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 Being a traditionalist in a fast changing business world:

Unless you are the manager of a fast food business which doesn’t change much from year to year you are making a mistake if you like the way things are and want to keep it that way without change.

In a technologically changing world trying to maintain a status quo is going to hurt business in the long run if you don’t work towards a more efficient and competent workforce and new and better products.


Whining and trying to avoid responsibility:

If you are a pessimistic whiner who is constantly making excuses and blaming others for problems you will never be respected and it shows that you have bad judgment about accountability and an absence of confidence which demonstrates an almost total absence of leadership ability.


Being deceptive and not honest and sincere:

Manipulatively misleading your workers about your true thoughts about them and their performance is a form of lying and you will lose respect, trust, and efficient teamwork once the deception is exposed as it inevitably will.


Behaving dictatorially or tyrannically:

Trying to turn everyone into yes men and women without considering or using valuable feedback from workers who are dissatisfied or have better ideas on how to run the business will eventually lead to firing from someone higher up the hierarchical power structure.


Making empty threats:

If you threaten someone with punishment or the withdrawal of a privilege then follow through with it because you will lose credibility. If you make too many idle threats soon no one will believe you or be intimidated by the threats and you will start losing your power to get things done.


Craving power:

If you are a politician or bureaucrat then craving power can be a useful motivating force. If you are running a business then getting rich through the application of just rules and the achievement of worthwhile goals which benefit the customer should be your primary concern.


Ignoring the truth:

If you primarily listen to weak minded yes men and women who sugar coat the truth and tell you what you want to hear and not what you should hear which is the truth then you will fail sooner or later.


Making promises or commitments you don’t intend to keep:

Failing to follow through on a promise or commitment intentionally is a form of intentional lying and you will lose respect, trust, and obedience from your workers in the long duration.


Being grandiose and delusional:

Grand visions of a company as a goal and trying to get there speedily when it is not based on facts or reality will only lead to failure.


Doing what you know is wrong or against the rules:

Sacrificing good principles of leadership and behavior for greed or fear of repercussions and trying to cut corners may work in the short duration but in the long duration it will only lead to failure on a massive scale.


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A hundred years ago the one most important secret to a successful life was “learn a trade or a profession”.

Today the answer is the same but with a new twist.

“Learn a trade or profession which robots or computer software will not make obsolete in 10 to 20 years.”

It is no great secret by looking at the unemployment statistics for young adults, over 50% can’t find a job, that a liberal arts education is just not working any more towards a steady good paying job. The 21st century is the age of the internet and technology which is quickly destroying the old ways of doing things and replacing it with efficient job destroying robots and software.

Education will be revolutionized with interactive individualized online instruction which will make middle school and high school teachers almost extinct. Communication will be streamlined and almost no one will have the patience or desire to read verbose magazine articles, books of fiction, and literary textbooks. The writing profession will be replaced by efficient audio visual online instruction and entertainment. The verbose brainwashing print  and news media is on the road to extinction.

Almost no one will be reading just for the fun of it in the new future world.

Even traditional high paying professions like medicine will be largely replaced with diagnosing computer software which will take inputted symptoms, blood tests, and lab results and give a probable diagnosis and treatment regime.

Middle class jobs will largely be disappearing and there will be the technological, real estate, and government elite and the vast majority will be on government welfare surviving on limited resources. Already about 47% of the population receives some form of government welfare.

Thus the most important secret to a successful future life will be landing a good paying technologically saturated job. I wish the secret was not so devastating to the majority of future citizens living in the world today but that is going to be the new political and job reality so START PREPARING FOR IT BY BECOMING MORE TECHNOLOGICALLY LITERATE.

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Moderation may not be the speediest or best method to achieve many important goals in life but it is frequently the best method for average humans to live a balanced happy life.


Modesty is a moderate appraisal of one’s ability to achieve a goal(s). When it is great ability bragging is usually absent and frequently much credit is given to others.


An internal and/or external motivation(s) starts the achievement of any goal(s).


Opportunity is a subset(s) of circumstances which makes it possible to achieve a goal(s). You frequently need extensive knowledge and skills to be ready when opportunity exists.  Little adequate preparation will frequently make you pass an opportunity since opportunities rarely depend mostly on luck.  Good luck usually just makes the achievement of a goal(s) more probable and immediate.


A belief that a goal(s) will be achieved with a relatively great degree of probability and a general belief that good events will outnumber the bad events in life.

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If you are divorced without offspring then you will have a much easier time getting over your ex. If you have offspring your life will be permanently affected and you will have some strong feelings about the situation.

You will care what happens to your ex and will probably mostly blame him or her for the reason the divorce happened and erroneously think that the offspring will come to a similar conclusion when they grow up.

You will probably be jealous of his girlfriend and think that he is jealous of any boyfriend which you may have which will rarely be the case.

You will frequently be selfconscious about your divorce and what other people think about it but you shouldn’t be for your personal mental health.

When you get your career, kids, hobbies, yourself, and your life straightened out then you will be ready to meet someone and make a new committed relationship.

You may be vulnerable to dysfunctional relationships so don’t make the same mistake twice or three times by speedily marrying the wrong person over again.

When the offspring are with your ex use that time wisely to do something on your own or just to relax and don’t stress about the possible bad influence that your ex is having on them or unnecessarily hate the event.

