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Most of us randomly clutter up our lives doing things inefficiently and impulsively and find no time to do the important things in our life which could improve our life and not just clutter it up with trivial busywork. Here are some suggestions which will simplify and make your life happier, more satisfying, and more efficient.

*** Schedule your time

At work you are on a schedule and you should also schedule your time away from work. Scheduling means that if there is something important to do after work you will always find a time slot for it and get it done.

*** Set priorities

Start everyday setting priorities of the most important things to do and leave out the less important ones. Do them in order if possible one after the other.

If you make a commitment to a task don’t deviate from it and take on more tasks or responsibilities.

Ask others for help if you feel you need it and can’t do it efficiently without help.

Do a complete job or task so you don’t have to come back to it over and over again.

Schedule some time for yourself to satisfy your needs also.

Schedule some time on the job and away from it to think about or meditate about how you are doing and what you could do to improve upon what you are doing or are going to do.

Exclude trivial wasteful actions in your life such as TV, too much social networking, too much internet surfing, and too much purposeless entertainment.

Almost every day do self learning on the internet or by reading a book which will help you to get a new job or a better one or improve on the skills and useful knowledge that you already have.

Review your achievements every week and if you have very few then plan ahead and make useful goals for the next week, month, or year.

Use your cell phone and email once a day unless they are a part of your business activity.

Eat less or one varied meal a day and keep it simple without complex cooking or meal preparation. Eat as much healthy certified organic food in its natural state as possible. This will mean less clean up and less storage needed and you will save much time and energy.

Create and stick to a budget and automate as many of your bill payments and money transactions as you can.

Use commuting time wisely by listening to audio informative books or instructions. Read books which will improve your life if you use public transportation.

Don’t waste much time on the media with topics which you have no control over and which you can’t change such as politics, the economy, the stock market, the weather, the news, sports, and celebrity social lives.

Be punctual and you are being efficient

Be organized and you are being efficient

Use the internet for socializing, education, entertainment, and shopping and buying more than one item that you really need and you are being efficient

Going to the supermarket once every two weeks instead of twice a week and you are being efficient

Doing something less frequently and still getting the job done or goal achieved is being more efficient

If you find a way to do something faster and get the same results you are being efficient

Be thrifty and you are being efficient

If you believe that smaller and more durable is better you are being efficient

If you believe in quality not quantity then you are being efficient

If you are short and to the point in your conversations you are being efficient

If you spend more time with family and close friends than with casual acquaintances you are being efficient

Get plenty of sleep so you can efficiently do things the next day.

If you focus on improving your life with more education, information, knowledge and skills you are being efficient

If you work a lot and smart using the latest tools or technology you are being efficient

If you live in a small house and drive a scooter or a mini car most of the time and maybe have a car for longer trips then you are being efficient

If you insulate your house and have energy saving appliances you are being efficient

If you find a way to spend less time, energy and money on a job, task, relationship, or activity and still get the desired effects then you are being efficient and simplifying your life.

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Eating unhealthy is a bad, addictive, emotionally and sensually pleasant habit which humans impulsively don’t want to change even though they may logically want to in their minds. There are many excuses which are used to not change what they basically enjoy doing and are addicted to.

My busy job makes it impossible to eat right

My family likes fast food

I can’t fight the food industry

I’m too lazy to change

Heart disease and cancer runs in my family

You can’t fight bad genetics

There must be an easy trick or way to change my eating habits

There are so many fad and food experts giving different advice on what to eat

Destiny is in control of my life not me

There is no organic fast food

I don’t like to cook or prepare organic food

Going cold turkey or suddenly switching to eating certified organic food is going to fail because it is not that tasty to begin with and preparing it in a tasty way is a pain in the butt. Switching suddenly to eating organic will be an unpleasant experience and it won’t be very long before you revert back to your old enjoyable addictive eating habits.

Is there a solution to this seeming insurmountable roadblock? Yes, introduce certified organic foods gradually into your diet in small amounts and then more and more as time goes on.

If you can’t find certified organic food start off by buying organic food. Bring your favorite organic fruits, nuts, and yogurt to work for snacking. Make your own sugarless smoothies at home in a fast speed blender adding your favorite slightly sweet organic fruits and vegetables and refrigerate some so you can bring some to work also.

At home make some organic eggs by boiling or frying or raw with milk and eat it with multigrain bread like Ezekiel and seafood such as salmon which can even be from a can readymade to eat.

Find raw milk for pets or get some in a farmers market and add it to your smoothies or to organic beans and grains such as buckwheat and oatmeal mixed with your favorite fruits or berries. Have non organic blood sausage about once a week because it is so nutrient rich. I have been asked why blood sausage? Because vampire bats can survive on blood alone and the Mesai of Africa thrive on a raw milk, blood, and meat diet.

Find organic food recipes on the internet and test them out. The key here is don’t be afraid to experiment, the new organic food will not poison you or kill you and if you discover a tasty recipe that you like then start preparing it and eating it more frequently.

You only have to eat one varied meal a day if you lead a basically sedentary life and that means that you can get by with one certified varied organic meal prepared at home by you or your significant other or spouse.

Go certified organic but do so gradually and eventually turn it into an avalanche. In the meantime don’t feel guilty if you have a medium rare steak, chocolate, donuts, or fast food once in a while for taste satisfaction. Organic need not mean going meatless although organic meat with the exception of buffalo and wild meat is not currently available in organic form. Eat meat in moderation also. We are omnivores and that means that we can eat any food which we are not allergic to in moderation.

Variety is the spice of life and if you include some unhealthy overly processed sugary foods along the way in moderation or once a week then don’t stress about it and it won’t kill you or damage your long duration health in any significant way.

Healthy does not mean losing weight and being skinny because over 50% of the population is genetically programmed to be on the plump side sooner or later in life and will not lose any weight eating healthy.

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If other humans are involved then you apologize if you have made a mistake or done something wrong. Say  “I’m Sorry” but then follow it up with what you will do about it.

“Now I know what to do”

“It won’t happen again”

“I’ll change that”

“Next time I will do it right”

“I’ll work on it”

“I need time to work it out”

“I need help”

“I don’t know what to do”

If you know how to solve the mistake then say so and if it needs help from someone then ask for it. Finally there are times when there is no solution so don’t be embarrassed to admit that you don’t know what to do or that it will take time to work it out.

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Choosing and achieving good goals throughout a lifetime is a measure of a successful life.


It is the goal or responsibility of everyone to judge what is good, then to practice what is good and to promote good people.   What is morally good everywhere in the world is true goodness and can be summarized in a moral code which applies to the world of humans.

Don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder is an excellent or very good moral code.


Happiness is a pleasure which can have various degrees of intensity. Most of us prefer to pursue goals which make us happy. Doing something physically and/or mentally will give you greater happiness than daydreaming about doing something which you only think will give you more happiness in the future. Pursuing realistic goals gives greater happiness than daydreaming about improbable or even impossible goals.


Health as a goal becomes priority number one when relatively severe illness or an accident exists which can threaten our survival.  Healthy offspring should be very high on the wish list for caring parents and humans wishing to healthily reproduce should find a healthy spouse which will increase the probability of healthy offspring.  Health is frequently only fully accepted as a very desirable goal when it doesn’t exist in its optimal form. The best way to promote good health is to eat and promote certified organic food.


What you help or use your time and energy and money on is an indication of what your priorities or goals are in life. Help yourself and become successful and important and then you can help others realistically.


Honesty is trying to be truthful and sincere.  It is also not lying or not being willfully fraudulent and/or deceptive.  Honesty as a goal makes voluntary cooperation between people possible in society and its absence leads to chaos or rule by force and intimidation.  Honesty creates trust in human relationships.  Without trust between leaders and the led much force and the threat of force must be used to try and badly and inefficiently rule humans.


Honor is a moral reputation which is greatly respected. The goal of caring about your honor makes leadership and social cooperation possible.


Hope is a desire for a goal(s) when the odds or probability of achieving that goal(s) is quite low.


Humor is a subset(s) which makes us laugh and it is frequently (a minor misfortune and/or a human frailty such as (stupidity and/or ignorance)) and/or (a rare event and/or an unusual human or animal skill or behavior) and/or(a deception such as a trick and/or unique decorations on a human or animal) and/or (a surprise and/or an unexpected behavior) and/or an event which causes us to sometimes laugh.

Humor can lessen the sense of personal misfortune or someone else’s misfortune on your mind.  Ridicule which contains humor and is also derogatory can be used to punish a fellow human.  Using humor when trying to achieve a goal can make the experience more enjoyable but it can also make the experience less enjoyable if one is the subject of that ridicule.

Humor was and is necessary in a mythological age which we are living in because of the many untruths which can only sometimes be combated with humor. Language itself is humorous because it is so stupid, irrational, and emotionally biased. In a logical just society which uses logical language humor will largely disappear as a form of entertainment and ridicule for the average human will be almost extinct.

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Anyone who has seriously studied the stock market sooner or later comes to the conclusion that fast computers, big money hedge funds, big money institutions, inside traders, and big money billionaires are manipulating the market and the stock prices are no longer tied in a logical way to fundamentals or fixed assets.

The stock market has become an irrational short term volatile crap shoot where day traders are the only private suckers still trying to outfox the system which is rigged against them.

Another fundamental reason you can’t make money is that there are very few speedy growth companies making an excellent profit with prospects of large increased size in the near future. Those are the young companies preferred by speculators. Those companies which do show outstanding growth reach a certain size and then are bought by bigger companies who don’t want the successful competition to continue.

Most companies have reached an optimum size with minimal growth and are not considered high flyers nor a good short duration or long duration investment.

If you are the rare human who has money left over to invest you are stupid to invest in the stock market for the long duration. Invest in real estate or put your money in a savings account and you will have much more of it left 5 or 10 years into the future.

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***You are an impulse buyer who doesn’t know the difference between what you NEED and what you WANT impulsively.

If you can do without a purchase for a week, a month, or a year then you DON’T NEED it and you shouldn’t buy it just because you want it that moment.

