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Most of us randomly clutter up our lives doing things inefficiently and impulsively and find no time to do the important things in our life which could improve our life and not just clutter it up with trivial busywork. Here are some suggestions which will simplify and make your life happier, more satisfying, and more efficient.

*** Schedule your time

At work you are on a schedule and you should also schedule your time away from work. Scheduling means that if there is something important to do after work you will always find a time slot for it and get it done.

*** Set priorities

Start everyday setting priorities of the most important things to do and leave out the less important ones. Do them in order if possible one after the other.

If you make a commitment to a task don’t deviate from it and take on more tasks or responsibilities.

Ask others for help if you feel you need it and can’t do it efficiently without help.

Do a complete job or task so you don’t have to come back to it over and over again.

Schedule some time for yourself to satisfy your needs also.

Schedule some time on the job and away from it to think about or meditate about how you are doing and what you could do to improve upon what you are doing or are going to do.

Exclude trivial wasteful actions in your life such as TV, too much social networking, too much internet surfing, and too much purposeless entertainment.

Almost every day do self learning on the internet or by reading a book which will help you to get a new job or a better one or improve on the skills and useful knowledge that you already have.

Review your achievements every week and if you have very few then plan ahead and make useful goals for the next week, month, or year.

Use your cell phone and email once a day unless they are a part of your business activity.

Eat less or one varied meal a day and keep it simple without complex cooking or meal preparation. Eat as much healthy certified organic food in its natural state as possible. This will mean less clean up and less storage needed and you will save much time and energy.

Create and stick to a budget and automate as many of your bill payments and money transactions as you can.

Use commuting time wisely by listening to audio informative books or instructions. Read books which will improve your life if you use public transportation.

Don’t waste much time on the media with topics which you have no control over and which you can’t change such as politics, the economy, the stock market, the weather, the news, sports, and celebrity social lives.

Be punctual and you are being efficient

Be organized and you are being efficient

Use the internet for socializing, education, entertainment, and shopping and buying more than one item that you really need and you are being efficient

Going to the supermarket once every two weeks instead of twice a week and you are being efficient

Doing something less frequently and still getting the job done or goal achieved is being more efficient

If you find a way to do something faster and get the same results you are being efficient

Be thrifty and you are being efficient

If you believe that smaller and more durable is better you are being efficient

If you believe in quality not quantity then you are being efficient

If you are short and to the point in your conversations you are being efficient

If you spend more time with family and close friends than with casual acquaintances you are being efficient

Get plenty of sleep so you can efficiently do things the next day.

If you focus on improving your life with more education, information, knowledge and skills you are being efficient

If you work a lot and smart using the latest tools or technology you are being efficient

If you live in a small house and drive a scooter or a mini car most of the time and maybe have a car for longer trips then you are being efficient

If you insulate your house and have energy saving appliances you are being efficient

If you find a way to spend less time, energy and money on a job, task, relationship, or activity and still get the desired effects then you are being efficient and simplifying your life.

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Eating unhealthy is a bad, addictive, emotionally and sensually pleasant habit which humans impulsively don’t want to change even though they may logically want to in their minds. There are many excuses which are used to not change what they basically enjoy doing and are addicted to.

My busy job makes it impossible to eat right

My family likes fast food

I can’t fight the food industry

I’m too lazy to change

Heart disease and cancer runs in my family

You can’t fight bad genetics

There must be an easy trick or way to change my eating habits

There are so many fad and food experts giving different advice on what to eat

Destiny is in control of my life not me

There is no organic fast food

I don’t like to cook or prepare organic food

Going cold turkey or suddenly switching to eating certified organic food is going to fail because it is not that tasty to begin with and preparing it in a tasty way is a pain in the butt. Switching suddenly to eating organic will be an unpleasant experience and it won’t be very long before you revert back to your old enjoyable addictive eating habits.

Is there a solution to this seeming insurmountable roadblock? Yes, introduce certified organic foods gradually into your diet in small amounts and then more and more as time goes on.

If you can’t find certified organic food start off by buying organic food. Bring your favorite organic fruits, nuts, and yogurt to work for snacking. Make your own sugarless smoothies at home in a fast speed blender adding your favorite slightly sweet organic fruits and vegetables and refrigerate some so you can bring some to work also.

At home make some organic eggs by boiling or frying or raw with milk and eat it with multigrain bread like Ezekiel and seafood such as salmon which can even be from a can readymade to eat.