If your ex has visitation rights and uses them then be ready to deal with the situation even if you marry again and would ideally like to start life over again without any interference from your ex.

Your offspring are frequently seen as a liability or excess financial responsibility by single men who will be more reluctant to commit than perhaps men who are divorced and have had offspring of their own and will have more in common with your life experiences.

Being divorced is much more common today than historically and is symptomatic of greater economic hardship and too much advertised sexual freedom or promiscuity. If you are smart you will consider a good job or career and a desire to be faithful in marriage as necessary prerequisites to any future commitments to marriage. If you are divorced then you should also consider improving your personality flaws and standards for a mate because most divorces fail because both and not just one spouse is to blame for the failure.


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The major key to a closer and better relationship is the ability to build a trusting relationship and always telling the truth is the fastest way of getting there. Always being honest and sincere is the key but there are 4 other things to also consider and do.

Stop silly arguments:

You will not always have the same opinion on things and will make mistakes along the way no matter how perfect you think you are or would like to be.

Accepting another’s opinion even if you disagree with it is being open minded and understanding that there may be another way of looking at the world in some or many cases. Instead of attacking an opinion which you disagree with and trying to force your opinion on another the proper approach is to discuss the opinion calmly and offering any counter evidence or facts which may disprove the opinion and support the one which you have.

Realize that when it comes to politics you can even disagree on general principles and still mostly agree on how to run family life in more agreeable detail. Realize that personal tastes and opinions which minimally affect family life are different and need agreement and acceptance and not argument.

Learn to apologize if you realize you have made a mistake or have attacked a relatively insignificant opinion in a highly emotional argumentative way. Making mistakes and relatively illogical emotional outburst are common in most relationships and a sincere apology is the best solution to the problems which it creates. An apology permits you to be much more open and not secretive in future communications.

Eliminate jealousy:

If you are not lying to each other and trust each other then jealousy should not even enter the picture. If one or both of you lie then jealousy can become a serious problem which refuses to go away. If one of you is a habitual liar then it is best to end the relationship sooner rather than later because it will inevitably destroy the relationship, frequently in a jealous rage.

Learn to communicate:

A strong relationship means that you can talk about any subject matter and neither partner has to feel defensive and keep opinions and facts a secret for fear that they will be emotionally attacked and not discussed in a rational calm way. If you are afraid that you will be shouted at for revealing a controversial opinion or fact then it is a question of a lack of trust which should be addressed. The more you conceal the greater will be the explosion once the truth or secret surfaces and the explosion can be avoided by constant revelations or truthful communications which hide nothing but discuss anything.

Pay attention or listen:

Listening to your partner and opening up takes much work and selfcontrol, especially if it is a frequently repeated topic which is beginning to bore you because it sounds like nagging.  Controlling personalities will frequently nag much if they don’t get their way so be prepared to live with a nag. If it gets too annoying tell them that it is hurting the pleasure that communicating should be and that you may not communicate as much in the future if it persists to the detriment of both of you.


Always being vulnerable to attack by always telling the truth and revealing your inner feelings and opinions takes courage but without such an honest strategy a trusting relationship will not develop and there won’t be a close and better relationship which is needed for a long duration marriage.


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Know what you want.

A confident, simple, truthful, and authoritative tone and content is necessary. Leaders should not convey uncertainty, doubt, indecisiveness, or fear in the tone of voice and content. Leaders should know what they want so that they are not for a loss of words when asked a question or asked for guidance. Knowing what the purpose or goals of the organization is and what the rules are for behavior are very important since you will be constantly reminding workers of them.  

Know when to use “but” or “and” properly

If a task or tasks were not done to acceptable standards then the word “but” can be used. We completed the tasks “but” the next time we will have to do it a little differently and/or we will have to put in more time and/or effort to succeed. If the task or tasks were done to acceptable standards then the word “and” should be used. We completed the job successfully “and” the next time we will have to do it a little differently and/or we will have to put in more time and/or effort.  

Resist superlatives

Leaders should not use superlatives which convey no meaning but are merely an attempt to create an emotional high. Amazing, awesome, unbelievable, incredible, epic, colossal, and out of this world should not be used. Great work, very good work, outstanding job, excellent, good attempt, nice try, on target, you did it, and well done are simple approving motivating words which create an optimistic rewarding emotional reaction which is believable and not exaggerated.  

Don’t convey uncertainty and vagueness

Use courageous, truthful, simple, accurate language to motivate action and not communications such as “This is kind of a tough situation” or “It’s sort of up to this team” which conveys uncertainty and vagueness.  

Use humor sparingly

Sometimes laughing at yourself or making fun of a past failure or mistake can relieve some stress and affirm that no one is perfect but seldom make fun of a worker who will assume that it is a form of ridicule and feel personally offended. Telling a funny story or joke is sometimes acceptable but you run the risk of someone not getting the joke or the humor and you may appear foolish which is not something a leader should exhibit.

Don’t get sidetracked

Sometimes a worker will ask a question which has little or nothing to do with the discussed subject or may even start complaining about an irrelevant topic such as family problems. Don’t feel obligated to answer such questions or complaints right away and stick to the topic being discussed. “We can discuss that another time” is an appropriate response so you don’t get sidetracked.

