those in authority for greater advantage then you or your organization are overly selfish and immoral and should never be respected or admired by anyone being victimized by your immorality.

 The most hideous selfish human immorality is stealing real estate from wilderness plants and animals and destroying biodiversity. It is the only safety net which humans will have in the future when they pollute the domestic food supply with unhealthy plants and animals which unhealthy humans will be forced to eat to their detriment. Healthy wilderness plants and animals with their healthy biodiversity will save current and future human civilization from a stupid emphasis on volume monoculture which is destroying healthy food in the long duration.

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We get angry when someone steals from us, when someone lies to us, when someone does not fulfill a promise, when someone deceives us, when someone unjustly criticizes us, when someone challenges our strong beliefs and/or opinions, and we get angry at ourselves when we make stupid mistakes.

 Anger is fundamentally verbal fighting between adults without much reason or logical dialogue so it should not be tolerated by civilized communicators.

When someone is immoral or steals, lies, deceives, and commits adultery we are justified in being angry but we should try to control our anger as much as possible if someone criticizes us for our behavior or challenges our strong beliefs and/or opinions.


Humans behave differently and have different opinions on subjects and confronting them strongly with your opinions and what you consider proper behavior will frequently result in angry conflict which should be avoided unless their opinions and behavior will greatly impact your own lifestyle.


Learn the art of civilized discussion as soon as possible and leave behind the world of angry confrontations which will make your life a fighting hell with very little problem solving and mutual agreement going on.


Do more listening than talking and ask questions to probe why a human behaved in the way that they did which angered you. They may communicate a reason to you which is valid from their point of view and you may find that your initial desire to get angry was not fully justified.


If you are anger prone or have a short fuse then try to calm down by not saying anything at all until you can communicate in a normal tone of voice.

If you get angry over rather trivial and unimportant things in your life then you may have to take a course in anger management but for normal humans you should reserve your angry outbursts to important priorities in your life which can be changed for the better.


Don’t get angry at things you can’t change. You will not be able to change politics, religion, economics, strong beliefs, and sports. Getting angry over these topics is a complete waste of time. Arguing over taste in fashion, possessions, and food is also a waste of time and you will be very unsatisfied after you argue about them because there will be no winners.


Before trying to change others improve yourself and start controlling your anger without an overt display of anger. In a calm and collected fashion start to constructively approach problems or things which you know that you can change in yourself and others.


Yes, many things in life, especially many of the behaviors of your spouse or significant other are largely unchangeable without draconian measures and when you realize what those unchangeable things are then you should stop being angry at them and adjust or adapt accordingly.


Reserve your angry tone of voice for your offspring when they misbehave or do something immoral or very bad but be judicious in your use of an angry dictatorial tone of voice when communicating with adults in your life. There should be no winners and losers in a conversation but mutual winners which is possible if you don’t try to verbally force yourself on others through angry confrontations.


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Fear: v. to sense very intense bad sensations which are caused by (very little security and/or a threat by a large imminent danger) and/or caused when in much potentially deadly pain

One of the most basic emotions is fear of something whether it is a fear of death, fear of humans, animals, plants, objects, or fear of dangerous events or experiences. Name almost anything in this world and you will probably find someone with a phobia for it or an extreme fear of it.


Some humans worry too much because they are so afraid that something bad will happen. To minimize worrying in your life try to worry about the truly important things in your life which can go wrong and don’t spend too much time worrying about the little things which may affect your life in a bad way.


If you probe what motivates humans then you will frequently find that the reason that they are behaving a certain way or not behaving a certain way is because of an overt or subconscious fear of something.


Humans fear death, fear the pain of physical injury, and fear mental embarrassment when our ego is challenged or assaulted. Not only do we fear bullies and dangerous plants and animals but we fear social embarrassment and making mistakes in public or on dates which sometimes gives us much mental stress or a fear of communicating freely.


Humans are afraid of trying new foods because of an inborn fear of being poisoned so there are relatively few humans who are adventurous in their choices of new foods to eat.


Humans are afraid of losing their jobs, some are afraid of losing their spouses, and some are afraid of losing their houses or cars if they are not insured.


Many humans are afraid of disease or sickness and take out medical insurance to calm those fears. Some try to supplement their diet with miracle supplements or foods which theoretically will prevent cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and other illnesses which they fear.


Humans are afraid of crime and natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Businesses and government fear crime and surveillance cameras are everywhere.


Some religious humans fear eternal punishment after death if they behave immorally and humans frequently fear others who do not have the same beliefs or opinions about the world.


Many humans traumatized by other humans too frequently and a series of important failures in life sometimes withdraw from new experiences and choose to live in their dysfunctional lifestyles filled with bad habits and an absence of optimism which sometimes results in depression.

In general many humans are afraid to try something new because of a fear of failure which is frequently blamed on being lazy instead.


Finally, many humans set unrealistic goals for themselves and fail because of it and this creates fears of trying something new and feelings of inadequacy.


The solution is to make new realistic goals which you can achieve and this will help you to gradually move out of your shell like existence in life which fears change and infrequently ventures forth to live life to the fullest.



Leading a successful life frequently means moving forward with optimism and determination and leaving behind the many FEARS of failure which haunt many humans and are impediments to human progress and happiness.


What things do I subconsciously fear? If you successfully answer this question yourself or with the help of someone then you may be able to overcome the subconscious fears and liberate yourself to live life more fully.


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Theoretically having one vote for the poor human and one vote for the rich human implies equal political power for the rich or poor. Realistically the wealthy contribute more money to political campaigns and get special interest legislation which makes them even richer at the expense of the working tax paying citizens.

The result is that about 47% of the citizens of the United States get some form of welfare assistance and pay no taxes at all on income. The rich are distributing the wealth of the middle class to themselves and the poor who are both bankrupting the system.

Majority rule in elections means that when the percentage of the poor is greater than 50% they can effectively make the working tax paying middle class their SLAVES asking for a more and more luxurious lifestyle on welfare.

I am no particular admirer of the middle classes profligate consumer spending lifestyle but without their tax contribution to the economy, the economy would cease to function or we would become a third world country with a tiny middle class and many poor humans.

One way to give back more political power to the tax paying middle class would be to give them all 10 votes each but this is a very indirect and ineffective way to give them more national power. The real problem is the unjust progressive taxing system with all kinds of special interest tax deductions which keep armies of tax accountants busy using loopholes to avoid taxes.

My future blog will deal with a just taxing system where each working citizen will be contributing in a just way without any tax loopholes for special interests.


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Trust: v. to have confidence that one will rarely be disappointed and/or victimized and/or defrauded and/or deceived and/or lied to by another

Trust is the human bond which makes relatively peaceful human interaction possible.  Without trust human relationships would degenerate into chaos which would soon be replaced by the threat of force and the use of force to restore some semblance of order in society.

A measure of the health of a human society is a measure of the trust which exists between citizens and between the citizens and their leaders. The breakup of families and an abundance of bad relationships between humans is a testimony to the fact that trust is breaking down in society to no one’s benefit except the monied and powerful in society.

The way that you get and maintain trust in society is to get the society to impulsively follow a just moral code which almost everyone believes in.  No secular moral code is being taught to impressionable young minds and the result is an increasingly immoral society where lies, deceptions, stealing, and adultery are beginning to reach epidemic proportions.

Psychological situation ethics is just not a workable replacement for morality and is making the situation worse and worse with more and more dysfunctional lifestyles being permitted and condoned by psychologists and psychiatrists to no one’s benefit.

When honesty, sincerity, and reliability or the fulfillment of promises are no longer promoted by society dishonesty, insincerity, and undependability or breaking of promises flourish and begin to create a very unhappy unsatisfied society.

In a corrupting society at least try to retain a personal oasis of trustworthiness and reliability with your offspring, spouse, and closest friends by not lying to them and fulfilling your promises, not stealing from them, and not being unfaithful to them for your own and their peace of mind. If the humans which you come into contact with are not trustworthy and dependable then try to end the relationship as soon as possible because all they will become is a source of turmoil and unhappiness in your life.

If you want humans to trust you then here are some things which you should be doing and Depak Chopra’s list is what I used as a guide:

Your actions are consistent or you don’t do one thing in one situation and another thing in the same situation latter on.