***You don’t know how to budget your money

You haven’t learned to set spending priorities in your life based on your spending habits. Healthy food, shelter, economical transportation, and education for you and your offspring should be the right order of priorities in your life and everything else is secondary in order of importance. For help in learning how to budget go to or read my evergreen book HOW TO SAVE MONEY.

***You are not setting aside about 10% of your income for emergencies

Many humans don’t have an emergency savings account and when they have emergency car repairs, house repairs, appliance repairs, unemployment, and medical bills they go into debt from which they never escape but the debt gets worse and worse as more emergency payments are added.

CONCLUSION: Stop making impulse purchases, budget your money, and put aside some for a rainy day in a savings account.

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Tell the truth

Lying stresses you out trying to remember the lies so you don’t make a mistake and reveal the truth, it reduces your self esteem, and makes you unlikable when humans discover that you have been lying. Honesty or telling the truth is the bond which makes close relationships possible and creates trust in a relationship which will create much happiness knowing that your relationship is secure.

Create personal control

Happy humans chose their own destinies and don’t let others run their lives. Being in complete control makes one confident and optimistic with much sense of self esteem.

Accept what you can’t change

Life may seem unfair or unjust at times and you can unnecessarily obsess unhappily over it. Just focus on the things which you can change and make the changes which will make you feel good with a sense of achievement.

Live simply

Remove clutter from your life and simplify it. Bigger and more is frequently not better and more efficient but more stressful and costly. Drive a smaller car, live in a smaller house, live with less material wealth and less credit card debt and you will be happier for it.

Eat healthily and eat less

Eat as much certified organic food as possible and you will have more energy and a sense of well being without the need for sugar highs and other artificial stimulants.  Most of us lead sedentary lives and that means that most of us only have to eat about one varied meal a day to stay healthy. You will have better long duration health and this will make your life happier without illnesses plaguing your existence.

Exercise moderately

Zoloft is an artificial drug stimulant which deceptively increases your sense of happiness which is exactly what moderate exercise will do for your mental health and sense of well being. You don’t have to be fanatical about exercising and you can go for weeks and months without it but you will increase your body and mental health with exercise and this will keep you happier.

Focus on important relationships

Unless you are a salesperson and need many repeat customers spend more time on family and close friends. You will find much more happiness with them than with a hundred and one casual relationships.

Never seek approval from everyone

You can’t please everyone all the time so don’t start out on this road to disappointment. If your family, close friends, and boss approve of you then that is all the affirmation that you should need. Worrying about what other humans think of you will just cause unnecessary unhappiness.

Talk less and listen more

Many humans inefficiently waste much time talking too much. Learn to be short and sweet in your conversations and let others do most of the talking and listen and learn as much as you can about them. Humans will think that you are smart and caring if you pay attention to them and not focus so much on yourself.

Avoid social comparison

If you compare yourself with others you will develop a sense of superiority over others and feel bad about being less successful socially than others. Praise all humans for their progress in life no matter how small it may be and stay focused on making progress in your own life at a rate which you can comfortably live with.


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LIE: You will lose 5 to 10 pounds a week.

TRUTH: There are about 3500 calories in a pound of fat. It would take you one week to lose 1 pound of fat if you went on a starvation diet and ate nothing for a week because most of us can survive losing no weight on 500 calories a day. You can go on a dangerous month’s fast and eat nothing at all and you are only guaranteed to lose about 4 pounds of weight. The only way to lose a pound of weight in one day is to dehydrate your body and lose one pound of water in a day!!!!!!

LIE: You can treat yourself and eat anything you want in moderation and lose weight.

TRUTH: This misleads you into thinking that you won’t have to give up any of the eating pleasures in your life. It lies that you can eat the bad large calorie good tasting foods. Even if you ate half or one third the amount you frequently eat you will still not lose weight.

LIE: All you need to do is take a weight loss pill or a food supplement which suppresses your appetite.

TRUTH: If your appetite is suppressed and you go on a starvation diet you will lose some weight but in the long duration you will gain it all back.  Appetite suppression chemicals are dangerous to your metabolism if used for too long and when you get off them for health reasons you may even gain more weight than what you started out with because the body is expecting more starvation in the future and is adjusting by storing more fat cells. It also increases the chances that you will be starving on a diet of bad nutrition foods which you are used to eating and this will damage your health in the long duration.

LIE: A before and after picture is shown as proof that you will lose weight.

TRUTH: The humans in the pictures lost weight using a different weight reduction program which is not the easy one advertised.

CONCLUSION: There is no fast way to lose weight and not have any bad side effects on your health. Over 50% of humans were programmed genetically to be on the plump side sooner or later so even if you only eat about 500 calories a day you will still not lose weight.

You can lose weight under the supervision of a nutritionist who knows what they are doing and will be counting calories for you. You can lose weight slowly and surely by eating a healthy variety of food and being on a semi starvation diet until you reach your desired weight. Then you have to adjust or stabilize your calorie intake so you don’t gain it all back. The process requires an almost inhuman discipline to overcome hunger pangs and the temptation to eat something delicious and satisfying.

If you must lose weight because of bad health and a fear of imminent death then you may be motivated enough to seek nutritional professional help.  Someone will supervise your weight reduction program for a fee. Permanent weight reduction is possible but your diet will be different and the amount of food that you consume will be drastically reduced. Eating will probably no longer be a great pleasure in your life.


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When we do something wrong or are having a difficult day it is a common human tendency to want to make a lying excuse for it or to try to conceal it with a lie.

We frequently habitually answer “I’m fine” when asked how you are doing even though we may have had a bad day and are stressed out. A truthful answer would be I’m having a rough day or I have problems to solve. If you answer truthfully then there is the possibility of a follow up question “How bad a day are you having?”

I frequently answer that I am having a great day even though I may have had some difficulties that day to strangers or humans such as bank tellers because even my bad days are great days because I am alive and have an optimistic attitude that I will resolve my problems sooner or later.

If asked how my day was from a family member or a close friend then that is the time I will honestly tell them what a problematic day I am having.

Instead of answering fine I say good, OK, or great day and don’t feel that I am lying because it signifies confidence and happiness even though you may have transient problems in your life which are never eternal.

Is it a white lie? Technically yes but realistically NO.

Many frequently answer “That was delicious” to a lousy meal at someone’s house which is visited. I frequently answer good but a little too spicy, a little too bland, or a little too sweet for my taste if asked to give an opinion on the bad meal.  At the very end when leaving just thank them for the meal but leave out great, delicious, or tasty. You don’t have to rave about a meal that was not personally tasty for you just to make someone feel good about themselves.

Not being punctual or not realizing that no one likes to waste their time and energy leads to many lies in the form of untrue promises. I’ll be there in two seconds when five minutes to a half hour is what you really mean to do. I’ll be ready in 5 minutes when you really mean much more time than that. I’ll be home in 5 minutes when you will take your sweet time and show up an hour late. “Sorry, I’m late” when you overslept or wasted time doing something else and not preparing to show up on time.

A real problem is the fact that humans do not schedule their lives or live it by the clock away from work and have a very casual attitude about the importance of time in other human’s lives. Most humans are not conscious about their time away from work and irresponsibly lie about it in their everyday lives without knowing it is a very bad inefficient habit.

“Sorry I missed your call” is frequently a lie because we don’t like the pestering or boring caller or had more important things to do. I don’t have boring or pestering callers as friends or acquaintances so I never run into this problem. If I have an unimportant call I don’t answer it and if I want to answer then I keep it short and sweet and don’t waste my time talking to someone unimportant in my life.

“I’ll do it tomorrow” is frequently the lie in the form of a promise of a procrastinator who does not want to fulfill his responsibility to do something in a timely way and when tomorrow comes he will try to delay it some more. If you have the time and are not honestly doing something more important then force yourself off your butt and do it right away and you won’t have to lie or procrastinate.

“Thank you so much. I just loved it!” is a lie designed to avoid hurt feelings about a bad gift and you may have been brainwashed by society into thinking that you are an insensitive jerk if you don’t lie. The truth is that you are being an insensitive ass kisser promoting further inappropriate gifts by the gift giver. It is much better to just honestly say “thank you but I will rarely be using it” to an inappropriate or bad gift.

“Yea, you look great in that dress” is a social lie which is supposed to prevent immediate arguments or bad feelings. The truth is that if you praise a bad looking dress you will get more of them the next time and your disappointment will increase in your life.

If I don’t like my wife’s dress I say it is OK but add that it is not my favorite style, not my favorite pattern, not my favorite color combination, the dress is too busy, or the dress could be more elegant. Make sure your wife knows what your favorite colors, patterns, and styles are and your chances will increase that she will gradually start to try to please you more the next time around. Honesty is the best policy and I haven’t angered by wife or been slapped for my honest comments on clothes so far nor do I expect to receive anger or to be slapped in the future.

If you do like a dress then instead of raving that its beautiful give a reason for your approval and say I like the color, the pattern, the style, the color combination, its sexy, or I like short sleeves. This way you will create the impression that you know a little about fashion and your opinion will be respected.

“If you don’t come with me now I will leave you here by yourself” is an irresponsible parental lie which tries to motivate a child through fear of abandonment. It is far better to say that “if you don’t come now I won’t take you out as frequently as I do” or “I won’t bring you here again for a long time” if you really mean it. You can motivate an offspring with fear but just be sure that it is a realistic fear and not a made up fear which is illogical and a lie.

White lies are just not worth doing if you want to be respected and admired by others, especially your offspring and have a reputation as being honest and sincere and not a deceiving liar. Humans will trust your opinions and benefit from your honest comments and not doubt that you are just saying nice things to make them feel good about themselves.

The white lies are frequently told to casual friends and acquaintances and it becomes a bad habit which you will start practicing on close friends and family with whom you should be honest all the time.  White lies done to make someone emotionally feel good which are not true make you seem like an undiscriminating fool who approves of everything.


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Be kind to everyone unless you are the boss and disciplining a worker for not performing on the job

Treating humans with affection, infrequent loving, and respect will not only make you mentally feel good but it will increase the probability that your future relationship with the human will be a trusting and closer one.

Humans who are treated nicely will frequently reciprocate and treat you nicely in return.