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There wasn’t enough chemistry or animal magnetism:

The most frequent reason a male does not call you back is because there wasn’t enough chemistry or animal magnetism that he felt for you. If on the other hand neither he nor you has been dating much then you may both be rusty on presenting your best somewhat flirtatious personality and the first date is more like a friendly get together and not a mating dance or ritual.

If you definitely find out that he hasn’t been dating much but you still find him attractive enough to want a second or third date then remember the old adage “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Call him a few days later and thank him for a pleasant date and give him a little feedback about what you found interesting about him to boost his possible insecure ego a bit as a desirable male. If he just answers thank you and doesn’t ask you about a follow up date then don’t push any further because it is obvious that he does not have the same feelings or interest in you as you do for him.


You were a shy or talkative bore and didn’t touch on the things that you have in common:

If you are very shy on the first date and don’t ask questions about his favorite family members, best friends, best and worst experiences in his life, and favorite pastimes then the conversation will have been very boring and you both will not have the optimistic experience of sharing great moments in life and pinpointing common interests, likes, and loves.

Risking being a little nosey is far better than badly communicating and being an uninteresting bore. You may also find out things about him which will cause you to avoid a second date with him sooner rather than later in the relationship.

Talking too much about yourself non stop is also a way of boring someone, especially if what you talk about is not very interesting. Two way conversations are definitely preferable.


He is just too busy with an important job or personal priorities:

If he has a very responsible high paying job the reason he doesn’t call is that he may truly be busy with more important priorities in his life at that moment. If he does call at a later date then try to be understanding unless all his future dates also follow the same pattern. Then you may realistically begin to feel that you will be playing second fiddle to his job or friends.

Although a death or chronic illness in the family or some other equally bad news may be the reason that he doesn’t call it is not a very probable occurrence but you should be understanding if a bereavement or lingering chronic illness of a family member is presented to you as an excuse for not calling sooner.


He has an overinflated ego:

He thinks he is an irresistible handsome hunk and wants you to call him because he has very many other women to choose from and you are not priority number one. If you think that may be the case then move on with your life and other males.


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You don’t have a steady good paying job or career.

Nothing is more terrifying than the prospect of starting a family with offspring on a shoe string budget. Historically society valued a female with a dowry (money) and a male with a good paying job or land to farm. Enough money is not only a security blanket but it also makes you a more interesting human who can do interesting things in life almost all of which require money to do those interesting things.


You look like a slob or bum.

Your initial appearance is what counts the most and if you are badly dressed, badly groomed, or even smell you will not create a good first impression and will be avoided speedily.


You have very few optimistic things in common with your dates.

You don’t like the same family members, offspring, close friends, politicians, good conversations, topics, music, movies, sports, food, cars, houses, hobbies, and activities. Only good free sex seems to be keeping the dysfunctional relationship alive.


You have a pessimistic personality and don’t have a clue how to get rid of it.

You are depressed by past family and personal failures and failures with the opposite sex and don’t know how to escape your past misfortune. You are not taking any realistic optimistic steps to avoid similar disappointments in the future.


You are devoting too much of your time to job or career and can’t schedule enough time for your relationship.

Nothing will end a relationship faster than feeling that you are playing second fiddle to a job or career and not getting enough earned attention. Being able to schedule important time for both job and relationship is the key to a harmonious happy lifestyle for both parties.


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Once you are married offspring will be a major priority most of the time and most will not have enough money for frequent exciting activities and adventures.

If you don’t have a job most of these activities and adventures will not be possible if done on a personal budget but if you are working or have a date with a job then these recommendations can spice up your life.

A blogger Christine has compiled a list of 100 activities and adventures which you can potentially experience and I am adding some mostly male activities to the list.

101. Windsurfing

102. Surfing

103. Snorkeling

104. Scuba diving

105. Hiking

106. Camping

107. Ice skating

108. Roller blading

109. Skateboarding

110. Bicycling

111. Motorcycle trail riding

112. Fishing and boating

113. Playing pool

114. Archery

115. Target shooting

Here is Christine’s 100 list:

Here is a bonus link for truth seekers:

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Family Having Fun At Home Together

How many offspring will we have and when will we have them?

If you come from a large family you may want more offspring than your future spouse is willing or even able to support. Total agreement on the number of offspring is vital.

If you both have minimum wage jobs then offspring will be a severe time and financial burden on both of you. Until you are financially well off and stable don’t have any offspring and make plans for a possible realistic unwanted pregnancy.

Abortion or giving up the offspring for adoption is a logical solution which will have to be made if birth control does not work. Unplanned offspring appearing suddenly will frequently lead to a severe financial burden and speedily end in unwanted fierce marital turmoil, bankruptcy, and divorce.


In what religion will the offspring be raised if one or both of you are of different religions and true believers?

If you are a devout Baptist, catholic, or Jew then you and your parents may want the offspring to be raised in one and not two religions. One spouse will have to give in or compromise and choose a dominant religious affiliation for the offspring.  

Judeo Christian religions have many basic moral similarities but if you think that the traditions of one religion are stupid, trivial, or very unpleasant to deal with, a common morality may not be strong enough to overcome religious tradition biases or prejudices.


If religion plays a minor role in your lives what are the two most important moral convictions to have before getting married?