Your words match your deeds or you do what you say that you are going to do.

You make promises that you can keep or you fulfill promises to the best of your ability.

You take responsibility for your decisions or if you make a mistake then you own up to it and maybe even apologize.

You don’t backstab or undercut those around you or you don’t try to cleverly manipulate humans and take credit for their good actions and don’t spread harmful rumors about humans for personal gain.

You don’t focus on yourself or don’t spend time bragging about yourself or your accomplishments or walking around with a haughty “I am better than you” attitude.

You monitor the success and welfare of your cohorts or notice how well humans who are important in your life are doing and guide or motivate them on to even greater success or wellbeing.

You tell the truth in an honest sincere way avoiding harsh criticism, put downs, ridicule, and name calling.

Finally, it is better to live alone than to associate with untrustworthy undependable humans.

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common_sense (1)



1. “Where do I come from?” (Origin) We are all matter, energy, dark matter, dark energy, and dark gravity material and are here by some chance and some intelligent design and cosmological or universal forces or sources.

2. “Where am I going?” (Destiny) Your destiny is to be reunited with the universe and you will know where you have been at the end of life if you are given the luxury of contemplating your life at the end of it.

3. “What am I on earth for?” (Meaning/purpose) You are here to survive as best as you can and to try to ensure that other just moral humans and wildlife also survive on into the foreseeable future.

4. “How do I know right from wrong?” (Morality) You must come to realize that morality must be updated with changing world realities and the new worldwide moral code which should be taught all impressionable young minds is-except in emergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

5. “What happens when I fail?” (Judgment/Redemption) Future generations will pay or suffer for your contribution to the immorality of human civilization.

Obviously I would want to be reunited with the things I loved on earth in an afterlife if it exists in some form. There is no guarantee of an exciting and peaceful existence in some form after death but just a hopeful human wish which most humans have.

The bad immoral humans may also be reunited with some experiences in an afterlife and I can only hope that they will be worse than mine. If they have a better existence then me then I will be very disappointed if given the power to judge them after death. Is there justice after death if not during life? No scientifically grounded human knows anymore unless you are a convinced “believer” that there will be justice after death!!!!!!


All five questions either have no answer at all or partial answers which is the best that our limited brains can offer. I personally am grateful for being alive and having the time and luxury of trying to make the world a better place in which to live and am grateful that I have a government where I can express my thoughts and share them with limited censorship. Yes, with more money my thoughts, knowledge, and morality would have more impact on humanity but I was just not that fortunate in the money department.

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Loyalty: n. intense attraction to a goal(s) which is frequently a human(s) and/or organization(s) which is frequently devotion with love but sometimes devotion without love


You can be loyal and devoted to offspring, spouse, friend, boss, political party, religion, country, and a cause such as the conservation of wildlife. Your loyalty will be tested when the human or organization does something immoral which may turn your love into dissatisfaction and even hatred for that human or organization. 

Some become so dependent on a relationship that one case of adultery may not damage it permanently or one unfavorable decision by your boss may not cause you to quit because you are so dependent on the job. You may still remain loyal to a bad spouse or bad boss but not love them for being humans no longer worthy of admiration and respect.

Loyalty, devotion, and love make for a powerful motivating force in life but it can get very uncomfortable and dissatisfying when love is lost and you are forced by circumstances to remain loyal and devoted without loving the human or organization because of immoral actions.

Loyalty to a profession causes doctors, lawyers, and other professionals to ignore malpractice by their peers to the detriment of their organization. Loyalty to a spouse may continue despite adultery because of a fear of losing social status and cause one to live in fear of abandonment and jealous misery.

Loyalty is an admirable trait only if it is given to deserving moral humans and organizations. Tyrants also have loyal followers but that does not make the followers just or desirable humans in society. Many criminals are loyal to their criminal organizations but that does not make their loyalty desirable for society.


Loyalty is neither good nor bad but depends on whom or what you are loyal to. If you find immorality in someone or something then try not to be loyal to them if you want peace of mind and lifelong satisfaction.

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Perseverance: n. extreme persistence in trying to achieve a goal(s) and pursuing it much beyond the point where close to 100% of people would stop. Perseverance may be called an addiction to a goal(s) which has a very low probability of being achieved.  The perseverance limit is a lifetime.

Lifelong dedication to something is perseverance and there are plenty of inspiring examples of very talented humans with unsuccessful beginnings who made it big eventually and even became famous. Thomas Edison, Milton Hershey, Steve Jobs, J. K. Rowling, and Simon Cowell are just a few of the truly outstanding examples of great entrepreneurial success which demanded much perseverance.

The common human must be satisfied with lesser achievements through perseverance such as a lifelong monogamous marriage, lifelong friendship, lifelong dedication to a religion or cause such as wildlife conservation, a lifelong dedication to a career such as being a writer, lawyer, or doctor, and a lifelong dedication to eating healthy and exercising in moderation.

A lifelong dedication to family, friends, job, cause, or healthy living is what the common human is capable of and if these goals do not inspire you then you will probably be leading a rather empty lonely life.

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Efficiency basically means that you know how to save or spend the least amount of time, energy, and money on a job. Here are 8 ways to be more efficient on the job.


Focus your attention on one task at a time. It is stupid to have a serious important conversation on the phone and also try to answer an important email at the same time. Yes, at home you can multitask by talking on the phone and cooking or doing household chores at the same time but that is not serious important work being done.


Micro managing is inefficient time spent trying to guide the progress of someone’s work. They usually should be competent enough to manage the job on their own with minimal supervision. If a worker is not fully competent to work on their own then you can delegate some authority to another worker who has the responsibility of supervising that worker.


Verbose and hard to understand communication with the wrong emotional attitude is inefficient bad communication. Keep your communications as short and to the point as possible yet try not to offend anyone at the same time.


Even scheduling your tasks and time has to be a little flexible so that you can deal with unexpected problems and emergencies when they arise. Also try to schedule some free time into your schedule for unexpected delays which need your immediate attention.


An orderly desk or everything in its proper place is a good habit to have and continue with and it will save you much time by not having to look for misplaced objects.


Decide what is important to do first, second, and third when scheduling your time so you get the important things done first.


Not only is it important to get plenty of sleep at home but there should be time set aside on the job when you can rest, exercise and/or meditate and/or think about nothing of importance or frequently think about how the job is progressing and make adjustments accordingly.


It is important to spend some time researching or planning a project and just as important is the ability to replan the project if it is not going as expected and needs some minor and/or major changes.


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Respect: v. to sense and frequently communicate that a human has (much value and/or moral goodness) and/or (much skill(s) in a (profession and/or activity)) and/or is experienced

Basically we respect moral humans who don’t lie to us or deceive us, don’t steal from us, and don’t commit adultery.

A car mechanic may be an expert in his or her field but if they are not moral and cheat us on repairs then we will not respect them and go elsewhere for car repairs.

We may also idolize wealthy and powerful humans who may not be that moral but have a profound influence in our lives.

We may not approve of or respect the Chinese political system but we are impressed by their economic power and are forced to deal with it. This realization is not true respect for the entire country but a respect for their ability to succeed economically in the world even though they are major counterfeiters of brand named products and steal patents and intellectual property with abandon.

We don’t truly respect them but rather fear their economic system and its power to put established companies and workers out of business.

The United States is also no longer being as respected worldwide because they have lost their moral rudder and with it respect. American international companies bribe national governments to get favorable treatment and American international banks are stealing taxpayer’s money and creating huge deficits which will probably never be paid off by future generations.

Big business through special interest legislation is killing off the potential success of small new businesses and decimating the middle class. The middle class is also being killed off by the technological revolution which is robotizing, using the internet, standardizing parts, and effectively killing many jobs with superior computer software.

The American economy and government is also morally unjust and is not as respected as it once was.

The American secular class has also lost its respect and moral rudder to guide it and the result is failed marriages, poor social relationships, and a hedonistic approach to life. Too many Americans are lying, deceiving, and committing adultery. Family life and many human relationships are disintegrating.

With an emphasis on making money for money’s sake without a moral rudder, mental and physical health is deteriorating because of unhealthy lifestyles, unhealthy food, and the over use of artificial drugs by the medical and psychiatric professions.

