Simon Cowell

Follow your passion is frequently not the best advice for a fulfilling good job. Star celebrity musicians, singers, actors, sport athletes, news casters, radio talk show gurus, writers, and fashion designers get the most attention and get many passionate followers all hoping to be like them.

Sadly you need much inborn talent and an excellent memory which most humans don’t have and the result is frequently much failure and disappointment for all the passionate human followers. Those socially glorified great paying jobs are frequently held by one in a million humans and most humans don’t realize that the odds are stacked against you succeeding in any of the above fields.

To be truly happy and successful you need to find a useful and successful job which you can handle mentally and physically and make good money at it.

Here is an article in the Huffington Post which shows you that some of the happiest humans are not the ones who followed their passion but found a useful good paying job instead and are happy doing it.

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