Believe that lying and adultery are immoral in a marriage and you will both have an excellent foundation to build a long duration happy marriage.

If you think that no morality is necessary in a modern marriage then you will be shocked into reality with a very unsuccessful one which will definitely end in divorce.


If one or both of you have dysfunctional inlaws with severe personality flaws or addictions (drugs, gambling, or alcohol) decide how you will minimize their impact on your lives?

Controlling inlaws who choose sides in a marital relationship is an extreme handicap and can lead to many spousal arguments and can even lead to divorce if the marriage is stressed financially also. Blame from the parents can lead to one spouse blaming the other for marital problems and it can quickly destabilize a marriage. If you are getting along well with each other then mutually decide to isolate imposing dysfunctional inlaws as much as possible.

What were the reasons you broke up with your exboyfriend or husband?

Fear of commitment and being overwhelmed by commitment financially are the major reasons males do not commit to marriage and can’t stay committed once married. Be realistic, family life means a great financial commitment which few males want, especially if the female does not have a good job or does not like to work and help greatly with the financial burden. Sex is relatively easy to find these days and there is no great social stigma for having it and not being married.

Offspring are expensive and require serious financial commitment from both spouses. Discuss long duration financial planning with your potential lifelong spouse. Offspring education after high school and the possibility of having to support young adults who can’t find jobs in an internet technological world of the future are realistic future expenses for the family budget.

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MYTH: Fall madly in love, get married, and live happily ever after.

TRUTH: Learn enough useful skills to get a good paying job or career which computer software or robots will not replace in 10 to 20 years, fall madly in love, get married, and live happily ever after.

That is the modern myth that many young women and men still believe in and it is not the truth in far too many real life situations. Historically marriage heavily depended on a female dowry (money) which was a realization of the fact that having a family is an expensive responsible undertaking and that it requires much money to make a successful long duration relationship with offspring.

Today social brainwashing has made having fun and being attractive center stage as prerequisites to a relationship with the opposite sex with catastrophic results. Family life is disintegrating for many as more and more adults remain single for a very long time. Many divorced women with children are forced to go on welfare to support their single parent families and lifestyles.

TRUTH: The main reason males are afraid of marital commitment is because they have a gut feeling that it is too expensive for most to manage successfully.

Yes, there are still some couples who find financial security and true love at the same time which is the ideal romantic situation but there are far too many who don’t realize that money should not be ignored as a necessary foundation for a strong and lasting relationship with offspring.

If you are a woman and are not very attractive physically and without a job the only relationships which you can realistically expect are dysfunctional ones with other males.

Face the reality or facts of modern living and relationships. If you don’t have a good paying job then all you have to give is companionship and sex. The novelty of a new sexual partner soon wears off and the economically poor relationship breaks up and you are trapped in a hedonistic set of disappointing serial relationships which can even be called a serial hedonistic lifestyle.

Dirt poor and screwing your brains out with anyone who will have you sexually. Those are the modern facts of life for most young adults.

TRUTH: Whether you are a man or woman educate yourself with desirable skills and get a good paying job or career which will not become obsolete in the near future. Then start seriously looking for a lasting marital relationship.

In the meantime be satisfied with the fact that you will probably have many short duration relationships with the opposite sex with or without sex and have to be satisfied with a rarely good and frequently bad time with the opposite sex and not much else.

A marriage frequently needs compatible personalities and looks but more important it needs a good amount of money to keep it going for the long duration, especially if you have offspring. Ignore this historical and modern reality at your peril.

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Lying that you don’t care how much money he is making or will make. The truth is that most women crave financial security which is a prerequisite for a stable family relationship. You may want to emphasize that you are not a gold digger but you may get a man who wants to live off of your income instead and not feel responsible about contributing his fair share to the relationship.


Lying that you don’t care whether he looks at other women. Exclusivity and trust is the glue which keeps relationships together for the long duration and if you don’t consider it important then you may later turn into a jealous psycho chick filled with fear of abandonment when and if he starts eyeing other women.


Lying that you can’t wait to see his family, especially if you find out that he comes from a dysfunctional one. Inlaws trying to run their offspring’s lives can become a nightmare for you and your significant other, especially if inlaws are the controlling kind and have serious addictive (drugs, gambling, and alcohol) and abusive personality flaws.


Lying that you like his friends if you don’t. If you sense there is a chronic need to hang out with friends whom you don’t like then don’t be surprised if he doesn’t look for better ones in the future and spends much precious time with them. Admit that you think he can improve his friendships and that you would prefer it if he would spend most of his free time with you.


Lying that you are in no rush to get married.  If you are looking for a good time and someone to spend much money on you then this would be the truth. For most young adult women they should be honestly trying to establish an enduring relationship with a good potential mate as soon as possible so that they don’t lose a good mate to another marriage hungry woman. The older an unmarried woman gets the greater is the probability that she will meet more divorcees, unhappy or adulterous men, flawed male personalities, and older men who may not want any offspring in their lives. Most of the good male mates will already be married.


Lying that you like him just the way he is. Most women will find a few things that they would want to change in their potential mate so it is important to bring those things out into the open and discuss them before a relationship continues.  If you try and keep it a secret it will eventually become a topic of conversation with great unpleasantness and disappointment.