Unhealthy, immoral citizens, and unjust political laws are bankrupting the medical and social welfare system and adding to the national debt.

Morality and respect begins by teaching young impressionable minds what is moral behavior and it eventually is reflected in the kind of human leadership that we get in powerful organizations. Without this impulsive morality practiced by most citizens the result is chaos and eventual tyranny or dictatorship which governs by the threat of force and the use of force and not rule by the voluntary trusting cooperation of its citizens.

The new secular worldwide MORAL CODE which should be practiced to bring back true respect in the world is-except in emergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder!!!!!!

One way to be respected is to be good at your profession or job. Many doctors, lawyers, and car mechanics are good at their professions and are respected for their expertise.

If you can trust someone and they are dependable then chances are you can also respect them because lying or being unreliable can frequently ruin trust and with it respect.

If someone is immoral or lies, steals, or is adulterous then they will lose respect.

If you are deceitful which is hidden lying then you will also lose respect once your deceit is uncovered or revealed.

If you break or don’t fulfill many promises then you will not be respected because it is a form of lying and being unreliable.

If you are not sincere or nice but hurt human feelings too frequently by being rude, inconsiderate, using ridicule, quarrelsome, and cruel then you will definitely lose some respect.

If you are unjustly critical, a backstabber, spiteful, a name caller, don’t give credit where credit is due, greedy, very lazy, a racist, promiscuous, boastful, vain, or have other severe personality flaws which humans don’t like then respect for you will decrease though maybe not always to zero.

If you are a tyrannical boss then you will be feared but not respected by most humans.


If you are honest, sincere, and dependable without severe personality flaws then you will be respected and even admired by most humans. In many cases respect is not automatic but it must be earned with a history of respectful behavior.


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Header1 Nice: adj. good and/or right behavior(s) towards a human(s) and/or an animal and this behavior(s) is frequently done politely and/or respectfully and/or caringly and/or kindly and/or friendily and/or courteously and/or modestly and/or with just praise

There is an old saying that you can get more with honey than with vinegar and that is just a way of saying that being nice has better payoffs in human relationships than being mean, nasty, and inconsiderate.

Being nice is actually a social skill which must be learned. You must have a good personal knowledge of good social etiquette and what it means to be polite, respectful, caring, kind, friendly, courteous, modest, and giving just praise.

A braggart or one who thinks too highly of oneself and advertises it is not MODEST and will not be admired or respected by other humans whom he is putting down without realizing it. Those in positions of leadership do not boast about themselves in public and the nicer they are by being modest or low keyed and not grandiose in public the more respected and admired they are by the public.

No matter how prestigious you may feel, if you RESPECT others by carefully listening to what they say without rude interruptions and nicely answer back and never personally assault them with harsh criticism or name calling using words such as stupid, crazy, and piece of shit then they will respect you back. Yes, there are times when supervisors of hard professions may have to use profanities to get their point across to workers who understand those words and are more affected by them because they use that kind of language among themselves but respect can frequently be earned by supervisors through personal actions such as doing some of the dirty work themselves once in a while to help out.

Expressing KINDNESS is more important in family life than on the job but even there if your workers feel that you care about them or nurture and protect them in times of emotional or physical need and give help when it is needed then they will respect you more as a boss. If you have a don’t care attitude and just want results without offering help when it is needed or giving another chance when it is justified then you are not being kind and considerate and your workers will not think highly of you as a good human but think instead that you are a tyrannical boss. Kindness is caring about your fellow humans even when help or kind words of reassurance are not directly requested in time of need.

Being POLITE and COURTEOUS is frequently expressed with the words “sorry” which is an apology if you have made a mistake or behaved badly and “thank you” which is a reward for doing something right or performing a favor. If you are being rude and disrespectful then you are not being polite and courteous.

Giving JUST PRAISE is also part of being nice because everyone enjoys being acknowledged for looking good and/or doing something well and/or doing something good. Just praise is not flattery and over blown praise designed to unjustly boost one’s ego or feeling of self-worth but frequently an honest deserved compliment instead of very intense praise which should be reserved for something truly great.

Finally being FRIENDLY can summarize most of the good characteristics which make up a nice human because even your spouse should be your best friend. Friendship is showing some respect, trust, and caring for another human.

Polite: adj. intentional respect and consideration and using accepted social etiquette  

Kind: adj. relatively small medium intensity caring which isn’t requested  

Respectful: adj. sensing and frequently communicating that a human has (much value and/or moral goodness) and/or (much skill(s) in a (profession and/or activity)) and/or is experienced  

Friendly: adj. interacting with some regard and/or trust and/or caring and the human(s) may sometimes be a stranger  

Courteous: adj. using good and/or right etiquette  

Modest: adj. a moderate appraisal of one’s ability to achieve a goal(s)  

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Jealousy: n. envying with angry resentment

Jealousy can ruin a career, ruin relationships, and most important of all make you lead a miserable unhappy life filled with anger, hatred, resentment, pessimism, and feelings of incompetence and worthlessness.

When someone gets promoted to a position which you felt you deserved then you may justifiably feel hurt and start feeling jealous of their achievement. You may not be able to hide your jealousy if it is intense and you may intentionally or unintentionally start saying nasty things about the promoted human which will make you look bad in front of your boss or your coworkers.

You may secretly have pent up anger, an urge to get revenge, or feel great resentment for the perceived wrong and may start doing some very bad things yourself. You may begin spreading bad gossip which will ruin your good reputation and kill any further chances for your promotion in the future and it will ruin your relationships with coworkers too who will no longer trust you.

If you have feelings of inadequacy in looks or achievement and don’t have a trusting or honest and sincere relationship with your significant other then you may feel jealous if a member of the opposite sex flirts or shows an interest in them. If your significant other does not have a history of promiscuous behavior or adultery and your jealousy continues after marriage then it can lead to divorce with too much distrust and attempts to monitor his or her every move out of jealousy.

If you are very jealous of your significant other before marriage then it will get even worse after marriage with the possibility of offspring who will suffer after the almost inevitable divorce. Before marriage check out your significant other’s family and closest friends to see if there will be any rational reason for being jealous and for fearing possible adultery. If the family is not adulterous and the friends are not promiscuous and all single then you should have nothing to be seriously jealous about before or after marriage.

Sometimes merely talking about your jealous feelings with your significant other may reassure you that there is nothing to be jealous about and you may get reassurances that your jealous feelings are unfounded. It is of course possible that your jealous feelings will be reinforced by a significant other who is insensitive, non-empathetic, or proud of his or her superior position in the relationship with very attractive looks and high achievement compared to your lack of similar characteristics. If your significant other makes you feel inferior then your grounds for jealousy are accurate and you should seriously consider another relationship and move on.

Being jealous of an exciting affluent lifestyle may turn you into a profligate spender trying to keep up with a lifestyle which you can’t afford and will eventually lead to your own financial ruin and even divorce if you are married.

The antidote to jealousy may need competent therapy or learning to praise rather than envy and learning to approve of another’s success, looks, and basically good moral character and not put another down for it.

If you can’t learn to be honest, sincere, and dependable with others and expect the same behavior in return from all your closest relationships then you will never cure your jealousy and you will probably be stuck in a miserable doubting lonely existence for the rest of your life.

Trust and dependability is the glue which keeps relationships healthy and lasting and jealousy is one of the greatest destroyers of a trusting relationship. Be grateful for what you have, overcome your feelings of inadequacy as much as possible, and admire others for their good looks and good achievements and jealousy should no longer have a bad stranglehold on your life and relationships.

Overcoming feelings of inadequacy is hard but one way to overcome them is to associate with other humans who have similar feelings of inadequacy which stem from not being so attractive or not being very successful in life. If you lower your standards of what you are looking for in relationships but still demand a high standard of moral behavior then you will be much happier and not jealously stressed out about your feelings of slight inferiority.

If you are a morally sound individual then you should feel equal in worth to most other good humans on the face of this earth because you are fundamentally a good human personality wise. You may not have great wealth and great looks but you will have a great wealth of character and be respected and admired for it by others.