See problems as challenges and not unpleasant tasks

Face all your problems with optimism and confidence that you can resolve them and view them as challenges and not unpleasant events in your life. You will be happier while solving them.


Be thankful for what you have even though it may not be the best of everything

“The happiest humans don’t have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything which they have”. Being thankful for what you have is better than yearning and stressing over what you don’t have in your life. You can make realistic plans to get what you don’t have if it is a realistic goal but if it is not realistic then don’t fret or stress about it since it will only make you unhappier than you can be.


Make realistic goals by aiming for the next level of improvement in your life and not the top

Most humans dream too big and preoccupy themselves with daydreaming about becoming president or chairman of a company or a celebrity. Be realistic and plan to make it to the next level in the hierarchy of authority and stop dreaming about becoming what you realistically won’t ever become unless you feel yourself to be extremely gifted or talented.


Don’t agonize over small problems

Small problems frequently get solved successfully or they go away by themselves given enough time. Concentrate on the important things in your life and work and don’t make yourself unhappy over the trivial problems in your life.


Say nice things about others unless they are behaving immorally

Being nice is a good feeling which you should have more of and unless a person is behaving immorally and lying or stealing. You should communicate good things about them and not bad things and especially avoid gossiping which may not be the truth about a human and may hurt your reputation as a truth teller.


Don’t make excuses

If you make a mistake then own up to it and find ways to change so that it won’t exist again. Rarely there will be an accident on the interstate and you will show up late for work with a truly good reason or excuse but in most cases saying you were caught in heavy traffic is not a valid excuse because you should have left earlier for work to compensate for it. It is usually your fault that you made a mistake and you should definitely not be making up valid sounding excuses which are lies to cover up your mistakes in life.


Live in the moment

Be happy doing what you are in the present and don’t stress yourself out worrying about the past which you can’t change and worrying about the future bad situations which may not happen at all. There is a difference in planning for the future and worrying about all the things which can possibly go wrong and may not. Even if you are in a bad job with bad coworkers do the best you can and make plans for a future new job or prepare yourself for a better one. Take care of your responsibilities in the present with a happy approach and make realistic steps in the present to make tomorrow even better.


Schedule your life

Humans on a schedule are more efficient and get more things done and are frequently happier than those who run their lives moment to moment. That also means going to bed at about the same time every night so you don’t feel tired the next day and have many unpleasant moments.


Forgive others when it’s possible

Humans hold grudges against others who have offended them or done something bad against them. Backstabbing is the hardest to forgive because if someone lies about you behind your back or claims that you are making mistakes on the job which will hurt the company you may have a hard time regaining or maintaining a good reputation with your boss.

If you are not guilty for the backstabbing claims do the best that you can to reassure your boss that everything is OK and that he has nothing to worry about because the allegations are false. Then move on with your life and don’t live in fear that it will happen again or try to get revenge on the backstabber because it will only cause you to fester in hate and there is probably nothing that you can do about him or her.

If your work has been sabotaged then take steps so it doesn’t happen again.

If you can’t forgive the backstabber then at least try to ignore him or her so that you don’t have to live with bad emotions or feelings and feel unhappy over it for a long time.

For personal insults or bad behavior against you directly which don’t impact your job it is best to forgive and not hold a grudge. This is because your personal feelings have been hurt and your life is not threatened or changed in any significant way.


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If you are honest and sincere and add enthusiasm where appropriate you will attract many good humans and you will be respected, trusted, admired, and have a good reputation. If your goal is to reach a leadership position in an organization or in business the probability that you will get there will increase if you are honest and sincere. If you are honest and sincere in your family life you increase the chances that you will have a happy marriage and a long one.


Being efficient means that you are not wasting time, energy, and money which may be your own or another human’s time, energy, and money.

Be punctual and you are being efficient

Be organized and you are being efficient

Schedule your life by the clock as much as possible and you are being efficient

Use the internet for socializing, education, entertainment, and shopping and buying more than one item that you really need and you are being efficient

Going to the supermarket once every two weeks instead of twice a week and you are being efficient

Doing something less frequently and still getting the job done or goal achieved is being more efficient

If you find a way to do something faster and get the same results you are being efficient

Be thrifty and you are being efficient

If you believe in simplifying your life you are being efficient

If you believe that smaller and more durable is better you are being efficient

If you believe in quality not quantity then you are being efficient

If you are short and to the point in your conversations you are being efficient

If you prioritize your life and spend more time on the important things in your life and not the trivial ones you are being efficient

If you spend more time with family and close friends than with casual acquaintances you are being efficient

If you focus on improving your life with more education, information, knowledge and skills you are being efficient

If you work a lot and smart using the latest tools or technology you are being efficient

If you live in a small house and drive a scooter or a mini car most of the time and maybe have a car for longer trips then you are being efficient

If you insulate your house and have energy saving appliances you are being efficient

If you find a way to spend less time, energy and money on a job, task, relationship, or activity and still get the desired effects then you are being efficient

If you are reading my evergreen blogs acquiring new useful knowledge you are being efficient


If you liked this evergreen blog read more of them and read one or more of my evergreen books, especially COMMON SENSE.




There are some exceptions when multitasking is OK. You can multitask by eating fast food, listening to music, and driving a car as long as it is not in busy traffic conditions. You can listen to music, text message, and drive a car on the interstate if there is no traffic. The previous two examples assume that you have excellent coordination or good hand eye coordination. If you are uncoordinated physically don’t multitask while driving a car.

You can cook or vacuum and use the cell phone at the same time successfully. You can usually use the cell phone and do a physical habitual standardized task such as gardening, cleaning, washing windows, taking out the garbage, putting dishes in the dishwasher, exercising. etc.


Multitasking slows you down asking you to switch constantly between tasks and losing concentration and time doing so. Doing all your emails at once and doing all your texting at once is more efficient than switching back and forth between the two tasks.

You will make more mistakes multitasking and the more tasks that you are switching to and from the more mistakes you will make and your productivity will suffer sometimes as much as 40%, especially if the tasks require critical thinking.

It causes more stress in your life. If you make more mistakes multitasking it will stress you more. If you do badly on an exam after studying and watching a sporting event on TV at the same time you can even feel depressed with the bad results.

Your memory may suffer and you may not remember all the necessary vital details which is what can happen if you read a book and watch TV at the same time.

It can hurt your personal relationships by creating a sense of unimportance or an angry reaction because of rudeness. This happens when you are with your spouse or friend and interrupt the conversation by switching to the cellphone to talk or to text. When conversing with spouse or another person give them your full attention or they will feel unimportant and offended by your distracting behavior.

If you multitask while driving a car in heavy traffic it can even be dangerous to your safety and life.

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Women or men in their reproductive years who are divorced or have lost a spouse and are morning the loss and can’t seem to make a new love connection.

Financially handicapped women or men who are looking for a spouse to restore the middle class lifestyle to which they have been accustomed to.

Delusional young women and men without a job looking for true love which they hope will offset a major financial handicap.

Delusional women who lie about their looks and continue to disappoint the men they meet with and delusional retired men wanting women 40 years younger but not being able to perform sexually and not wanting offspring.

Women past their prime who have had many relationships good and bad and are looking for companionship more than financial support because they are making a decent income.

Women who have lost interest in sex but may be still pretending to have an interest to attract a man.

Men interested in sex but no longer having real successful sex because of impaired virility.

Men looking to score sexually on the next women in a seemingly endless line of serial sexual relationships without a desire to commit to marriage.

CONCLUSION: Most humans want a perfect mate who is attractive, has a good paying job, and a good personality but will rarely find this complete combination on the internet or in real life because most of them are happily married.

The solution to this dilemma is to start an online dating service for good paying jobholders who can perform sexually and sincerely state that they are interested in a long duration commitment or marriage.

The dating service should charge much money for the service and have a screening process which eliminates the liars or pretenders who don’t give an accurate profile of themselves. This will exclude the frustrating experience of dating and looking for that needle in a haystack successful relationship for those who deserve to be in a happy relationship and have earned that right.

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The truth is that psychology and psychiatry is trying to replace religion and its traditional function in society and it is doing a very substandard job of it.

Psychiatry and psychology has no guiding moral code and the result is situation ethics where the end justifies the means and that means that it is OK to do something bad and immoral to achieve a greater relative good defined by a very biased emotionally opinionated subjective group of humans with the rights and power to do so.

Psychology and psychiatry are not a science which can prove cause and effect relationships using statistics. They will never be a science and all attempts to try to make them a science are great failures.

For example, one stupid fraudulent experiment was done to show a causal relationship between designer glasses, regular glasses, and the tendency of humans to cheat. The conclusion was that those humans who chose the designer glasses cheated more than those choosing the regular glasses. The fraudulent results showed a significant approximately 30% difference and tried to fraudulently prove the unprovable.

You can’t force causal relationships because there are more than two variables in all psychology and psychiatry experiments using general complex words or variables like cheating which always has many more than just one reason for cheating and it is impossible to determine which reason is affecting the results of their pseudo experiments.

A moral code which is so vital to the peaceful and orderly functioning of society without force or the threat of force is not something which science will never prove by measurement or statistics. Science has helped me to create the moral code based on concepts of energy efficiency in nature and the basic principal that no human or animal likes to be stolen from.

No human likes to be lied to and lying is deceptive and/or fraudulent stealing of the truth which is a subset of stealing but this logical conclusion is not something which the average human is capable of rationalizing but just may intuitively senses that lying to them is immoral or wrong.

It might be an interesting experiment to determine how compulsive liars react to being lied to and prove that being lied to is considered wrong intuitively. I admit that the conclusion to this experiment could disprove my assumption about intuitiveness. If being lied to is not considered wrong in this special case then all forms of stealing may not be biologically programmed to be bad experiences.

If another compulsive liar attracts rather than repulses a compulsive liar my assumption about intuitiveness may have special exceptions to the basic rule and it may not be applicable to every human. Can an intense or “strong” bonding relationship form between two compulsive liars lying to each other? My hypothesis is no, so prove me wrong.