Lying that you love sports. Truly loving sports is a rarity and most of us wind up hating and complaining how much time is spent on sports and not family life eventually in the relationship.  Watching TV sports can be annoying enough but if you find that he likes to attend them in person in an addictive way and gambles on sports too then you should seriously consider ending the relationship if you hate his compulsive habit.


Lying that you can keep a secret early in the relationship. Before you establish a long duration trusting relationship it is highly probable that you will gossip about the secret to your family or girlfriends so don’t make promises which you will break because your boyfriend will eventually find out that you have broken his confidentiality and will not trust you with further secrets or confidentialities.  The future probability that he will trust you or want you as a mate will vanish.

CONCLUSION: Honesty and sincerity is the best policy if you dream of or hope for a trusting adoring family relationship. If you intentionally lie in the relationship your date will not trust you or want to confide in you about personal feelings and plans and the relationship will selfdestruct soon and certainly later. Most lies surface given enough time and no one likes to be lied to unless they come from a dysfunctional family where lying was an ongoing problem with bad consequences.

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Kindness is medium intensity caring and the behaviors which exist with it.  Kindness is a medium intensity nurturing and protective behavior towards another who has suffered misfortune and/or has done a bad and/or wrong thing. Being very kind is the same as loving.


Knowledge is a mentally stored retrievable collection of personal (skills and/or facts) and/or (theories and/or fictions gotten by experience) and/or education. Knowledge is used to make a personal goal(s) and to make a goal(s) by present and future generations if it has been stored as information on a device from which it can later be retrieved if it is permitted by law.  Some information suchas the manufacture of nuclear weapons or the making of contagious deadly lifeforms should be censored information.


Liberty is political and social and economic freedom to pursue a goal(s) but limited by just laws which are presently at a very low standard of justice.


While there is life in you then goals can be made and achieved.  When you are gone goals will be planned and achieved by the living humans, plants, and animals.


A very intense pleasure from a thing one cares about and the behaviors which exist with it. There is a large probability that we will pursue a goal(s) which we love.


Loyalty is when you are intensely attracted to a goal(s) which is frequently (a human(s) and/or an organization(s)) and/or a belief(s).  Loyalty may mean that you also love that human(s), organization(s), and belief(s) but it may also mean that you are merely behaving in loving ways but not feeling love because of a fear of being rejected.  Loyalty can sometimes last longer than it should especially when the immorality of the subjects of the loyalty becomes public knowledge and socially unacceptable.


Depending mostly on chance or luck to achieve most of your goals means that you are ignoring the more important power of planned effort to achieve a goal(s).  Luck is a largely improbable method to achieve a worthwhile goal(s).

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Not enough money and an adulterous personality are the two major reasons which lead to a divorce and they are also the two major reasons for failed relationships.  Avoid dating playboys and especially playboys and lazy uneducated men without a good job.

It is a mistake to date anyone who asks you for a date including losers and then having a very low opinion of men and assuming that all of them are irresponsible uncaring manipulative personalities unworthy of your attention. The best way to avoid disappointment and heartache is to avoid men without a job or men with jobs which are not stable or have poor income.

Stay away from men with no jobs and those who are bartenders, disk jockeys, musicians, models, actors, sports jocks, photographers, landscapers, cashiers and service workers working at minimum wage without an education and no plans for bettering themselves.

On online profiles avoid the handsome men, the ones who sound too good to be true, and those looking for a good time or fun in life. Once again follow up with a question about a job and possible future job plans to determine whether he will be worth your investment of time, energy, and money.

If he is divorced then really probe for as many reasons as you can find for why the marriage was not a success. If it was adultery or financial bankruptcy which was caused by overspending then avoid a date with that man.

This basic principle works both ways and unless you are very attractive then you should not be dating if you don’t have a job.


If you are stuck on an exhusband and are still in love with him then you will have a hard time learning to trust another man.  You will have difficulty investing optimistic time not being convinced that there is not more than one soul mate in your life which you can find if you look hard enough and frequently enough.


Expecting the man to make the first move all the time is a mistake because the male ego hates rejection and some appropriate flirting may be advisable if you find someone whom you would really like to know better but seems to be ignoring you.


Dating only potential soul mates or twin flames means that you have probably set your standards too high and are overlooking the somewhat geeky or minimally attractive man with a good job and perhaps a better caring personality.


Not being courteous and polite on a date and not saying thank you to compliments and good behavior towards you such as paying for a meal is a mistake even if you think your date is a loser and you can’t wait for the date to end. You may not have a high opinion of him but he will have a better opinion of you if you are nice to him nevertheless.


Don’t pretend or be dishonest in the way that you behave on a date because in the short duration a misleading hope of appearing more desirable will kill the possibility of a trusting intimate relationship developing further along in the relationship if your lies are discovered which they eventually will be given enough time. Be honest, truthful, and sincere always and you should have no regrets no matter what happens.


Don’t ask uninteresting questions which are boring or without personal connections. Ask about family, best friends, exspouse, good and bad experiences, and favorite and not so favorite things in life. Birds of a feather tend to flock together and you will find out much useful information about your date if you find out who his favorite family member is or what interests his best friend has. You will also find out whether he blames his ex for the divorce or whether he feels he is partially to blame for the breakup. Near the end of the date you can ask what his plans are for the future if any or if there is something he would like to do in life which he can’t do right now.