Life is not fair and just since it rewards some with great looks and great ability which the common human does not have but that is no reason why you should live a life of desperation poisoned by jealousy at every turn. Be morally good and try to surround yourself with morally good humans and you can live a happy optimistic life free of jealousy.


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Forgive: v. to not punish someone for reaching the wrong goal(s) and/or doing a bad behavior(s) and saying to the offender “I forgive you”

Unconditionally forgive an immoral or very bad human and they will continue with their immoral and very bad behavior and you will become the unhappy miserable victim over and over again.

With strangers and casual acquaintances the general principle is fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Don’t become a sucker for false promises no matter how good they may sound because if you have been fooled once the offender will want to do it again and fool you more than once for his or her benefit.

On the job, being late too frequently, lying to the boss about something very important, or stealing from the business are all good enough reasons not to forgive and fire you for your immorality. If you catch a coworker seriously lying about another worker or stealing from the business then it is your moral responsibility to tell the boss who will then take appropriate actions because developing and maintaining a trusting relationship in a business is priority number one.

Adulterous behavior without real remorse, without feeling guilty, and without sincerely promising never to do it again is also a behavior which should not be forgiven, especially if it occurs more than once. Intentional lies without remorse, feeling guilty, and promising not to do it again is also behavior which will ruin a trusting relationship sooner or later and if you are not married yet, then don’t marry a liar under any circumstances. Unfortunately adultery and lying are two immoralities under which a healthy and happy relationship is not possible and the more times that you forgive the worse the dysfunctional relationship becomes.

With offspring who are learning to behave properly you will be doing a lot of forgiving but keep in mind that important misbehaviors such as stealing, lying, and dangerous physical aggression should be quickly addressed with guaranteed punishment which is the removal of important privileges or even spanking to stop the bad behavior and not let it become a bad habit which will devastate the parent offspring relationship in the long duration. With offspring who do a moral transgression the first time there should be a strong conditional forgiveness offered. Make a sincere threat to the offspring. Do it a second time and an important privilege will be removed or I will spank you so it hurts and then follow through with the threat. If you make threatening promises and don’t follow through with the punishment then your offspring will just feel that you are an overblown windbag, will ignore you, and your role as an authority figure will disappear to no one’s benefit.

You can wallow in revenge and bitter resentment for a long time if you don’t forgive conditionally or unconditionally. If forgiveness is not working in your favor then the best policy is to break off the relationship and move on to a better one. You have the power to forgive and not forgive and if you are wallowing in revenge and resentment and it is making you terribly unhappy then it is your fault that you are not doing anything successful about it. Marriage and close friendships are hard to abandon but abandonment should be seriously considered if it is making your life and your offspring’s life miserable with too much immorality going on.


Forgiveness is not divine if it is done unconditionally for immoral behavior such as intentional lies, adultery, and stealing. As a responsible adult you should not tolerate immoral behavior in the family or with close friends. It is also your responsibility to not get involved in dysfunctional immoral relationships with other adults. If you do let immorality slide in your relationships, it will just bring you much unnecessary misery and unhappiness in your life!!!!!!

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LYING:   Willfully and fraudulently stealing the truth with untrue speech and/or untrue writing or willful and legal deceptive stealing of the truth with untrue speech and/or untrue writing.

All lying should be fraudulent or illegal someday in the distant future.  Unfortunately the human condition is such that society is filled with lies many of which are believed to be the truth.

Religions are filled with untruths and there is an abundance of social myths that people believe in.

Many businesses lie about their products especially when it deals with highly subjective personal beauty and health products and services.

We would be calling 100% of the population liars if our standards for truth were objective and absolute.  So many people are being deceived by untrue information and untrue opinions. They honestly believe those untruths so they aren’t really liars but they are promoting many untruths which have to be addressed and combated wherever possible.  Hopefully someday in a perfect world lying and untruths will be outlawed but for the time being most lying is still legal deceptive stealing of the truth and permitted.

The deception is perpetuated by those in leadership positions of power and the people are merely sheepish followers who don’t know any better.  There is also the problem of a leadership that has been deceived by historical deceptions and they too largely believe that they are in possession of the objective truth.

My books are really not designed for the masses but are designed for the political and social and economic future leaders that should be fighting ancient myths and untrue ideas and unjust laws to make this place a better world to live in.

People aren’t really willfully lying all the time because they believe those lies to be the truth and society accepts this reality.  That should not be a reason to be complacent about the situation and not continue the noble fight to exclude as many lies and untruths from society as possible.  We should all try to be myth busters because it is the right and good thing to do and it should only benefit society and the world in the long run and guarantee a more peaceful world.

Trust is the glue that keeps families and friends and organizations and society functioning smoothly.  Remove trust and human relationships and society start to decrease.  Trust basically means that honesty and sincerity without much lying is being practiced by people.

Dishonesty or lying or telling untruths can also mean that promises are made and never fulfilled and that bad deceptive actions are kept secret in close human relationships.  Beware of adults who don’t fulfill their promises and replace them with excuses and beware of adults who seem to be keeping too many secrets with avoidance answers to important questions.

People shouldn’t and frequently don’t trust a liar or a thief.  A liar who tells many intentional lies or untruths destroys a good reputation and is frequently socially ostracized.  A thief who is caught goes to jail.  Unintentional lies especially by offspring can be forgiven but many intentional lies should be punished by a loss of privileges.

Intentional stealing by small offspring should be severely punished even by physical spanking with a belt if the intentional stealing can not be cured by a loss of privileges or severe scolding which emphasizes that thieves go to jail.

Lying by a spouse about not being home on time due to working overtime or a meeting with some friend for entertainment reasons is sometimes done to hide an affair so become suspicious if a spouse is using too much time away from home and is found not to be working at a job.

Finding drug paraphernalia in a messy room or car is evidence that legal or illegal drugs are being used by your offspring or that he or she is associating with people who are using drugs.  If your offspring denies using drugs it is probably a lie although there is the remote possibility that the drug paraphernalia was planted by friends that wanted your offspring to get into trouble.  If actual drugs are found especially the illegal kind it is time to take severe steps to stop the use if it hasn’t reached the point where only a drug rehabilitation center is the only solution to the problem. In modern society there are many synthetic legal drugs which are even more dangerous to your offspring and they should be made illegal as soon as they appear on the market and are being manufactured here or in a foreign country. For example all dieting drugs which suppress appetite and change your mood should be illegal!!!!!!

If you lie very little or have a photographic memory and can remember all the lies told you may get away with lying but most compulsive liars are soon caught in their lies and their good reputation lands in the toilet.  This is especially true of dates that you may have who may claim that they are in love with you.  Sometimes the truth is that they are really after your money or some privilege which only you control.

In every new relationship give the person enough time to prove to you that they are really honest about their lives and about their interest in you.  The longer that the relationship lasts the greater is the probability that their true intentions and beliefs will surface and they will be caught in their lies if they have told any.   If you catch someone in a single important intentional lie there is a great possibility that he or she has been telling you many more lies which you haven’t caught.  Stay away from liars because they can’t be trusted and are immoral people and this will only lead to many future disappointments or even heartbreak.

There is a very important place for honesty and a good reputation to play in modern jury trials.  If perjury is committed then true justice is not possible in democratic republics.

If the truth and 100% of the truth and nothing but the truth is not demanded by law of the vast majority of its citizens then there is no justice possible.  A society filled with liars can’t exist for long before tyrannical rule must be enforced with force and the threat of force.  A free society with too many institutionalized lies or untruths and successful liars can’t long exist.

There are many lies being told in society that are believed to be the truth so realize that not all lies which are being told to you by adults are actually intentional lies meant to deceive you.

There are many products on the market especially drugs and inflated money making schemes and weight loss products and lopsided single or multiple food supplements and cosmetics which make untrue statements about their merits.

Educate yourself on these products by going on the internet and getting truthful opinions from people who have actually used them and are not being paid to make good testimonials on those products.

Finally if it sounds too good to be true it probably is not true.  Watch out for miracle claims for a product and remember that the buyer should always be suspicious of untrue claims.

Laws should be passed which limit the right to make non objective claims for products and services which are not truthfully advertised.  Buyer beware is not a just legal principle but is bad socially since it just rewards clever and deceptive liars.