Find raw milk for pets or get some in a farmers market and add it to your smoothies or to organic beans and grains such as buckwheat and oatmeal mixed with your favorite fruits or berries. Have non organic blood sausage about once a week because it is so nutrient rich. I have been asked why blood sausage? Because vampire bats can survive on blood alone and the Mesai of Africa thrive on a raw milk, blood, and meat diet.

Find organic food recipes on the internet and test them out. The key here is don’t be afraid to experiment, the new organic food will not poison you or kill you and if you discover a tasty recipe that you like then start preparing it and eating it more frequently.

You only have to eat one varied meal a day if you lead a basically sedentary life and that means that you can get by with one certified varied organic meal prepared at home by you or your significant other or spouse.

Go certified organic but do so gradually and eventually turn it into an avalanche. In the meantime don’t feel guilty if you have a medium rare steak, chocolate, donuts, or fast food once in a while for taste satisfaction. Organic need not mean going meatless although organic meat with the exception of buffalo and wild meat is not currently available in organic form. Eat meat in moderation also. We are omnivores and that means that we can eat any food which we are not allergic to in moderation.

Variety is the spice of life and if you include some unhealthy overly processed sugary foods along the way in moderation or once a week then don’t stress about it and it won’t kill you or damage your long duration health in any significant way.

Healthy does not mean losing weight and being skinny because over 50% of the population is genetically programmed to be on the plump side sooner or later in life and will not lose any weight eating healthy.

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If other humans are involved then you apologize if you have made a mistake or done something wrong. Say  “I’m Sorry” but then follow it up with what you will do about it.

“Now I know what to do”

“It won’t happen again”

“I’ll change that”

“Next time I will do it right”

“I’ll work on it”

“I need time to work it out”

“I need help”

“I don’t know what to do”

If you know how to solve the mistake then say so and if it needs help from someone then ask for it. Finally there are times when there is no solution so don’t be embarrassed to admit that you don’t know what to do or that it will take time to work it out.

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Choosing and achieving good goals throughout a lifetime is a measure of a successful life.


It is the goal or responsibility of everyone to judge what is good, then to practice what is good and to promote good people.   What is morally good everywhere in the world is true goodness and can be summarized in a moral code which applies to the world of humans.

Don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder is an excellent or very good moral code.


Happiness is a pleasure which can have various degrees of intensity. Most of us prefer to pursue goals which make us happy. Doing something physically and/or mentally will give you greater happiness than daydreaming about doing something which you only think will give you more happiness in the future. Pursuing realistic goals gives greater happiness than daydreaming about improbable or even impossible goals.


Health as a goal becomes priority number one when relatively severe illness or an accident exists which can threaten our survival.  Healthy offspring should be very high on the wish list for caring parents and humans wishing to healthily reproduce should find a healthy spouse which will increase the probability of healthy offspring.  Health is frequently only fully accepted as a very desirable goal when it doesn’t exist in its optimal form. The best way to promote good health is to eat and promote certified organic food.


What you help or use your time and energy and money on is an indication of what your priorities or goals are in life. Help yourself and become successful and important and then you can help others realistically.


Honesty is trying to be truthful and sincere.  It is also not lying or not being willfully fraudulent and/or deceptive.  Honesty as a goal makes voluntary cooperation between people possible in society and its absence leads to chaos or rule by force and intimidation.  Honesty creates trust in human relationships.  Without trust between leaders and the led much force and the threat of force must be used to try and badly and inefficiently rule humans.


Honor is a moral reputation which is greatly respected. The goal of caring about your honor makes leadership and social cooperation possible.


Hope is a desire for a goal(s) when the odds or probability of achieving that goal(s) is quite low.


Humor is a subset(s) which makes us laugh and it is frequently (a minor misfortune and/or a human frailty such as (stupidity and/or ignorance)) and/or (a rare event and/or an unusual human or animal skill or behavior) and/or(a deception such as a trick and/or unique decorations on a human or animal) and/or (a surprise and/or an unexpected behavior) and/or an event which causes us to sometimes laugh.

Humor can lessen the sense of personal misfortune or someone else’s misfortune on your mind.  Ridicule which contains humor and is also derogatory can be used to punish a fellow human.  Using humor when trying to achieve a goal can make the experience more enjoyable but it can also make the experience less enjoyable if one is the subject of that ridicule.