Knowledge and understanding of human nature and wild nature and physics has all helped me to formulate a just moral code for both humans and wild animals and plants. If you can improve on it then be my guest and I will gladly discuss it.

Humans need a simplified just moral code to believe in and live by or they become confused and think that any behavior is possible and justifiable. I sense my behavior is good so I have a right to do it. No, individual human behavior must be subordinated for the betterment of the common good or society and this means that they must be indoctrinated to be truthful and not steal from one another if peaceful interaction will prevail.

No human should be subjected to the fearful trauma of having to live in a lying, deceiving, and stealing environment which is what wild animals have to battle with on a daily basis.

Being civilized by definition means living in a human world governed by just morality which eliminates the fearful trauma of living wild with predators threatening your existence almost every moment.

Mental illness or deviant behavior is the result when people are not governed by an internal moral force or intuitive thinking which keeps them automatically out of deviant behaviors.

Western youth does not have an inhibiting moral sense and it is leading to dysfunctional unproductive lives in society. The faster we get the new generation to believe in a guiding just morality the sooner will we emerge from the social and economic disaster which we are heading into at an alarming speed.

Humans need to intuitively believe what is right or wrong in their daily lives so that they can make wise and useful and fruitful choices impulsively. Situation ethics or relative ethical decisions have no place in the efficient just functioning of human society.

Science is not the ultimate source of all truth but is very relativistic and non judgmental and offers a thousand and one alternative human social structures or moral codes to choose from. Human logical reasoning ability must be used to supplement science facts and make traditional moral codes better for future human use. My moral code is just an update of religious moral codes which have worked rather badly in the past and must be changed for a new technological future society and ultimate one world rule.

There are rare exceptions which justify seemingly illegal means or immorality to achieve good ends. One example is lying or torturing during war to save a life or lives. If you see a gunman at your door and he has a weapon in hand and asks to see your son or daughter then you can lie and tell the gunman that your offspring is not home.

If there is a great probability that you know that thousands of lives of innocent civilians or military personnel may be saved if you can determine the location of a bomb and time is of the essence then you can torture an enemy suspect during time of war only.

Doing something bad or immoral, such as stealing private information, to minimize stealing on the internet or preventing cyber terrorism is another special case where private communications information can be gathered or stolen without a warrant.

The names of internet users, their location, telephone calls, and financial account info can be stolen which can potentially be used to convict drug pushing felons, international thieves, and international cyber terrorists.

Loss of privacy is the price which has to be paid for security from online thieves and cyber terrorists and it is up to the public to insure that the information gathering is in safe secure trustworthy hands.

Once the information has been gathered, including financial information, if the government detects criminal activity in an account then it should proceed to notify the court and ask for a warrant to use this information in a criminal prosecution and at the same time inform the accused that his financial records have been analyzed and there is proof of money laundering or other illegal use of funds.

It is obvious that information is potentially all powerful and it can be used to suppress political dissent and used to gain an unjust advantage of one business over another business which does not have privileged private information.

Can we trust the government with this private information on everyone? In an immoral society which does not function under a secular moral code the answer is NO. If those gathering private information are well screened, moral, and impartial gatherers of information then the answer would be YES!!!!!! So lets quickly start on the road to creating more of those future trustworthy individuals by mandating a moral code in elementary schools across the nation and in every country of the world so we can insure that we will have a rich resource of trustworthy future individuals to run the country and world in a just way and minimize national and international crime.

How do you insure that gatherers of private information are trustworthy and will not divulge this information for personal gain or the benefit of third parties? If the humans in question have not had a moral upbringing and can’t prove a record of impartial judging ability then they should be disqualified as potential information gatherers. If they have an excellent  public record for honesty and impartial judgment then they can qualify to be an information gatherer.

How do you guarantee an excellent reputation and impartiality? The information gatherers should be humans who have studied law and have served many years and have a reputation as impartial judges in criminal and civil prosecutions. Yes, impartial trustworthy excellent reputation should be those similar to standards for supreme court judges with impeccable credentials.

They would be scrutinized by both political parties and if approved be appointed by the president to a position of Supreme Gatherer of Information who would have responsibility for an information gathering organization of previous judges who would be in charge of releasing private information for use in criminal prosecutions throughout the nation or world.

The above reasons all point to the fact that the secular government must have a secular moral code under which it functions to maintain trust with the public that it will not use private information as an unjust advantage to reward special interests at the expense of the private individual. The government should be gathering a huge data bank of information so that criminals or potential enemies of the country can be traced to a location at any time necessary.

No anonymous users of the internet should be permitted to function and communications devices should eventually be technologically programmed to only accept the owner as a user of the device to avoid second party misuse of the device.

You can invent electronic devices which bypass most of the security measures installed but preventing stealing, criminal activity, and enemy espionage is an ongoing cat and mouse game which hopefully the government will win and ensure trustworthy communications for the individual citizen everywhere in the nation or world.

One final communication. For world government to succeed there will also have to be a position of WORLD SUPREME INFORMATION GATHERER. This human will have to have an international reputation as a just and impartial judge worldwide. Countries of the world will vote in favor of or against such a human with proportional voting rights based on their nations population. Thus the most populous nations would have larger voting rights than the less populous ones.

This WORLD SUPREME INFORMATION GATHERER would have all the financial information on all the organizations and citizens in a country anywhere in the world and would analyze the information for criminal or illegal activity. Upon finding such criminal or illegal activity the country in question would be notified and asked to take legal action against those national or international criminals working or operating out of the country.

If the country does not take legal action against the criminal or illegal activity then economic sanctions could be taken or a threat to impoverish the country could be made. No military force is necessary to coerce that country into compliance.

Money is power and the threat of its loss should be enough to get the criminal promoting country in line.

How do you get the United States, Europe, China, and Russia to agree on a World Supreme Information Gatherer? There must be a worldwide secular moral code in all the above countries to make it possible. As long as the leadership in any country is not willing to institute the moral code in the country for all its citizens and the leadership included there will be no unity of opinion in the world and a trustworthy judging leader is not possible.

A repeat of the necessary worldwide moral code. Don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder!!!!!!

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Ignoring bodily health

Ignoring body health in youth may not lead to immediate bad consequences but sooner or later it will start impacting your life and you will be sicker and not functioning at your full potential. Make sure you eat healthy by staying away from over processed overly sugary foods as much as possible and start switching to a variety of certified organic food.

You don’t have to be religious about it because you can go without exercise for years if you lead an active life doing household chores and taking care of your offspring.  If you are leading a sedentary life with little movement start thinking about getting in about 20 minutes of walking or varied body movement about three times a week.

Being lazy or inactive

There is a current popular saying that a body at rest tends to stay at rest and one in motion tends to stay in motion. Get off your butt and start living life by doing something useful. Don’t be fearful of acquiring new knowledge on the internet and searching for goals which you would like to accomplish next in life. Do a little research by asking questions and getting answers. Start working towards a better job in small steps. If you waste your time looking for fun things to do it will cost you more money and stress you out financially and maybe even emotionally so start improving your knowledge on a subject with potential future application like a new and better job.

Avoid bad humans and bad experiences as much as possible

It may not be obvious but if you spend time with unhappy or miserable humans much of that will influence you and you will also be more unhappy with your life. Try to associate with optimistic happy humans and you will add happiness to your life. If you have a lousy job that is making you unhappy then start learning and planning for a better one. Associate with happy humans and a happy work environment and you will be happier for it.

Eliminate disorganization in small steps

Organize your workspace and make it neat and tidy. Replace your disorganized random work behavior and even personal life with one that operates on a schedule which uses your time wisely. Impulsively going through work or life is very inefficient and you can get much more done if you have an orderly environment and plan ahead for all the events in your work and life by the clock.

Don’t envy others lifestyles and material successes

Other humans will always seem to be doing better than you either with relationships or materially or exciting experiences. Don’t be envious because all that activity and material wealth is costing money and they are probably maxed out on their credit cards and in a financial hole which will make their great lifestyle come crashing down sooner or later. Live a simpler more efficient and thrifty life and you will avoid stressing out financially and emotionally.

Don’t try to please everyone

Don’t waste time and energy thinking whether you are wearing the right clothes, saying the right thing, or reacting properly to situations in your life. Try to please the most important humans in your life to some extent and that includes family and close friends but ignore what everyone else may think of you and stop trying to please them.

Plan for a new job before it chronically stresses you out

If your work load is getting almost unbearable or if you hate your job, you have terrible coworkers, and your job security is starting to be questionable then start looking for a new job or start educating yourself for a better next job before you become chronically stressed out.

Only robots are perfect

Don’t worry about not being perfect because no one can realistically be perfect or do everything right all the time. If you achieve most of your job goals and do so punctually and within acceptable standards then be satisfied with it because it probably won’t get any more perfect.

Don’t be financially illiterate

If you are not spending money with a budget and are spending money impulsively from paycheck to paycheck then learn to budget your money. What that basically means is that you should be saving up about 10% of it for a rainy day an/or your retirement and putting it into a savings account but not the stock market. Also don’t spend more than your monthly budget allows and if you do it for emergencies then take it out of your savings account but don’t develop a bad habit and constantly use savings to bail you out of overspending. Use a debit card if you can’t budget properly with a tempting credit card.


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One psychologist who shall remain nameless wrote that situations, beliefs, expertise, attention, emotions, technology, our bodies, and relationships can make us smarter. I add that it is also true that bad situations, bad beliefs, bad expertise, bad relationships, bad technology, etc. can also make us stupider.

The most important follow up question is what is your definition of smarter and I can add to that what is the definition of stupider. Silence. The psychologist has no clue what smartness or stupidness is. I have a definition for smart and stupid.

Smart: adj. a human having complete logical reasoning skills and successfully applying them to solve political and social and economic and scientific problems

Stupid: adj. a human having incomplete logical reasoning skills and unsuccessfully applying them to solve political and social and economic and scientific problems

It turns out the the truth is that you don’t get smarter from a situation, a belief, expertise, relationship, etc. but you get smarter by applying logical reasoning skills to a good or bad situation, a good or bad belief, good or bad expertise, etc. If you have logical reasoning skills you will be able to benefit from a good situation and also a bad one because with your logical reasoning ability you will learn from your mistakes or bad situations and improve upon them the next time and become smarter the next time around.