Almost all lies are immoral and there are a few cases where they are criminal or fraudulent in the form of libel or public product misrepresentations.

White lies such as saying that you are busy when you are not to avoid an unpleasant conversation may not be considered immoral.  It is best to remain silent and communicate nothing at all if honesty will get you in trouble such as severely and honestly criticizing your boss and risking being fired.

Admit your error in making a promise that you couldn’t fulfill rather than making up a untrue excuse.  Remember honesty is still the best policy if you want to maintain good relationships with family and close friends and especially if you are aspiring to positions of leadership in organizations or politics.

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Not so obvious is that it is very important WHOM you are trying to persuade. Is it your boss, employee, customer, friend, date, spouse, offspring, stranger, team, or audience whom you are trying to persuade? Business persuasion is very different than trying to impress or persuade your date what a good potential mate you will be and persuading an audience has its own unique skill set. Google and find out what are the unique ways of persuading each category of humans. You will only find general principles covered in this blog.

WHAT you are trying to persuade a human of is also very important because there are factual persuasions and very subjective personal persuasions about politics, religion, sports odds, and aesthetics which are very frequently excursions into futility because the highly emotional beliefs or opinions are so strong and seldom subject to change or persuasion. Sometimes facts or statistics are coupled with strong emotional biases or feelings about what the facts really mean and a strictly logical approach to try and persuade may not be sufficient to reach a persuasive agreement. Realize that much persuasion is a waste of time and energy without benefits and should never be started in the first place.

Persuasion by someone whom you TRUST is more probable than being persuaded by a total stranger and if you are the lying type then you will never be believed once the lying has been uncovered and a trusting relationship ends.

In one on one persuasion it is very important to do most of the listening and only short and sweet head nods and brief responses showing respect for the others opinions. Asking probing questions to determine all the pros and cons of the situation and probing for possible objections to your point of view are also important because they will have to be addressed and in doing so you may uncover some flaws in your point of view which will need attention or change.

If your persuasion will lead to someone saving time, energy, and money and even feeling happy about the change then it is a worthwhile persuasion.

The art of persuasion is priming someone emotionally into wanting to be persuaded and if you first listen to and respect their opinions and agree with the ones that have some truth to them then they will begin to feel that you are on their side. If you find out what they really need or want then you may be able to give it to them and not just be feeding their ego and self-interest.

Use statistical consensus if it exists in what you are trying to persuade because many people are motivated by the herd instinct and want to be in the majority with their opinions very frequently.

Historical precedents are important because if something has worked before or is working well now then chances are frequently pretty good that it will work in the future too. Also appeal to experts or testimonials if you can to back up your persuasive powers.

Sometimes partial agreement is better than no agreement at all.

Finally, persuade in moderation or you will come off sounding too dogmatic by being in constant persuasion mode trying to change the world to only your way of thinking and doing.

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The power to tax is the power to destroy or severely handicap and non-polluting businesses should be encouraged to thrive without taxation. There are thousands of non-polluting businesses which would qualify but the most basic and important is food. 

Unfortunately this also includes gambling establishments so it would be unwise to exclude gambling establishments from taxation since they cause so much financial stress and human ruin which creates a financial burden on society.

Rather we should start with the most important commodity food, and encourage certified organic food growers and organic food businesses to thrive without taxation.

Certified organic food should be licensed with severe penalties for not growing the food organically. Certified organic food should mean growing without polluting artificial pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides, without artificial fertilizers and no GMOs. For certified organic animals it means no antibiotics, growth hormones, or non organic feed. If the fertilizers are organic such as manure from organic domesticated animals or organic plant sources such as seaweed or kelp or organic ocean fish and life then that is fine.

Certified organic wholesalers, supermarkets, organic fast food, and organic restaurants would also not be taxed.

Polluting agribusiness will continue to be taxed and will consider this unfair or unjust treatment but if they want just treatment then they will all eventually have to switch to sustainable non-polluting certified organic farming.

What is the payoff? A healthier more diverse food supply and a healthier human population in the long duration!!!!!!

Food and pure water should be priority number one in every human’s life. The sooner we start promoting a certified organic food culture nationally and internationally, the healthier will be the society, at least physically if not mentally.

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Justice is a moral distribution of information and/or goods and/or services and/or rewards and/or punishments.  The goals of justice should be to have moral laws which can be used to justify actions which primarily protect citizens from foreign aggression and from domestic criminals and from severe economic exploitation and from government inefficiency and protect the environment from the destruction of biodiversity.

The healthiest, smartest, and wealthiest humans should be rewarded with reproductive success in the form of polygamous families with as many offspring as possible. The unhealthiest, not so smart, and poorest monogamous humans should be discouraged from reproducing in numbers greater than one or two.

You can’t legislate morality and if you try to do so then the powerful monied interests dominate the legislation and results in unjust laws which depend on the threat of force and the use of force for their enforcement. This is a tyranny or a dictatorship without the free consent of the governed.

An important priority for true justice is trying to guarantee that people are promoted to positions of authority in organizations based on merit and not primarily based on nepotism and/or popularity and/or political favoritism. Realistically this will only be possible with a technological business elite ruling the world because anyone steeped in a liberal arts mythological tradition will rule in a very subjective biased way and a political system based on true merit is not realistically possible. A liberal arts tradition means rule by the monied elite whether or not they have achieved that money based on merit. Liberal arts frequently means rule by inherited wealth which is frequently unjustified and frequently without merit.

Rewards and/or punishments are judged by authority figures such as parents, teachers, legal authorities, jury members, businessmen, businesswomen, government officials, or politicians.  The moral distribution of rewards and/or punishments means that appropriate rewards in the form of privileges and/or goods and/or money, are given to offspring and adults.  These rewards should justly be proportionate to the effort that they have made and the success with which they have fulfilled their obligations and/or jobs and/or tasks. It means rewarding based on merit and correspondingly it means proportionate punishment or the subtraction of privileges and/or goods and/or money for bad behavior or poor performance at a job or task.

Rewarding very much with little or no success is not justice and it merely increases a feeling of selfworth which is not earned and it handicaps the individual with unrealistic judgments of one’s true ability and merit.

            True justice is justice for humans and wilderness plants and animals.  In a just world humans would not destroy biodiversity and would not lie to each other and would not be inefficient and would not steal from each other and would not commit adultery if married and would not murder each other.  If these goals were achieved humans would live in harmony with each other and let wilderness plants and animals live in survival of the fittest harmony with each other.

A just moral code taught to impressionable young minds and practiced impulsively by its citizens is a guarantee that the government will be as just as is humanly possible. Citizens not impulsively ruled by an inner impulsive morality means the destruction of voluntary human interaction and fearful chaos whose only solution is rule by the threat of force and use of force or a terribly inefficient tyranny or dictatorship!!!!!!

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Here is a link to which gives a pretty comprehensive list of 20 ways which can help to increase your sales. The largest reason for sales increases is if you have a product and/or service which is reliable, durable, tasty, and useful at an affordable price. The quality of your sales personnel is also very important.

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Love: v. to sense a very intense pleasure for a subset(s) one cares about and the behaviors which exist with it and frequently desiring to (possess and/or interact with) and/or experience samer subset(s) for a short and/or long duration

Subset: n. a thing

Without a definition of to love, love is just an intuitive philosophical concept open to a million and one interpretations. With a definition you can either argue that it is incomplete, partially wrong, or that it is absolutely right and exact.

If you love something then you care about it, you sense very intense pleasure and behave a certain way, and you frequently desire to possess, interact, or experience that something for a short and/or long time.

When you are getting very intense pleasure from a human it is called love and when your pleasure is not that intense then you are experiencing affection and liking and not love.

Some of you will argue that loving also means that there are times when you feel affectionate or have fond and tender feelings towards the love object. Well, you are talking about a loving relationship which needs a new word or new definition called lovrelating.

Lovrelate: v. to sense much lovin and affection and liking for a subset(s) but not simultaneously


Being in love means that you are lovrelating  or experiencing moments of lovin, affection, and liking but never simultaneously or that all those feelings are not felt at the same time. What the world really needs more of is more lovrelating and not lovin!