Don’t talk too much about an exspouse and avoid laying all the blame on them for the relationship not working out. You can keep an answer short and sweet by stating that the relationship just didn’t work out and you both decided to move on with your lives.


Stay away from addictive (drugs, gambling, or alcohol) and abusive personalities which should be a red flag but which may be a dangerous personality which you are attracted to because of past bad experiences with addictive and abusive humans in your life which you now almost consider normal and attractive.


Not knowing your core needs. Although some core needs may differ there are generalized needs which most women have. They don’t want someone who is irresponsible with money, can’t be faithful, isn’t honest and sincere so he can’t be trusted, is a poor communicator with many personality flaws, and does not want offspring at any point in his life. If you are in a relationship just for the fling then core values are not important but you can develop a reputation as a loose woman and other knowing males will treat you accordingly without much respect.


You give sex too early in the relationship. In an era of sexual freedom women are encouraged to be as free with sex as the men. Unfortunately, men respect women more who don’t give sex freely but make them earn it by forming a close platonic relationship first. Just as most women are repulsed by promiscuous males most males consider promiscuous females to not be as worthy as mothers. Only have sex once you have learned enough about the male to consider him a potential keeper and not just a good time buddy.


Only when you learn that the man has decided to choose you as an exclusive partner should you completely turn off your non sexual relationships with other potential males. If a woman has more than one male non sexual friend she will be more desirable in the eyes of a potential suitor.

If it is an online profile don’t lie about your weight, age, or use a picture which is old or doctored. Your date will be very disappointed and wonder what else you are lying about and will start out not trusting you.



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Prioritize your tasks

List the most important most urgent tasks first in order of priority and start doing them methodically leaving the not so important ones for last.

Minimize multitasking

If possible do your emails and phone calls once or twice a day all at once to avoid making them distractions from your tasks during the day.  Do as little multitasking as possible because it will interfere with your concentration efficiency, lead to more mistakes, and less quality work.

Break up tasks into smaller orderly tasks

A job description can be communicated in very general and overwhelming terms which can create confusion when and where to start. Break the job down into smaller orderly tasks which are prioritized.

Select a quiet and constant place to do work

Nothing can be more distracting than much noise or interference with your work so select a quiet place and the same place to work which will not have new distractions which will exist each time you switch work places.

Unclutter your work space

Organize your desk space so you don’t waste time looking for paperwork on a messy desk.

Schedule your days

If you have a digital organizer you can get reminded of important meetings or events during the day so you are better prepared for them and on time.

Take notes

During meetings take notes or write down the most important information which you can refer to later on. Review your notes and determine what is important or should be done first.

Surround yourself with organized humans

It is not always an option but if you have the choice then choose the most organized humans to help you with your tasks when needed. Disorganized humans can greatly distract you, cause unnecessary stress, and make you work less efficiently.

Set a timer

Try to organize your work by the clock so you can assess your progress at relatively constant intervals and take necessary breaks which will refresh you and make you work more efficiently in the long duration.

Establish a predictable routine if possible

Try to plan a time and duration for daily or weekly obligations. It can be planning your thinking, meditation, or in place exercise breaks to avoid job burnout by scheduling them. It can be doing all your email or phone calls at the start or end of your day. It can be as simple a thing as putting your car keys in the same place each time so you don’t waste time looking for them. Structure your work with a daily predictable routine if possible and it will greatly increase your efficiency.

Get plenty of sleep, eat healthy, and exercise a little

You need good, varied, and healthy food to give you energy during the day and plenty of sleep during the night so you don’t feel tired and unfocused during the day. A little exercise on the job or away from it will also increase your efficiency on the job.

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Leaders creating trust in an organization make it operate more efficiently and here are 13 ways which can accomplish this.


Using simple truthful honest language eliminates doubt about what your goals and requests are.

Genuinely caring or appropriately nurturing and protecting your workers is respectful and creates respect in return. Nurturing can take the form of encouragement and giving one the opportunity to learn new useful job skills and protection can mean not violating confidentiality is there is any.


Don’t obscure your information, real goals, or needs so they can be truthfully verified by disclosure.

Right wrongs by apologizing quickly and making restitution where possible.


Show loyalty and give credit freely to people when speaking of or to them even though they may not always be present themselves.

Deliver results completely and on time without overpromising and underdelivering and don’t make excuses if results don’t come in on time or are incomplete but take steps so that it won’t happen again.


Try to improve and get better by thanking and using valuable feedback.

Confront reality and deal with it boldly even if it seems unmentionable or undiscussible.


Truthfully state goals and expectations so they can be discussed, validated, and renegotiated if needed and expect them to be fulfilled once assumed.

Practice accountability if it is your responsibility but take steps to make others accountable too if they are largely the reason why goals or expectations were not met.


Listen first to others and don’t assume what their priorities have been because they may be different than the ones you had in mind.


Judiciously make and do your best to keep commitments or promises and don’t violate confidentiality.

Extend trust to those who have earned it and extend it conditionally to those who are trying to earn trust.


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  1.    tumblr_m11typ2eQe1rqxcpvo1_500

Usually you can tell if you are loved and cared for by observing loving and caring emotional and bodily behaviors done towards you for a relatively long duration.