The psychologist has no clue what she is talking about and has little if any useful true knowledge to give or offer you. That is the sad state of psychology today. They don’t define the words that they use accurately and the result is that they rarely can  smartly offer useful advice to the public that makes any sense.

A major psychological discovery is that the brain is the seat of consciousness. Wow, what a discovery. Another way of saying it is that the brain is where you do all your thinking. Is this common sense or a true new discovery which psychology claims? This is just one example of the stupid circumstance which psychology is in and will remain there into the foreseeable future because psychology will never be a science beyond a mere description of a stimulus or stimuli and a response or responses.

Psychology is mostly statistical BS which doesn’t prove anything but is merely answers to questions presented by psychologists. The accuracy of the results is questionable because humans can lie when answering questions and this throws off any psychological questionnaire validity and analysis.

Psychiatry is a similar illogical profession which doesn’t accurately define the buzz words which they use and the result is that you can logically show that everyone is with 90% accuracy a psychopath as a showed in one of my previous blogs not long ago. Misdiagnosis of mental illness is the result and many people who aren’t mentally sick but just need radical behavior modification are put on drugs with bad side effects. This makes the situation worse and the psychiatrists solution is to switch you to another habit forming drug with bad side effects.

The realistic fact is that there are many more bad situations, bad beliefs, bad expertise etc. than good ones surrounding humans on a daily basis and this makes more of them stupider rather than smarter. If you want to make humans smarter you will have a hard uphill struggle because there are very few groups of smart humans with logical reasoning ability who can solve our problems for us.

What is the evidence of bad education, bad politics, bad economics, bad health, etc.?

Over 50% of school graduates can’t find a job,

Political gridlock and stupid and corrupt government laws, mortgage companies, the stock market, and banks causing a housing bubble to burst and plunging government into trillion dollar debts on a yearly basis thus threatening the future economic well being of the nation and world economic system.

Medical costs going through the roof and more and more humans suffering from allergies, diabetes, cancer, misdiagnosed mental illness etc. mostly because of unhealthy food and eating habits. Humans being treated by ineffective drugs with bad side effects that are treated with more ineffective drugs. Many drugs produced with corrupt clinical statistical trial results on them.

I can go on and on how stupid and inappropriate our educational system is for the modern world, how stupid and corrupt government is, how stupid, inefficient, and ineffective our medical system is, and on and on about the generally bad political, social, economic, educational, and even science credibility situation.

Most of society is the stupid and corrupt leading the stupid   or   the blind leading the blind and this circumstance or situation reaches into the predominant leadership ranks. Leaders and followers are both blinded with the use of an archaic, mythological stupidly used language and lack of a secular moral code.

Society as a whole is getting stupider and not smarter because they are brainwashed with a stupid use of the very emotional badly defined language which is not only making them stupider but also making them more immoral because there is not a complete secular moral code being taught to young elementary school students.

Trust and honesty which makes trusting close relationships possible is quickly eroding in society because of an absence of a moral code and humans are behaving stupider and stupider and it is not because they are inherently less intelligent but it is because their educational experience in school and life is substandard and not worthy of imitation.

There is technological hope that truly useful knowledge can be taught over the internet worldwide at the speed of light. Individualized computer learning matched to all learning speeds will eventually bypass most of the bad human influences and vacuous archaic mythological knowledge which is still brainwashing the youth of today with so much bad information and dysfunctional human experiences.

Psychology is a relativistic, situation ethics, almost anything goes group philosophy which is an art and an illogical art at that. Psychology will never be a science based on provable facts but at least it can aspire to become a little more moral and logical in the way that it uses words and writes articles and blogs with them. The words they use in the future should be much more accurately defined and not as generally vague as they are today and hopefully improved word definitions will have more relevance to reality and true human needs in the near future.

Saving psychology from its irrelevance to the human condition would be to have psychologists teach my moral code to all the patients and in this way give people a purpose and meaning in their lives. They would know what is right behavior and what is wrong behavior which is making their lives so dysfunctional. Want to improve your life? Then be or act morally!!!!!!

What is the moral code? Don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder. Most of this code can be called common sense except for the don’t be inefficient rule. This should be the job of all future psychologists showing how inefficiency in your life causes you to waste time, energy, and money on trivial pastimes or habits which you should be changing to more efficient purposeful and enjoyable pastimes and goals. A new era of moral psychology is emerging!!!!!!

Being more efficient can mean living in a smaller home and buying a small efficient car and spending less money on clothes and fashion. Simplify your life, downsize, and don’t make it more expensive or bigger unless it is absolutely essential. Learn to be thrifty with your life and money and save up some to further your education or make that dreamed of trip to one of the seven wonders of the world. Try to buy smaller more efficient quality goods and buy quality food or certified organic food and eat less calories of it.

The list is endless and if you lead a more efficient life you will also be helping to save biodiversity because you will be consuming much less valuable natural resources and not polluting the environment as much. Nature is efficient in the wilderness and doesn’t waste money or energy which is one and the same thing. Try to be as efficient as wildlife in the use of energy or money and nature will thank you for it and you yourself will be leading a more fulfilling and prosperous life. You will have quality in your life and not quantity and this will make you happier in the long duration and more financially solvent.

Bigger and more is frequently more inefficient and more money. Smaller and less is frequently more efficient and less money. Quality is more efficient and low quality quantity is less efficient. We are talking about personal life principles and not manufacturing goods in great quantity.

If you want smart humans in society then start teaching and using the logical language and definitions recommended in my evergreen book SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS.

Teach students how to reason logically with a logical language almost free of emotional biases and you will start producing some really smart adults who will start applying reason and start solving our political, social, economic, educational, language, environmental, and scientific problems. There will be much more peace and genuine progress in this world and the wilderness plants and animals will thank you for it by thriving in expanded real estate. This will ensure a long and prosperous future for them and humanity on into the foreseeable future.

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Destroy biodiversity and you are destroying the balance of nature with its rich gene pool which we may desperately need in the future when our food sources become diseased from too little variety and too much of a dose of pesticides and fungicides and health hazardous GMO food.

Relying on a handful of genetically identical food sources mass produced or grown in great concentrated areas means that if one food source becomes greatly infested with viruses, bacteria, and fungus and begins to die in large quantities then disease followed by starvation for some is a serious consequence. 

Already there are mutating super hardy viruses and bacteria which are resistant to low doses of pesticide and can ravage even “disease” resistant GMO plants. What do you do if you have no genetic replacements for standardized food sources which die out? Disaster!!!!!!

Disease and death of the food supply is a serious realistic concern in the near future and we should do all we can to support a healthy certified varied organic food growing industry. Variety of a healthy food source is insurance against future disease and starvation.

Conserving and expanding the range of healthy wilderness plants and animals is our insurance that we will have continuing healthy food in the future if our over standardized agricultural crops and livestock start failing us.


Honesty, sincerity, and telling the truth or not lying is the bond which creates trust in society and permits nonviolent human interaction without the need for force or the threat of force or tyranny or dictatorship.

Humans lie to their dates and they lie to their offspring and many even lie and eventually cheat on their spouses. The consequences of lying are an inability to form close lasting relationships with people and family members and modern society is plagued with loners with few if any serious friends or relationships and mental problems. Close reliable trusting human interaction in the western world is disintegrating and it is all because of personal lying and deception and lying and deception in society and business.

Politicians are not trusted because they lie or are deceptive in front of the public and do something entirely the opposite in private deals with special interests who get favorable treatment which keeps their inefficiency alive and not subject to a deserved bankruptcy.

Cosmetic companies and weight loss companies and food supplement companies lie about the powers or efficacy of their products.

Public education lies that everyone regardless of financial status has an equal opportunity to succeed in life. The educational bureaucracy lies that you need a college education to succeed in life and over 50% of the graduates can’t find jobs.

The educational bureaucracy lies about intelligence which is just mainly proportional to a good memory. If you have a good memory you can remember trivial facts as well as important facts and remember all the complex rules of an inefficient overly emotional archaic mythological language and remember all the complex principles of varied disciplines. It does not necessarily make you any smarter or give you the ability to logically solve political, economic, social, and science problems using reason. Since intelligence is not the best indicator of a logical mind there are many intelligent people in leadership positions who are not very smart and don’t reason logically.

DON’T LIE!!!!!!

Mythological society using the largely emotional illogical language produces a thousand and one artistic liberal arts trivial pursuits and jobs which inefficiently use up natural resources at an alarming rate and pollute the environment and destroy biodiversity. It promotes a hedonistic society all geared to having fun or being entertained in a thousand and one different ways without nurturing the need for a necessary punctual work ethic and developing a logical factual mind.

Society over promotes concepts of unrealistic beauty and a concept that more and bigger inefficient products are better rather than less and smaller and more efficient is better. Society and humans living in it waste an incredible amount of time and energy doing trivial wasteful things in life which have nothing to do with healthy survival on the face of this earth and in the process destroy biodiversity. An excellent supply of varied healthy certified organic food should be priority number one in society.

The government is overburdened with inefficient tax laws and special interest laws and legislation all creating great paperwork and inefficiency and injustice in society. People lead inefficient lives burdened with credit card debt and inefficient family communications exist thanks to an over emotional inefficient illogical archaic language.

Nature has efficient communications and an efficient just distribution of healthy food and reproductive capacity and human civilization does not.

To promote efficient communications logical SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS will be used as a standard and logical language and thinking will be taught in elementary school and to all those unemployed and destitute.


No one likes to be stolen from. Don’t steal my property, my spouse or my close friends. Don’t steal or tax my money and then use it to fund large inefficient businesses and organizations and an unjust education and welfare system. Government steals and wastes our money to subsidize large inefficient businesses and organizations and makes it almost impossible for new businesses to survive and many humans steal to get back at an unjust system.

The solution to immoral stealing criminals is surveillance cameras almost everywhere. Wouldn’t it be easier to indoctrinate the young impressionable minds that stealing is immoral and start on the road to a more efficient smaller less money hungry massive unjust government bureaucracy.