Yes, there are more definitions needed for all you perfectionists out there and here they are.

Affection: n. sensing medium intensity pleasure for a subset(s) one cares about and the behavior(s) which exists with it

Like: v. to sense low intensity pleasure for a subset(s)

Lovin: n. sensing a very intense pleasure from a subset(s) one cares about and the behavior(s) which exist with it and frequently desiring to (possess and/or interact with) and/or experience samer subset(s)

Lovrelationship: n. sensing much lovin and affection and liking for a subset(s) but not simultaneously

Thing: n. one subset and/or set of matter and/or energy which existed in the past and/ or will exist at some point in the future and/or will continue to exist in the future.  A thing is usually classified as a subject and/or verb. Human beings are things which are lifeforms.  An event(s) is a thing.  A thing is a set and/or a subset.

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common_sense (1)



It may not be obvious to all but the future world will largely be the domain of the talented wealthy working technological class and the unemployed masses escaping their miserable existence with mind altering drugs and a bare subsistence lifestyle getting most of their entertainment on the cell phone or computer screen.

It may take more than a generation to start reaching this goal but the writing is on the wall and if this prediction happens it will be an opportunity for biodiversity to survive and not be the end of human civilization on the face of this precious earth. Everyone worldwide living a middle class existence is just not a sustainable lifestyle for the limited natural resources of this world.

Here is a link to which details two extremes or opposing forces which will shape humanity on the face of this earth in the near future. The truth probably lies on a point somewhere between these two extremes of human existence. The middle class may not disappear entirely from the face of this earth but it is a high probability.

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You now know that telling the truth or being honest, sincere, and reliable is much better than lying in relationships and being unreliable and not fulfilling many or most of your promises

You realize that no one is perfect including yourself

You know how to control your impulsive spending and live on a budget

You are happy for human successes and not jealous

You are not very impressed by or follow celebrities any more

You can handle rejection by other humans, especially dates

You don’t worry whether others will like you or your looks

You prefer smart humans over beautiful or handsome ones in real life

You associate with good humans and not bad or immoral ones which you easily avoid or drop

You get better at solving the problems which pop up in everyday life

You start setting and realizing realistic achievable goals instead of dreaming and trying to pursue unrealistic goals

You have learned that saying no a lot to others and your bad impulses is better than saying yes a lot to others and your bad impulses

You defend yourself and the humans that you love

You have healthy relationships with humans and not dysfunctional ones

You don’t waste time worrying about past mistakes and bad experiences but meet most days with an optimistic attitude

You know what you like and don’t like but are not afraid to occasionally try something new or change your mind if you realize you have been wrong in your opinion all along


Unfortunately if you come from a dysfunctional or abusive family life you may never learn to relate in a healthy way with other humans and if you have had a never ending experience of financial failure and are very poor then you may be envious and resentful of the rich and successful to your dying day.

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New Hubble infrared view of the Tarantula Nebula

The Hubble telescope has not only advanced the new concepts of dark matter and dark energy but the only missing link is the discovery of dark gravity or a force which rules the movements and interactions of the dark matter and dark energy and also the universe which we can observe and measure!

With DARK GRAVITY it will be possible to postulate travel at faster than the speed of light and pretty much any hairbrained theory will be possible with this trio of concepts which can’t be measured, can’t be detected, and where imagination will rule the universe. Concepts of omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence will rule physics and astronomy of the near future and it will no longer be the rule of scientific physics but the rule of an unknown Godlike dark force which mankind will not be able to explain.

It is time to refocus our attention on this precious planet earth and save its biodiversity before it is too late and before it results in the premature death of human civilization on the face of this planet!!!!!!

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The DC Circuit Court decision permitting internet service providers to charge for the service or bandwidth and also giving them the right to censor the traffic going through the internet spells the end of internet democracy and a return to rule by the monied special interests. How this will impact blogging and WordPress is yet to be determined but my hope is that it will only mean an increase in my yearly fee and no censorship of the blog content itself.

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Marriage is a mutual decision but divorce may be an individual choice because of an inability to live with adultery or with irresponsible financial management.

Lasting adversarial hatred after a divorce may not always exist but in fact some are rather amicable collaborative divorces where both still assume responsibility for rearing the offspring to some extent and communications are civil.

Divorce may seem like the easy way out but it is sometimes a necessary way out of an overly aggressive or combative relationship which can seriously damage the mental wellbeing of the offspring.  No one should be expected to live harmoniously in an adulterous or untrustworthy relationship so divorce may be the necessary and not necessarily the easy way out.

Divorce need not mess up your offspring’s life if you have no severe addiction problems with alcohol or drugs and you don’t have a dysfunctional personality in your relationships with other humans.

If you are divorced it need not have been totally your fault because half of all marriages end in divorce where about a third are the husband’s fault, a third the wife’s fault, and about a third are both faults. These aren’t accurate statistics but there are definitely a significant number of women who would be able to make a marriage work with the right faithful man with a good job after a single divorce.

If you are young and divorce after a few years then you can be considered to be young and stupid and not a good candidate for another marriage. If you divorce after 10 or 15 years in a marriage then you may still be considered good marriage material but the more offspring that you have the greater a liability you become in the next marriage.

You can find love more than once in a lifetime so never give up in looking for a potential new prospect unless you feel unworthy of a marital relationship due to being much less than attractive and with a dysfunctional personality which is unable to develop trusting reliable relationships with another human. If you are not honest, sincere, and reliable then the odds of a successful marriage are stacked against you no matter who you marry next.

The three most important ingredients in a marriage are financial security, a non- promiscuous non adulterous past, and a trustworthy reliable personality. If you are a divorcee and your next marriage does not have these fundamental building blocks to a successful marriage then don’t marry again!

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If you want to get inspired then

go to an inspiring place,

do something inspirational,

or talk to or listen to someone who is inspirational.

An inspirational place may be nature, a forest path, a park, gardens, a beach, a lake or river, a marina, a mountaintop with a view of the city or a panoramic view, a museum, or a library may qualify as inspirational places to visit.

You can meditate, listen to good music which is exciting emotionally, or read an inspirational book or blog.

You can talk to an optimistic child or listen to an inspirational talk on Youtube on whatever topic which might interest you.


Some things may inspire you more than others. Do the things which inspire you the most and are also accessible. The Grand Canyon and Iguasu Falls are truly inspirational places to visit and view but few of us can afford to actually visit those awesome inspiring places.

Visiting inspiring places on the internet is the next best thing to being there and you may find a place which you may truly want to visit some day in person.

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Studies have shown that after two weeks have passed we only remember about 10% of what we have read. On the other hand we remember as much as 70% of what we say and 90% of what we see and do physically.

It makes sense to make computer education as interactive as possible with required verbal feedback from subject matter presented audio visually. This means that education should be noisy with the student speaking to the computer screen as much as possible and the computer answering back with audio.

Also for math and science subjects it might be smart to incorporate physical science equipment and mathematical shapes and sizes which the students can manipulate with their hands.

A smart robot teacher interacting with the students physically one on one is the ideal educational model for the future but until such a time a computer screen demanding as much participation on the part of the student as possible is the most efficient economical way of teaching a student with present day technology.

Yes, classrooms of the future will be incredibly noisy with students talking to the computer screen so it would make sense to teach all future students in a sound proof cubicle, have them wear headphones and microphone, or even learn at home in a room where they don’t disturb anyone else.

Reading voluminous amounts of information and reading lengthy textbook material is just not the most efficient way of teaching or learning and it is no great surprise why modern students don’t like to read because it is so passive an experience which we remember very little of.


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Yes, if you’re single and without a relationship and you are a male then pornography is a cheap way to get sexual satisfaction and not have to pay a prostitute and run the risk of getting an STD or a sexually transmitted disease.

There are unfortunately many drawbacks to getting too addicted to pornography.

You will begin to feel inadequate and insecure as a sexual partner. Not only do most porn males usually have larger than average penises but they use penile desensitizers and can have rapid fire sex for about 10 minutes at a time. Natural sex, unless there is slow foreplay, frequently takes no longer than about 30 seconds or a minute of very intense in and out activity before you climax and it’s over.