If the loving and caring lasts for a long duration it becomes more difficult for the loved one to pretend loving behaviors.

Generally the longer the duration in a loving relationship the more difficult it is for your loved one to pretend those loving behaviors and be a fake lover.

It is sometimes possible for a short duration to pretend loving and caring behaviors towards another but given enough time it is more probable that the person’s true intentions will show.

Given enough time both loving and/or caring and/or unloving and/or uncaring behaviors will be observed and a person who has tried to hide his unloving and uncaring will make a mistake and show his or her true (emotions and/or feelings) and/or (intentions and/or opinions).

Living together without marriage for a few years is a good test whether a loving relationship will last.

A shared morality frequently increases the probability that a long duration marriage will succeed and may make it unnecessary to live together on a test basis.

CONCLUSION: Don’t rush into a marriage without knowing all you can about your future potential mate.

I married after three months of courtship but I made up for the extra necessary time by asking a thousand and one questions about family, friends, ex husband, and pleasant and unpleasant experiences and didn’t catch her in one lie because she was being totally honest.

We are still happily married after 22 years living together.

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They are thankful for the good and bad things in their life

Optimists not only remind themselves of the good things in their lives and are grateful but they look on bad things as a challenge for improvement and a learning experience which can be used for a better tomorrow.  If something bad can’t be changed by them or others they learn to accept, ignore, or live with the bad things and don’t stress over them.

Optimists share their good and bad moments with others

Not all optimists are sociable extroverts who share their experiences with others and sometimes get valuable feedback and sometimes even encouragement from others. Introverts too can benefit by sharing their good and bad experiences with family and close friends for mutual benefit. Feeling that you are alone in your struggles in the world can sometimes be depressing and being able to share with others can frequently lessen any signs of depression which you may be fighting with from time to time.

Optimists are more forgiving than your average human

Optimists frequently forgive others if the behavior is not immoral and don’t hold grudges against others. They accept the past as unchangeable and don’t let bad experiences and mistakes cause by others to overly affect their future plans, actions, and thoughts.

Optimists listen more and talk less

Optimists radiate confidence and are respected more by others because they listen and let others do most of the talking. They give relatively short and to the point answers or responses whenever possible.

Optimists are not envious or jealous

Optimists don’t feel that other human successes are not deserved or unjust. They view other human accomplishments as motivations to do better in their own lives. They are not jealous and envious of others and don’t waste time thinking how unfair the world is to them.

Optimists smile more and frown less when in the company of others

Optimists don’t have to fake happiness because they frequently smile or laugh at their bad circumstances and mistakes in front of others.

An optimist is goal oriented and plans beyond intervening bad circumstances

An optimist does not worry about the future with all the possible problems which may arise but views life as a challenge to overcome obstacles and get to worthwhile goals in life.

Optimists don’t blame others for their lack of progress in life

Optimists do not blame the economy, the boss, coworkers, spouse, or someone else for their lack of progress in life. They feel personally responsible for progress in life and try to change their lives so they are prepared with the right skills and education when opportunity exists.

An optimist never gives up

No matter how bad the past may have been the optimist looks forward to a better future and makes plans and does take actions to make it so.


An optimist eats healthy and gets enough exercise

An optimist realizes that a healthy body is a prerequisite for a happy healthy mental life.

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Humans lie to protect themselves or their ego when they have done something bad or made a mistake, for personal gain, and to maliciously destroy another’s reputation which could be because of revenge or meanness or for personal gain and it can even be done with silent omissions instead of blatant lies.

Personal protection lies:

It was not my fault which is frequently followed with an excuse that something or someone is to blame

I’m sick

It was not my mistake

It was their fault

There’s just this one little problem

Sorry, I missed your call

I’m on my way

I’ll call back latter

I didn’t get the email

It’s not personal

I never got your message

I have it done

I don’t know

Personal gain lies: This is frequently done by exaggerating or lying about ones competence and/or kissing up to or praising another liberally to show a false respect for or love of another. especially if they are in a position of authority.

Customer’s come first

People are our most valuable asset

That’s great

I came up with the idea

You’re doing fine

You will make much money quickly

You will lose 10 pounds in 10 days

You will look 10 years younger

Your dress is beautiful

I love this gift

Reputation destroying lies:

He was nasty, mean, rude, disrespectful, inconsiderate, insincere, incompetent, or unfriendly to me or a customer

She didn’t do her best

He said some bad things about you

She doesn’t seem to like you

He or she is mad at the world and thinks life is unfair

He has a chip on his shoulder

He doesn’t get along well with others

She is not very friendly

His family problems interfere with his work

She lies about me or other humans




To inspire is to intensely motivate others to try to achieve a goal(s) which frequently takes a long duration to achieve.


Introspection is usually a silent mental thinking examination or observation of some of one’s own mental knowledge especially after but frequently before an attempt to achieve a goal(s).  Quiet introspection can be extremely valuable and some have an intense desire to communicate what they think.


Jealousy is an angry and unpleasant desire for another’s bodily traits and/or achieved goal(s) which are frequently possessions which may seem to have been unjustly gotten or it is an angry and unpleasant desire for another’s ability to achieve a certain goal(s).