Humor was and is necessary in a mythological age which we are living in because of the many untruths which can only sometimes be combated with humor. Language itself is humorous because it is so stupid, irrational, and emotionally biased. In a logical just society which uses logical language humor will largely disappear as a form of entertainment and ridicule for the average human will be almost extinct.

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Anyone who has seriously studied the stock market sooner or later comes to the conclusion that fast computers, big money hedge funds, big money institutions, inside traders, and big money billionaires are manipulating the market and the stock prices are no longer tied in a logical way to fundamentals or fixed assets.

The stock market has become an irrational short term volatile crap shoot where day traders are the only private suckers still trying to outfox the system which is rigged against them.

Another fundamental reason you can’t make money is that there are very few speedy growth companies making an excellent profit with prospects of large increased size in the near future. Those are the young companies preferred by speculators. Those companies which do show outstanding growth reach a certain size and then are bought by bigger companies who don’t want the successful competition to continue.

Most companies have reached an optimum size with minimal growth and are not considered high flyers nor a good short duration or long duration investment.

If you are the rare human who has money left over to invest you are stupid to invest in the stock market for the long duration. Invest in real estate or put your money in a savings account and you will have much more of it left 5 or 10 years into the future.

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***You are an impulse buyer who doesn’t know the difference between what you NEED and what you WANT impulsively.

If you can do without a purchase for a week, a month, or a year then you DON’T NEED it and you shouldn’t buy it just because you want it that moment.

***You don’t know how to budget your money

You haven’t learned to set spending priorities in your life based on your spending habits. Healthy food, shelter, economical transportation, and education for you and your offspring should be the right order of priorities in your life and everything else is secondary in order of importance. For help in learning how to budget go to or read my evergreen book HOW TO SAVE MONEY.

***You are not setting aside about 10% of your income for emergencies

Many humans don’t have an emergency savings account and when they have emergency car repairs, house repairs, appliance repairs, unemployment, and medical bills they go into debt from which they never escape but the debt gets worse and worse as more emergency payments are added.

CONCLUSION: Stop making impulse purchases, budget your money, and put aside some for a rainy day in a savings account.

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Tell the truth

Lying stresses you out trying to remember the lies so you don’t make a mistake and reveal the truth, it reduces your self esteem, and makes you unlikable when humans discover that you have been lying. Honesty or telling the truth is the bond which makes close relationships possible and creates trust in a relationship which will create much happiness knowing that your relationship is secure.

Create personal control

Happy humans chose their own destinies and don’t let others run their lives. Being in complete control makes one confident and optimistic with much sense of self esteem.

Accept what you can’t change

Life may seem unfair or unjust at times and you can unnecessarily obsess unhappily over it. Just focus on the things which you can change and make the changes which will make you feel good with a sense of achievement.

Live simply

Remove clutter from your life and simplify it. Bigger and more is frequently not better and more efficient but more stressful and costly. Drive a smaller car, live in a smaller house, live with less material wealth and less credit card debt and you will be happier for it.

Eat healthily and eat less

Eat as much certified organic food as possible and you will have more energy and a sense of well being without the need for sugar highs and other artificial stimulants.  Most of us lead sedentary lives and that means that most of us only have to eat about one varied meal a day to stay healthy. You will have better long duration health and this will make your life happier without illnesses plaguing your existence.

Exercise moderately

Zoloft is an artificial drug stimulant which deceptively increases your sense of happiness which is exactly what moderate exercise will do for your mental health and sense of well being. You don’t have to be fanatical about exercising and you can go for weeks and months without it but you will increase your body and mental health with exercise and this will keep you happier.

Focus on important relationships

Unless you are a salesperson and need many repeat customers spend more time on family and close friends. You will find much more happiness with them than with a hundred and one casual relationships.

Never seek approval from everyone

You can’t please everyone all the time so don’t start out on this road to disappointment. If your family, close friends, and boss approve of you then that is all the affirmation that you should need. Worrying about what other humans think of you will just cause unnecessary unhappiness.

Talk less and listen more

Many humans inefficiently waste much time talking too much. Learn to be short and sweet in your conversations and let others do most of the talking and listen and learn as much as you can about them. Humans will think that you are smart and caring if you pay attention to them and not focus so much on yourself.

Avoid social comparison

If you compare yourself with others you will develop a sense of superiority over others and feel bad about being less successful socially than others. Praise all humans for their progress in life no matter how small it may be and stay focused on making progress in your own life at a rate which you can comfortably live with.


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