To eliminate an excuse to steal or the need to steal it is necessary for the government to provide a safety net for the unemployed and destitute with healthy food and basic standardized necessities to be delivered door to door but no transportation vehicle shall be provided. This safety net should be extended to adult graduate students who are unemployed and destitute and have to live on their own free of help from family or friends. Free reeducation on the internet in logical thinking and a technology saturated field should be provided. Upon graduation or any time in between the unemployed and destitute will be solicited by business humans for a job and upon hiring a motor vehicle such as a scooter or mini car will be rented to provide a means to commute to and from a job. The details are outlined in my evergreen book CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS.


Irresponsible money management or failure to budget money and no job is a major reason why marriages fail. Next in line is marital adultery which also destroys marriages. The government should ensure that the genetic spouses are financially responsible for their offspring throughout a lifetime even after divorce. If a divorced spouse is out of work for years and has no income then of course the government will have to help the spouse with offspring financially but as soon as an exspouse is employed again some of the income should go towards offspring support and paying back the government for retroactive offspring support.


Murder can be justified in selfdefense against a deadly weapon and it can even be justified in killing a severely handicapped or diseased fetus or a healthy fetus which is not desired due to the heavy financial burden and hardship which it would cause the family.

There should not be a death penalty because that is an eye for an eye or murder of a criminal who can potentially be innocent if it is a frameup which is so easy to do for an immoral person in society with the technological knowhow. Life imprisonment should be the maximum penalty for murder even in great crimes so that no framed criminal is murdered unjustly. Don’t murder criminals.

There are special exceptions to murder or the taking of life but the rule taught to impressionable young minds is-


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Failure at a goal(s) should be considered to be a learning experience of what to do and not to do the next time if you try achieve that same goal(s) again.  Much failure sometimes means that a goal(s) is not realistically achievable.


Fairness is to be in an authority position and having the ability to justly match goal achievement or failure with just rewards and/or punishments.


Too much faith in your beliefs can override common sense or scientific truths and result in a belief in mythological or supernatural concepts which are illogical and highly improbable and not realistic.  When common sense and/or scientific truths are ignored then achieving many of your goals may become impossible or greatly improbable.


The goal may be to discipline offspring in a family or communally.  Families are usually better at promoting the individuality of the offspring and communal families frequently promote excessive social conformity in offspring and unique individual talents are frequently ignored or condemned.


When reason and political laws and morality fail to control criminal behavior within reasonable limits then force must be used to enforce the rule of law or to achieve the goal of relatively peaceful human interaction.  Force and the threat of force is also the primary governing tool of a tyrant.


Forgiveness is not punishing someone for reaching the wrong goal(s).  Most forgiveness should be based upon a sincere promise that the wrong goal(s) will not be willfully repeated again.  Forgiving relatively unimportant wrong goal(s) may not require remorse unless the wrong goal(s) become too frequent or numerous.


Treat ecological diversity as if you wanted it to last forever on the  this earth.  This is the best way to guarantee long duration human survival even though we can’t prove that a subset(s) will last forever.  Realistically few if any goals and/or subsets last forever.


A goal of having a friendly attitude is one of the essentials for a good social reputation even though you may reserve very close friendships to few individuals or only your own family.  The quality of the friendships which you have is more important than the quantity of the friendships in your life.


Freedom is the power to set goals without legal limits. The goal of freedom from 100% of human laws is ultimate freedom that no one should be yearning for since it is anarchy.  True freedom is to have political and social and economic freedom bounded by a just moral code.

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Surprise! There are actually three definitions for truth to understand what truth really means and they are not simple definitions. There is general truth which includes judicial truth and scientific truth. The definitions are very complex and need a lot of logical reasoning ability but I will try to explain each truth in layman terms which hopefully you can understand better.

Subset: n. a thing

Truth (General): a subset(s) which existed with a large number of logical and accurate correspondences and/or which has a relatively large probability of existing in the future and will have a large number of logical accurate correspondences

The key words here are a large number of logical and accurate correspondences.

Let’s take three ways of defining or explaining what love is.

Love is like music in your ears        

Love is a glorious feeling

Love: v. to sense a very intense pleasure from a subset(s) one cares about and the behavior(s) which exist with it

In the first phrase someone is trying to make a correspondence between love and music and ears. In the second phrase there is a correspondence of love to glorious and feeling. In the third definition love is connected or corresponded to sense, intensity, pleasure, subset(s), cares, behavior(s) and existence. The number of correspondences is 7 compared to only 2 for each of the two first phrases. Based on number of correspondences the definition of love has much more truth in it about love.

Now let’s evaluate the accuracy of the three communications. Love is like music in your ears. This implies that love is loud or soft and the different sound intensities cause different emotional reactions in your brain. A logical conclusion is that love is loud and soft and varies in intensity but to most who don’t make logical connections it is music in the ears and the accuracy level of such a communication is zero.

Love is a glorious feeling just communicates that love is a very pleasant feeling which is another way of saying that love is an emotion with intense feelings. The accuracy of this communication is very minimal and it just says that love feels very good.

Similes are very inaccurate ways of comparing or corresponding two or more words. Saying that love is like music is probably more accurate than communicating that love is like the shinning sun but both are very inaccurate ways of expressing reality.

Poets and many writers claim to be showing how beautiful language can be when in fact they are demonstrating how stupidly the language can be used. The more verbosity and the more the the number of inaccurate correspondences there are the stupider the communication is. Reading for pleasure or entertainment is an excursion into stupidity most of the time.

“There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat. And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures.” This verbose communication with inaccurate correspondences is William Shakespeare and he is basically saying “take advantage of opportunity when it is offered to you or you will remain miserable.” Even a summary is not an accurate truth because not everyone without opportunity is miserable. Shakespeare is mostly a great BS artist and totally inappropriate for the 21st century technological age.

I read about 300 pages of 881 pages by Ludwig Von Mises called Human Action: A Treatise on Economics. 99% of the book was boring repetitive BS propaganda about how great pure capitalism was for the economy. This man was one of the kings of verbosity with inaccurate word usage added on to obscure meaning. I didn’t read the whole book so I won’t summarize it in one paragraph but that is the total amount of factual information which he presented in the approximately 300 pages that I read.

Love is like music in your ears and is a glorious feeling should evoke a truthful response. What in the world are you talking about? I don’t understand what you are trying to communicate!!!!!! I like some music and glorious feelings too but what does it have to do with love beyond an emotional agreement with nice words???

In the definition of love as a verb it says that love exists when you sense very intense pleasure and it is something you care about personally and it also includes the behaviors which exist with the emotion. The accuracy of the definition is definitely greater than the first two phrases put together and tells you much more about the truth of love.

You may disagree that love is always very intense and pleasant but the truth is that if love is not as intense then it is a feeling called affection and not love.

Affection: n. sensing medium intensity pleasure for a subset(s) one cares about and the behavior(s) which exists with it

Many relationships between men and women start off with an infatuation period where there is much loving emotion but as time passes by there are many more times when affection is experienced and in fact for a long duration relationship or marriage the amount and frequency of affectionate behaviors is much greater than the amount and frequency of loving behaviors. Most realistic workable relationships start off with much and frequent love and end up with much and frequent affection if they last for a long duration.

Yes, poets and writers don’t have a clue what love really is because they can’t define it and most of what they write about with verbosity is just pure BS or a lie or personal biased emotional opinion and not the truth. When they write about love there are a minimal number of correspondences with reality and they are greatly inaccurate. Writing about love needs a logical approach and not an emotional one if love is ever to have real meaning and not just be an exciting emotional word experience.

I will anger some religious believers who believe that God is love or that Love is God. Logically this leads to a dead end in reasoning and the only conclusion that you can reach is that God is everything and love is also everything. This is a very inaccurate definition and is telling us that either God or Love must be eliminated from language because they both mean the same thing and only one word should survive.

The fault in most human misunderstandings is that the language itself is very inaccurate and too emotional in the way it is structured and leads to billions of emotional arguments among humans because the language communications are not based on logical facts but are merely frequently untrue, biased, personal, emotionally charged opinions which are highly inaccurate with minimal numerical correspondence to reality.

Language as it is currently structured is the reason humans argue emotionally and not logically with a necessary controlled discussion. SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS is my evergreen book which will cure this illogical overly emotional communications problem in world society.

Since we are on the topic of love you can be further enlightened with the truth about love by reading my evergreen book LOVEALL. The number of logical correspondences is large and the accuracy I leave to your personal judgment. It is 73 questions and answers about love and you will become a love expert if you read it to the end and apply all the knowledge to your life. Become a love expert!

Truth (Judicial) (Jtruth): n. a relevant fact(s) and/or concept(s) which may be used to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the (nondeceptive and/or nonfraudulent) and/or honest nature of something through evidence and/or testimony by hopefully (nondeceptive and/or nonfraudulent) and/or honest people and it may include scientific truth or testimony by hopefully (nondeceptive and/or nonfraudulent) and/or honest specialists in their field.  Scientific truth may therefore be a subset of judicial truth during a trial.

Judicial truth is directly proportional to the honesty and true facts presented by the humans in a court proceeding. The more honesty there is the greater is the judicial truth. This is why “do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” is so important in court. If the humans are lying and being deceptive and present untrue facts in the case then there will be a miscarriage of justice and no just conviction will result.

The modern court system is increasingly unreliable in the forensic evidence which is presented in court and the sworn testimony of the defendants and plaintiffs because we no longer have a very moral society since the average American lies about something almost on a daily basis and many don’t believe that lying is immoral if you somehow benefit from the lie.

There will come a day when only audio visual evidence will be sufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that someone is guilty of a crime because so many of the citizens will no longer be humans with an impeccable honest reputation on which they can rely in court.

If you don’t have humans with impeccable honest reputations in court then the most talented lawyer earning the most money to manipulate the emotions of the court wins and true facts and evidence is secondary in importance and the court system becomes a dysfunctional unjust sham.