Your sexual fantasies will become very deviant and you will start fantasizing  about having sex with more than one partner, big tit women, teenage girls, cock sucking, pussy licking, anal sex, and the use of all kinds of sexual toys which may include whips, handcuffs, choke collars, rubber bands, anal inserts, and ropes. Most normal women do not go in for kinky sex which is rampant in porno films.

There is a danger that you will start treating all women like sex objects and not be able to have caring, loving relationships with real women or sincere and honest discussions about the many things which women care about and consider important in their lives.

The more that you use it the faster it will wear out and the same applies to addictive over frequent porno sex. You will probably be using Viagra or Cialis way before the age of 50 because you will have developed erectile dysfunction.

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Simon Cowell

Follow your passion is frequently not the best advice for a fulfilling good job. Star celebrity musicians, singers, actors, sport athletes, news casters, radio talk show gurus, writers, and fashion designers get the most attention and get many passionate followers all hoping to be like them.

Sadly you need much inborn talent and an excellent memory which most humans don’t have and the result is frequently much failure and disappointment for all the passionate human followers. Those socially glorified great paying jobs are frequently held by one in a million humans and most humans don’t realize that the odds are stacked against you succeeding in any of the above fields.

To be truly happy and successful you need to find a useful and successful job which you can handle mentally and physically and make good money at it.

Here is an article in the Huffington Post which shows you that some of the happiest humans are not the ones who followed their passion but found a useful good paying job instead and are happy doing it.

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Plants that punish freeloaders, plants that move faster than a bullet,  a plant that hunts its prey, a plant that outsmarts bats, plants that command insects, trees that napalm their enemies, plants that communicate and cooperate, and plants that have mastered the mechanics of flight are 8 amazing examples of activities plants can do which are not obvious by just a cursory glance.

Read the details in this great article in

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The internet, international banks, international businesses, standardization of parts, and robotization means that there will be armies of destitute and unemployed citizens in the near future and we should plan to accommodate them with a new government safety net.

If you are destitute and also unemployed, AT ANY AGE, then you should be provided with basic healthy food, drink, shelter, and minimal standardized needs such as toiletries and clothing along with a cell phone and a computer to reeducate yourself over the internet with free reeducation in a technological field. 

If you are willing to put in the time, effort, ability, and achieve self-improvement then you will be rewarded with a potential good job if your social skills are also acceptable. You will have turned yourself into an asset and not liability for society at large. If you remain a liability to society then you will probably live on welfare for a lifetime.

What you should not have is a motorized vehicle with which you can roam the world wasting tax payer’s money with discretionary spending on gas or electricity and in shopping malls. All your basic necessities should be delivered door to door by the government and you should have the right to choose to work or not work if you find the minimum wage unacceptable. Being on this kind of welfare means that you will be using the minimum amount of energy or money to support yourself in a very efficient way and you will have an incentive to reeducate yourself at no cost if you choose to do so.

Not having a job will probably mean that you will be leading a single life without motorized wheels and if you become an unwed mother or one living with a male then the shelter accommodations will be very minimal and you will be living under congested circumstances with your brood getting no additional spending money for each offspring which you chose to conceive.

Your penalty for having many offspring will be living in congested circumstances for the rest of your life unless you reeducate yourself and land a good paying job which can support your brood. If members of your brood gain successful employment and enough money on their own then they will be able to escape living with their parents or be in a position to help unemployed mom and/or male friend out financially.

In the poorer nations an internet cellphone with reeducation possibilities should be provided all destitute and also unemployed citizens.  Delivery of basic standardized needs should only be done where it is cost effective to do so such as in major cities where the poor should be migrating into.

You probably have many unanswered questions to ask and I have two of many books to answer most of your questions since a blog should be short and sweet with few details.

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Nature abhors inefficiency or the wasting of time and energy and creates in animals a pleasant sensation when they get food or prey easily. Humans also find it pleasant to get food and goods easily and this is one of the reasons very young offspring have to be conditioned not to take away or steal food and toys from their brothers and sisters and young friends. The process of teaching not to steal because it is immoral has to be taught to each new generation.

In the wild hyenas steal the prey from a cheetah’s kills whenever they can. Capuchin monkeys use predator alarm calls to warn other monkeys of danger. There are even some which use the alarm calls to scare away their fellow monkeys and then steal the food which is left behind.

Humans also steal when in great need or to feed a drug habit and some are kleptomaniacs who steal just for the thrill of it. Stealing is exciting because we get much with minimal effort or it is a very efficient way to get something. This is why it is important to condition the thrill of stealing and replace it with a fear of stealing and punishment if you do steal in society. The fear of being caught stealing is the reason for so many surveillance cameras in society because the urge to steal is always subconsciously in us and can surface given enough incentive to do so.

In a study in 2009, participants either took a placebo or the drug naltrexone —known to curb addictive tendencies toward alcohol, drugs and gambling. Naltrexone blocks the effects of substances called endogenous opiates that the researchers suspect are released during stealing and which trigger the sense of pleasure in the brain. Stealing is exciting and profitable if you can get away without punishment.

Piracy on the internet was rampant and evidence of the fact that stealing or getting something for very little energy expenditure is a great biological sensory experience. Internet crime and scams reached epidemic proportions and the music and film industry was ravaged. Today we are in an eternal struggle to keep internet thieves out of our lives and the days of anonymous internet users is on the way out.

Piracy and other forms of organized crime in the past and present have been efficient ways of making much money quickly. Today institutionalized crime based on bribery of politicians in the form of campaign contributions is practiced to give unjust advantage of one group or organization over others. Special interest laws, special tax laws, and blatant subsidies are passed and are sanctioned unjust forms of crime which prey upon taxpayers and keep inefficient large organizations from bankruptcy or competition from smaller similar organizations. If you pass a law so that it becomes almost impossible to compete against you in the marketplace then this can be considered to be a form of lawful stealing.

Government and technology is accelerating the flow or distribution of money to big business, government workers, and those on welfare. The result will soon be big business employees, government employees, and a vast majority on welfare with very few in the independent middle class. This is not necessarily a chronically bad result but it calls for a restructuring of society and an updating of current tax laws and laws in general as outlined in my book COMMON SENSE.

Steal: v. to illegally take by force and/or by the threat of force and/or by fraudulent means

Nobody until now has truly defined stealing as illegally taking something by force and/or the threat of force and/or through fraudulent means which is the three basic ways that stealing is done and sometimes with a combination of two or more basic techniques. I outline in detail the truth about stealing in my evergreen truth book STEAL or JUSTICE and if you want to know the 5 special conditions under which stealing is permitted in society then read one of those books.

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Scary looking sharp teeth and unusual looks will automatically repulse many humans and the fear factor kicks in.

Here are some spine tingling pictures from which are relatively harmless creatures and should be preserved along with all the other inspiring wildlife on the face of this precious earth!!!!!!

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It is time to phase out state governments and give the state taxing powers to local governments and more power to the people to determine their own destiny. Yes, it means a radical change in the constitution but it is for the benefit of all in the long duration.

There is so much uniformity in the United States that state governments are just an inefficient extra layer of inefficient government taxation and bureaucracy.

All the powers not specifically mentioned in the constitution which apply to the federal government should reside in local governments closer to the PEOPLE and their localities so that they can better solve their local problems.

The states basically control the utilities, state roads, and state workmen’s comp insurance which can all be done more efficiently under federal laws which govern interstate commerce. Right to work laws should originate in the localities and not states so the federal government would not have the right to impose union laws on localities who chose not to have them.

American citizens would be able to move anywhere in the country and have the same health coverage and have a choice of living in the local community of their choice. It would give more power to the cities and densely populated areas of the country who really need the extra taxes to solve city blight problems and give more power back to the people of the United States to determine their own destinies.

Yes, rural communities would not have as much tax money as the cities but it is time to concentrate the wealth in big cities to encourage environmental protections in rural areas and reverse the need for urban sprawl into the suburbs.

The most efficient cities with the lowest taxes would benefit from this shift from state to local power and it is a just transfer of power to the people who need more of it to determine their individual destinies. The House of Representatives would be the only Congress needed and it would stop governmental deadlock in its tracks and make for efficient adjustments to the rapidly changing economic scene in the United States and world.