Truth (Scientific) (Struth): n. a scientifically proven truth proven by using the scientific method


Scientific truth is the most reliable truth because it is truth proven by measurements in the laboratory and the number of correspondences of the definitions and principles used is very large and the accuracy of the proof is very great because mathematics is used as the accurate tool to make measurements on real mater and/or energy which exist in the world.

There are many statisticians in politics, sociology, and psychology who try to establish correspondences between words or variables and most of them are very suspect because the number of variables which affect statistical conclusions is almost infinite and makes logical correspondences between word variables which are inaccurately defined a tragic joke.

No cause and effect relationship or correspondence can be made between statistical norms and individual human behavior. It is all a big lie and untruth and politics, sociology, and psychology are not a science by any stretch of the imagination. Political science and social science is not a science at all but very biased personal and group opinions and not scientific facts.

Poverty is the reason why humans don’t succeed in life is an untrue statistical conclusion. The real reasons that poor humans don’t succeed is that they have immoral parents who can’t discipline, properly care for, and motivate their offspring to do well in school and life. The other important reason is that the education in ghetto schools is very bad because of discipline problems and peer pressure from offspring who come from dysfunctional families.

Those who rise out of poor neighborhoods to become successful in life are frequently those who have been inspired by moral parents and role models who have motivated them to excel in their lives and have realistic ambitions and are drug free.

Poverty does not cause failure in life but bad parenting and a bad educational system and a bad neighborhood are to blame!!!!!! Let’s see if statistics can prove that this is the truth. These facts put the blame on parents, role models, and the educational system and all are politically powerful and don’t want the statusquo to change because reeducating parents, role models, and teachers is considered mission impossible or taboo.

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There is an untrue belief that one human messiah will come to save the world or the universe and then there will be peace on earth and justice will prevail. That one messiah would have to have supernatural powers so he or she could force humans to not behave in an irrational or illogical emotionally charged selfish way which is what humans are doing today with a severely flawed outdated language.

The truth is that we need more than one messiah to combat the lies and deceptions and untruths which make up current political, social, economical, educational, language, and scientific mythology or untruths.

The truth is that there are and should be millions more of true messiahs on this planet all trying to pursue the truth and then trying to apply updated truths in their lives and the lives of others.

If you are fighting courageously to promote the conservation of biodiversity and its expansion in this world then you are a messiah of the balance of nature truth.

If you are honest and sincere and truthful and change your beliefs about what you think is true when confronted with more logical alternatives then you are an evolving messiah of truthful living.

If you abhor deceptions, lies, and untruths in politics, society, economics, education, and science and try to do something about it in your personal life and your interactions with others then you are a good messiah of healthy trustworthy human interactions.

If you are fighting against inefficiency at home, in the workplace, and in society and think that trivial human pursuits pollute the planet too much by using up too many precious resources then you are a messiah of truth because nature abhors inefficiency.

If you think that stealing is morally wrong but that there should be a safety net for the unemployed and destitute and that they should have the opportunity to reeducate themselves at government expense for truly useful technological skills in the workplace then you are a messiah of truthful necessary human philanthropy.

If you believe that adultery is immoral in a marriage then you are a messiah of truth trying to preserve the just and efficient reproduction of humans.

If you believe that murder should be against the law unless it is in selfdefense  then you are a messiah of truthful human conflict.

If you believe that language should be updated to be less emotional and more logical with accurate definitions then you are a messiah of efficient language truth.

CONCLUSION: Modern politics, society, economics, education, language, and science is filled with myths or untruths and if you are courageously fighting against one or more of these myths then you are a member of the new army of messiahs which this world so desperately needs and you should be proud of the fact and should try to indoctrinate your offspring with a similar zeal. Also try to convince as many fellow humans to follow your newly discovered truths.

If you do this with courage and conviction maybe at some point in the near future you will have much more peace and justice on the face of this earth for both humans and wild animals and plants.

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Human language everywhere is terribly inefficient when compared to animal communications such as those of dolphins and other wild animals. It uses many synonyms which are words which mean the same thing and multiple meanings for words which confuse someone who hasn’t spent days learning the tricky use of the word. Words spelled differently but sounding the same can create confusion for young communicators.

It has antonyms which are not the opposite in meaning but mislead you into thinking they are. Love is not the opposite of hate because there are humans who love to hate and this artificial confusing language paradox is true for almost all the antonyms which exist.

Similes and metaphors are very poor approximations to reality and lead to extreme views of the world. You have a cold heart or a warm one and your love gushes forth like an avalanche. What nonsense.

We have wallowed too long in a yes or no, black or white, for or against, love or hate, never or always, antonym or synonym, yin or yang, good or bad society approach to life when the real answer to questions should be almost all the time, not all the time, some of the time, or infrequently!

There is only humor in society because humans do stupid things and that is primarily because our language is so stupid and silly most of the time. Unfortunately language conveys an inaccurate view of reality which permits extreme beliefs and very emotional attachments to untrue opinions. Life should not be a joke but unfortunately language is a tragic joke on humans who suffer under its oppression and inhumanity.

Language is very verbose and emotional and very illogical. Literary works are pages of inaccurate information and emotional posturing which can frequently be summarized in a few topic sentences. There is no joy of reading except for the brainwashed older generation and it is no wonder that the younger generation prefers texting and with the help of the internet is quickly killing writing as a profession.

Prejudice abounds because all languages are emotionally biased to very provincial attitudes and the huge variety of languages in the world make worldwide communication and agreement among humans even harder to achieve.

Politicians don’t use logic but use emotionally charged words which you love or hate and create fear of the opposing party and create a hatred of humans who disagree with your point of view. Just what we need to lead a nation forward justly- emotionally antagonistic, charged leaders from opposing parties who can’t compromise or agree on anything of importance in society. Flawed illogical emotional language is the primary cause of all the political bullshit which we have to put up with.

Instead of discussing a family or relationship problem with a calm approach a problem frequently causes an argument where feelings are hurt and dissatisfaction and wanting revenge makes circumstances even worse.

Yelling and screaming and even sometimes shouting obscenities at offspring instead of firmly disciplining or discussing the situation is frequently a fact and is a sign of terrible parenting. All thanks to an emotional illogical language!!!!!!

Humans use this inefficient illogical emotional language worldwide and are trapped in a world of trivial inefficient selfish emotional pursuits which pollute the world unnecessarily and threaten biodiversity and so threaten human ultimate long duration survival in the world.

What is the solution to this seemingly uncurable handicap which current EMOTIONAL, mythological, and archaic language has burdened us with?

The solution is my evergreen book SCIENTIFIC THESAURUS which has unique logical definitions for every word used, has no synonyms, no antonyms, no multiple meanings, and few if any emotional words. It is a largely efficient logical language and my evergreen blogs are an example of its use. Yes, my blogs will not excite you or tantalize you or entertain you but they will supply you with the logical truth about most of the topics which I write about.

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Investing time, energy, matter, and money in a goal(s). All goals require some effort and most worthwhile goals usually require much effort.  The more effort you use the more time, energy, matter, and money you use. Without effort you are doomed to stagnate in a casual existence getting no place fast and just killing precious time.


Many goals are achieved primarily because of a persistent encouragement or (nurturing and/or protection) and/or motivation by others.


Enthusiasm is a very intense desire for doing something and intense desire is helpful in goal(s) achievement.


Excellence in a goal is frequently desirable and is a standard of perfection in (a characteristic(s) and/or an activity(s)) and/or an object(s). Without excellence mediocrity is frequently your destiny.

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I will be posting more wild animal pictures in the future for your enjoyment!!!!!!

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The United States, Europe, China, and Russia are the major powers in the world and all are suffering from moral decay because the young generation is not being taught a basic necessary morality which creates trust and makes possible civilized healthy human interaction without the need for force or the threat of force.

Surveillance cameras are being placed everywhere to monitor crime.

Lying corrupt politicians make unjust special interest laws and use unjust taxation to help corrupt inefficient big businesses and big institutions maintain power,

Corrupt governments print counterfeit money, can’t balance the budget, go into great debt, and don’t maintain the value of a stable money supply,

Corrupted wall street has turned the stock market into an unpredictable gambling crap shoot where fast computers with their unjust algorithms and big money in the form of hedge funds, big banks, big investment companies, and billionaire investors are stealing money by the billions from honest investors. The stock market is no longer influenced by sound business tangible asset fundamentals. All this is threatening a stable just money supply and a potentially healthy economy in the process.

The media is no longer the protector of individual rights and the whistle blower on public corruption but does what is considered politically correct for those in power.

A corrupt outdated educational bureaucracy teaches very few skills necessary in a technological society which are needed for good paying jobs for young adults,

An outdated educational system does not know how to provide an equal opportunity for the economically poor in ghetto neighborhoods where discipline problems and family problems make an inefficient traditional educational system dysfunctional.

A corrupt medical profession does not promote excellent nutrition but opts for expensive wasteful medical procedures and  prescription pills for every illness.  This frequently doesn’t cure anything but make the illness worse with side effects which are treated with more pills.

Small business partners are frequently failures because they don’t trust one another and can’t expand their business.

Rampant mental illness misdiagnosed and treated with mind altering drugs by the irresponsible psychiatric profession is becoming the norm among young offspring and young adults,

Constant relationship problems exist among humans and many are becoming depressed loners.

Family destruction with many divorces results in poor role model parents for offspring,

The average person lies about something almost on a daily basis.

Big agriculture and the big food business is threatening the biodiversity and health of the food supply with uniform unhealthy GMO food, pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, antibiotics, and unhealthy unnatural processed food with artificial additives and too much sugar,

Organic food growers are being harassed with unjust food safety laws which make raw milk sale illegal and make food made in the home illegal for sale to the public.

These are all just some of the signs that there is no common morality which is holding societies together in a healthy way. Corrupt institutions get favorable legal support and society becomes institutionalized corruption.

A thousand and one unjust laws are added on a daily basis unsuccessfully trying to replace morality. The consequences of trying to legislate morality is that almost everyone feels that the system is unjust and feel demoralized and hopeless.

The beginning solution to this problem is to teach an absolute moral code in elementary school to young impressionable minds who will find out as adults that there are exceptions to this code but that they should be relatively rare.