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Imitation or copying one’s behavior is the way that over 90% of behavior learning exists.  Offspring start by imitating their parents, but soon also start imitating their brothers, sisters, friends and rolemodels.  Offspring need good rolemodels to imitate, and in the absence of good rolemodels, offspring will struggle to become good citizens in society.

Motivating your offspring to copy your good behaviors and the good behaviors of others is one of the most important jobs that you have as a parent.  But since every parent is less than perfect, the odds are very great that another human(s) can do what the parent should do, only much better.   If an offspring is to grow up to be better than the parents, it is an important responsibility for a parent to find the good human(s) and identify it for the offspring,  a human(s) who possesses better behaviors and useful new or better skills.

The following expressions urge your children to copy yourself and others.

“Do it because I do it!”

“Copy me.”

“I’ll show you how.”

“Try to be an adult like me.”

“Maybe you can do it like me.”

“I will teach you as much as I can if you just do what I do.”

“Let me show you how to do it.”

“If I can do it better than you then try to copy it.”

“Imitate the leader.”

“You will be closer to being a big boy by doing it.  You will be doing it just like dad!”

“My but you are starting to behave like a big girl.   You do it just like mom!”

“Focus on me so that you will probably do it next time by yourself.”

“Practice it with me and soon you will be as good as me.”

“If you copy you will learn all the necessary behaviors quickly.”

“Copy your brother and/or sister and/or uncle and/or aunt and/or grandfather and/or grandmother and/or friend and/or teacher and/or coach and/or rolemodel.”

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Target several niches, offer personalization, put end-users in control, don’t try to do too much at once, go global but customize for each market, develop best-in-breed technology, emphasize extreme team collaboration, and foster beneficial partnerships rather than reinvent the wheel are all good tips to keep in mind when opening an internet business.

Here are the 10 startups and details about what to learn from them from

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There is brown fat and white fat, not everyone has brown fat, fat senses temperature and releases energy accordingly, not all fat humans are unhealthy, fat is a great potential source of stem cells, and the fat which you can’t see plays a more important role in your health.

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Geoffrey James of has some interesting things which he thinks a boss should never say to an employee and he recommends not saying anything at all instead of these impulsive phrases. Not saying anything at all is the best thing to do if you really don’t know the right answer or response but I have included my own responses to 14 which Geoffrey feels should not be said at all.

“We’ve always done it this way”

We might think that this is the easy thing to communicate which requires no new thinking on the part of the boss. A better response might be to say “convince me that your way is better than standard operating procedure”.


“Just figure it out”

A boss may not know the answer or may not have the time to help an employee with a problem. “I’ll get back to you later” or “I will do some research and get back to you later” or “I will think about the problem and get back to you later” are much better responses.


“I don’t have time for this”

It can sometimes be frustrating when employees put demands on the boss and are really asking for help. “I will get back to you later” or “I will try to help you when I have more time” are more appropriate responses which communicate to the employee that you care about their predicament and will try to help them with the problem sooner or later.


“You think that YOU’RE stressed?”

Trying to outdo your employee in the stress department is emotional blackmail. “I’m stressed too but it usually goes away when the deadline is met successfully” or “Next time I will get someone to help you on a similar task so your workload does not seem so impossible to do” are better responses.


“Is this the best you can do?”

This expression is a putdown which no employee wants to admit to. “I know that you can do better next time” or “Let’s redo this with better results” or giving your employee suggestions on how to do a task better are more appropriate responses.


“Just do as I say”

“Follow my instructions as best you can” or “I want you to do this in the following order” are much better ways of ordering your employees around so that they don’t think that you are treating them like children.


“Your predecessor did a better job”

A comparison with a previous employee will only make one feel bad and not necessarily motivate him or her into doing better. “I know you can do it better next time and here are some helpful suggestions” is a much better approach to criticism which is of a constructive kind and will motivate one to do better next time.


“That’s a stupid idea”

“Try to come up with a better idea” is a way not to discourage future input from an employee which may indeed be more helpful than the given wrong suggestion or idea which the employee is volunteering.


“You’re doing a lousy job”

“I know that you can do much better by doing xyz next time”

If there is still some hope that the employee will not get fired for very bad performance on the job then make some helpful suggestions so that the employee knows how to do it right the next time.


“What’s wrong with you?”

This is an insult which will cause a bad emotional response. “What made you do so badly this time?” will probably get a more honest useful answer.


“Why are you so lazy?”

“Why did it take you so long?” is a question about the job and not an assault on one’s personality which will just cause bad feelings if you call someone lazy.


“I knew you’d fail”

“I had a suspicion that you would fail but I wasn’t 100% sure” is a better response because if you knew one would fail then you shouldn’t have asked him or her to do the task in the first place.


“I told you so”

Gloating about a prediction of failure may make you feel good about yourself but not help the employees feeling of selfworth. A more appropriate response is to communicate “You can usually trust my suggestions because I am more experienced and rarely wrong”.


“Don’t ever talk to my boss”

“If you contact or communicate with my boss then keep me informed”

is a more appropriate response or request which will not make you seem paranoid since talking to higher ups will usually circulate throughout the office in the form of gossip. There is really nothing that you can realistically do if an employee wants to speak to your boss about something which he or she thinks you are not doing right.


“Track how you spend every hour”

“Schedule your time and try to accomplish your task within the time period and go on to the next task when done”  This is a better suggestion which puts a priority on the accomplishment of the task and not just how long it should take. If employees are merely asked to follow the clock they may be tempted to fill in the time left over with pretend work which does not benefit the organization.


“The customer is always right”

There are many times when the customer unjustly comes back with damaged used merchandise and asks for money back, is abusive, is unethical, is unreasonable, demands consultations which are not part of the deal, and makes bigoted remarks. The customer may be emotionally unreasonable and put demands on company services which are not included in the cost so the customer is definitely not always right.


“We expect corporate loyalty”

“We will pay you what you are worth” is a more honest communication in this age when many jobs are being outsourced and companies frequently cut down on staff or downsize. Loyalty works both ways and to demand loyalty from an employee and not be loyal to the employee is an injustice.


“This is a meritocracy”

“We try to hire and promote the best” is a more accurate response because even in highly technical fields women are still underrepresented and the personality of the employee still plays a dominant role in who gets promoted in the managerial ranks where technical proficiency is frequently of secondary importance when it comes to managerial skill.


“You’ll gain valuable experience”

“You’ll be paid what your worth and you will learn something useful too”

is a better communication than trying to pay someone less than they’re worth for the privilege of working for the company.


“It’s my way or the highway”

“Let’s try it your way and see if it succeeds” is a better communication because bosses should be telling employees WHAT to do and not HOW to do it in minute detail.


“Because I said so”

“I made this decision for the following reason or reasons” is a better communication because it is not an order for a child to follow but it should be a well thought out reason or reasons for doing something which answers why something has to be done that is job relevant and not just an order by the boss to be obeyed without question.


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Couple enjoys a hot cup of coffee in the kitchen

You may fight or argue occasionally but the less frequent the arguing the better the marriage will proceed because you don’t have any serious problems with money management, have a trusting relationship, and don’t have bad addictive habits and friends.

You may not have all the same interests but you have enough common ground  so that you still do enough things together to make the marriage worthwhile.

Your sex might not be that great all the time but on average it is acceptable.

You may have a relationship which is unique and not the usual date, engaged, marriage, offspring, house, more offspring etc. relationship. You may be so devoted to your careers and enjoy them so much that having offspring may be delayed or not planned for at all in the near future.

You may not respect and admire all the family members of your spouse but you don’t get into needless arguments about the personality conflicts and upsetting comments if they exist.

You may have difficulty occasionally living together because of cramped space, different tastes in music, décor, and one being messier than the other.

You may have to “work” at a good relationship once in a while by having to suppress anger, jealousy, and pessimism. You may have to compromise or give in to one spouse’s needs and in general make changes in living lifestyle along the way so that problems can be solved and life can continue as smoothly as possible.


Very few couples have an ideal marriage all the time. Real relationship problems surface sometimes due to external circumstances or influences but they are usually not severe enough to threaten a basically compatible mutual relationship which is skilled at trusting mutual communication and minimally emotional conflict resolution.

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