In a nutshell the moral code should be don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

I will expand on the need for this moral code in future blogs. There are also solutions to political, social, educational, and economic problems as outlined in my evergreen book COMMON SENSE.

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SERVANT LEADERSHIP is probably a foreign expression to most of you but it is a relatively new form of leadership where the boss tries to nurture or care for his employees so that they can optimally learn and perform in their jobs.

Servant leadership implies that the company is not a rat race where you have to claw your way to get to the top and use deceptive tricks to get there.

Servant leadership is a significant departure from authoritarian top down management control and optimizes the concept of teamwork leadership. Leaders don’t have to fear the personal whims of an authoritarian boss who is primarily interested in keeping his job at the top and does not want others to aspire to it.

In a growing expanding company servant leadership provides more of an opportunity for promotion and advancement within the company and encourages company loyalty.

1. In servant leadership the boss shares his leadership with his staff and considers their needs first. It also means that the staff is also taught to be servant leaders so that the needs of those working under them are considered first and so on down the line of management responsibility.

2. Formal feedback mechanisms are set up at work and informal ones about four times a year in personal homes or restaurants where feedback is also encouraged. Feedback means that opinions are sought about how to better run the organization or company and it is a time when new or better ideas are solicited and encouraged.

3. All leaders are anonymously evaluated once a year on a scale of one to ten and if they score lower than an 8 they are reevaluated six months later and held accountable for their performance. Everyone is held accountable.

4. Those employees which don’t work according to the core values of the company are eventually let go or fired.

5. All employees have access to the same information at the same time and if this is not possible with emails then a smartphone app keeps everyone informed on a timely basis so that everyone remains connected.

CONCLUSION: Servant leadership is most effective when the leaders have stock in the company and feel that they have a personal stake in the success of the company. This way the leaders are also rewarded monetarily for the success of the growing company.

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Daring is the courage to do something especially when it is done without permission or without a legal right to do so or it is the courage to do something which one believes to be socially unacceptable.


A desire for a goal(s) is the motivation which precedes the achievement of the goal(s) or which precedes an attempt at achieving a goal(s).


Destiny is your fate which has been modified by choosing and achieving goals throughout your life.


Determination is when persistence and perseverance both exist when trying to achieve a goal(s).


Having direction in your life is trying to achieve short duration and relatively new long duration goals.  Direction can frequently defeat a hopeless lifestyle which seems to be making no new progress.


Discipline is using just rewards and punishments to speed up the acquiring of a new goal(s). A disciplined effort to achieve a goal(s) will frequently succeed where a gambling or risky effort will not.


The goal of making new discoveries is possible with the help of science and the scientific method.

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If you eat LESS over processed over refined carbohydrates and sugars your body is getting less bad nutrition and your body will continue CRAVING for BETTER quality nutrition. You will continue to feel hungry and unsatisfied. You need more quality nutrition and less of a quantity of bad nutrition.

We are omnivores and that means that unless we have an allergy we can eat anything which is classified as a natural food. Eat VARIED nutrient dense foods such as raw milk (pasturized milk is second best), blood sausage, eggs, nuts, meat, fish, grains, seeds, fruits and vegetables. You will feel satiated or full much sooner and WILL wind up eating a smaller quantity of food. Natural certified organic food is all good for you and that includes all natural fats, proteins, and carbohydrates which exist in whole foods.

Less than 40% of the population can eat anything including fast food and not gain weight. The rest of us were genetically programed to be on the plump side sooner or later in life and if you try to fight biology you will fail and be miserable trying unsuccessfully to reduce weight by large amounts.

Don’t be afraid to EXPERIMENT with new better foods. Try new natural organic foods and don’t be afraid that they will poison you or cause illness. They won’t. They are not weird and dangerous foods but foods which are good for you in moderation. VARIETY is the spice of life and will keep your meals healthy, interesting, and satisfying. HAPPY HEALTHY EATING!!!


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Balance as a goal in nature is important if ecological destruction is to be avoided and balance in lifestyle is an important goal if you want to avoid using too much time living in extremes which are frequently hazardous to your health and prosperity.


Beauty as a goal is overvalued in this society where brains and good health should be valued even more greatly.  Breeding mostly for beauty in dogs and cats has led to breeds which are not very smart and have genetic flaws which cause poor health.


Almost everyone usually believes in something and it is important that most of your beliefs are based on objective facts and not subjective unproven opinions.  To believe that a goal is achievable is frequently the first step in its achievement.


Bravery is trying to reach a goal(s) under very dangerous circumstances.


Censorship as a goal is justified for minors to prevent minors from being prematurely exposed to and potentially beginning the practice of severely deviant and injurious and frequently criminal social behaviors.


A challenge is trying to achieve a goal(s) which will take an above average amount of effort to achieve and frequently does not have a great probability of being achieved.


The goal of wisdom is to accumulate truths throughout a lifetime but wisdom is also having a mental feeling of what should and should not be changed.  Everything changes with duration to some degree.


Commitment is the duration of and attachment to a goal(s). Commitment is the amount of time which you decide to use in trying to achieve a goal(s) and ends when you stop using time trying to achieve the goal(s).  Commitment may last only a few seconds or as long as a complete lifetime such as a lifelong marriage.


Communication is necessary if the same goals are to be made by more than one individual and achieved by more than one individual cooperatively.


Competition is when two or more people want the same goal and are trying to achieve the same goal(s).  It is important that just laws exist in a society which promote peaceful competition and not violent competition.  Economic competition and cooperation should replace military competition worldwide wherever possible if the existence of worldwide peace is ever to be achieved.


Confidence grows when the goals which you succeed in start to outnumber the goals that you don’t succeed at.


Conformity is imitating behaviors.  The goal of conforming to morality or the same basic or dominant social rules is what makes civilization possible.


A goal which attempts the conservation of nature’s biodiversity is the predominant guarantee of the long duration survival of humans.


A considerate person thinks about his goals and the goals that others are trying to achieve and tries to minimize the human stress which could easily start if those opposing or different goals are not acknowledged and reacted to with acceptable human etiquette.


Conviction is a belief that something is true or a belief that a goal(s) is achievable under the right circumstances and/or with calculated effort.


Doing or working together to achieve a goal(s).  Cooperative people usually are helpful in another’s goal(s) even though the goal(s) may not be one that one is attracted to or that one approves of.


Courage is continuing to pursue a goal(s) when the odds are against you and/or when the pursuit of the goal(s) is filled with danger.


If your goal is to create something truly new and useful it frequently requires much knowledge and ingenuity and much experimentation.


Curiosity is a desire to acquire new knowledge and/or experiences. Curiosity is the motivation which makes new goals and learning and experiences possible.  Curiosity will eventually show old and sometimes new truths and increase your knowledge about the world.

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If you liked this evergreen blog read more of them, about 800 so far, and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a world filled with myths and deceptions.


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Decide problems are challenges and not hardships

Approach problems with a “can do” rather than a “can’t do” attitude.

Make the best of what you have

The happiest people don’t have the best of everything but they try to make the best of everything which they have. Being thankful for what you have instead of longing unhappily for what you don’t have. This will increase happiness in your life.

Plan for major goals in your life

Working towards major goals in your life such as a better job or more necessary education will pay off more with happiness when they are reached. Living day to day with unimportant trivial goals in life and not making progress will not create as much happiness in your life.

Emphasize the good qualities in others

Gossiping or dwelling on the bad characteristics of others makes you spend time on unpleasant things and makes you very judgmental. Say nice things about humans unless they are immoral (lie and cheat) and deserve social ostracism. No one is perfect so focus on the good characteristics and not bad ones.

Focus on the present most of the time

Energetically living in the moment will cause more happiness than living in the past or worrying about the future. The greatest happiness comes from actively doing something now rather than thinking or dreaming about the past or future.

Try to wake up at about the same time every day

Not disrupting a circadian rhythm will lead to a happier more predictive and productive life. Being irregular in your sleep habits will make you feel tired and unhappy.

Choose friends wisely

Misery loves company and if most of your friends are also miserable and unhappy you will be trapped in a miserable existence. Try to mostly interact with happy friends who are accomplishing or achieving good things in life and have a generally happy attitude. Avoid deadbeat unhappy humans as much as possible.

Talk less and listen more

Make your communications as short and sweet and to the point as possible. Talk too much and you will bore others and waste your time learning nothing new. Listen more, ask more questions, and learn from other human experiences and knowledge. You will not only be more prized as a friend but you will become socially and mentally smarter.

Nurture close human relationships

Spend more time and energy and money with your closest friends, significant other, and family. You can develop and keep close trusting relationships and get more happiness from them then from just an army of casual friends and acquaintances.

Spend some time thinking or meditating

Taking a few minutes off during the day thinking or meditating will relieve job or family stress and make you better at doing what has to be done.

Eat healthy and exercise

Keeping your body healthy with good food and some exercise about three times a week for 20 minutes will provide the basics of what a healthy mind needs to function properly.

Live simply and efficiently

The less clutter you have around the house and in your life the happier you will be. Fewer material possessions, simpler houses, and smaller cars means less debt in most cases and more money to spend on truly important experiences in your life which will bring more happiness. Bigger is very frequently not better when it comes to happiness because bigger frequently means bigger inefficiency, bigger money, a bigger responsibility, and less happiness for the dollar spent.

Tell the truth

Telling the truth means that you will have more trusting and happier relationships with close friends, significant other, family, and others. Trust is the bond which holds relationships together and without it you will have much more unhappiness enter the relationships.

Become selfmotivated

Being selfmotivated to do things will increase your selfworth and you will feel more in control of your life. You won’t be wasting your time and energy waiting for motivation from others which may never come or come very infrequently.

Recognize that change is not possible for everything

You will be much happier if you can discriminate between what can be changed and what can’t. You can spend much time trying to change things which are not changeable and feel very frustrated and disappointed doing so which can become the source of much unhappiness. Trying to change humans who don’t want to change can lead to great unhappiness. Life isn’t always fair and learning to roll with the punches will lead to a happier life than wasting much time plotting revenge or feeling ripped off.


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