Justice is a moral distribution of (information and/or goods) and/or (services and/or rewards) and/or punishments.  The goals of justice should be to create laws based on a moral code which primarily protects citizens from foreign aggression, from domestic criminals, from severe economic exploitation. and protects the environment from the destruction of biodiversity.

An important priority for true justice is guaranteeing that people are promoted to positions of authority in organizations based on merit and not primarily based on (nepotism and/or popularity) and/or political favoritism.

Disciplining offspring, adults, and organizations with moral rewards and/or punishments is justice and they must have earned those rewards and/or punishments with their personal or collective behavior.  What subset of a reward and/or punishment must be judged by the humans who are in authoritative office and/or rank.  Older offspring can be authority figures for younger offspring helping out parental authority figures and the chain of command can continue upward through to presidents or tyrants.

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Moral opposites infrequently attract.  Criminals are infrequently attracted to lawful citizens and vice versa.  Honest humans are infrequently attracted to dishonest humans.

Humans with certain weaknesses in character and/or heredity will sometimes be attracted to others who will complement or lessen their incomplete physical or mental character and/or personality.

An attractive but somewhat uneducated woman may marry or start up a relationship with an unattractive but educated man.

A very athletic man who is lazy may prefer a woman who is a little klutzy but industrious.

An attractive woman with little money may be very attracted to a man with an incomplete personality but with much money.

A very emotional woman may be attracted to a calm and reserved male personality.

Opposite human characteristics sometimes attract.

Remember that too many opposite characteristics will eventually greatly stress the relationship and will begin to threaten it if both humans do not adapt to each other and either learn to adjust to some of each other’s opposite unpleasant characteristics or just ignore the imperfections.

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The constitution communicates that everyone should have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Let’s review each one of these rights and point out the necessary exceptions.

Everyone should have the right to life except fetuses with severe debilitating diseases or health problems and those which will cause severe financial hardship on the family which can lead to excessive debt, financial ruin, and divorce. Abortion should be a personal decision by primarily the female and hopefully and optionally with the consent of the responsible male.

The right to life or no death sentence for anyone should be extended to all convicted criminals because in this technological age with most not having trustworthy reputations anymore a clever human(s) can easily plant evidence which will convict an innocent human and murder him or her unjustly.

Liberty is frequently confused with freedom which in its purest form is anarchy. Liberty is freedom to function within the law and in a moral way and not freedom which as an ultimate definition is doing whatever you feel like doing whether or not it is moral or within the law.

Liberty: n. (political and/or social) and/or economic freedom to pursue a goal(s) but limited by just laws

Pursuit of happiness is a very stupid right to have because some humans love to murder, to steal, to lie, to commit adultery, to destroy biodiversity, to do drugs, to gamble, and to live a life of trivial pursuits and even hedonism. One human’s happiness can very easily cause another human’s misery.

Religion used to keep human behavior relatively moral but what is now needed is a secular moral code for everyone to live under including government officials. In nonemergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder. This should be the secular morality taught to all impressionable young minds in elementary school so that they grow up to be moral citizens and leaders and it is something this world needs so desperately in the presently corrupt political and social world.

 It is a big political lie that all humans are created equal but it is the truth that all humans should be given an equal free right to technological and/or science education which will primarily determine who justly succeeds in moving up the social scale of responsibility and success.

Liberal arts education is too subjectively biased and job deficient to realistically promote humans on the basis of objective merit and not on political or group affiliation, personal friendship, and some nepotism which is dominant today and into the foreseeable future if just changes are not made.



We hold these truths to be obvious that all humans are created different, that they are given by their genetic inheritance certain unalienable rights, that among these are life and the pursuit of a job which is rewarded based on merit.  WHEN unemployed and destitute, the right of free access to technological and/or science based job related education and WHEN unemployed and destitute, a right to be supported with free basic needs such as food, basic clothing, basic shelter, basic medical care especially in emergencies, a basic computer, basic toiletries, and limited budget cellphone use but no motorized vehicle and no money to use.

 For a continuation of this new declaration read my evergreen book NEW CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.

It is way overdue to cut out the political BS and tell it like it is or tell the truth and incorporate it into legal documents!!!!!!

In the near future due to robotization, the internet, monopoly businesses, and standardization of parts there will be basically two classes of humans which will have to be treated differently. Most will become the unemployed and destitute without possessions to pawn, income, or necessary job skills and the rest of us will be trying not to become unemployed and destitute. Appropriate FREE REEDUCATION will become a necessity for those wishing to escape poverty through their time, effort, energy, and achievement NO MATTER WHAT THEIR AGE.

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Here is an excerpt from Livescience describing why humans are obsessed with their bodies and what they are doing to them.

By 2015, 17 percent of U.S. residents will be getting cosmetic procedures, the industry predicts. Some would call it self-edification, of course, or art, or a way to kill time or perhaps rebel against authority. But in general, and given that people have died from cosmetic surgery procedures, what makes so many people so intent on artificially remaking themselves?

First, it’s worth noting that while options at the body shop have never been more varied, the practice is ancient, often tied to cults and religions or power and status, and in fact much of the modern nip, tuck, paint, poke and plump procedures are benign compared with some ancient practices. People have reshaped their heads, elongated their necks, stretched their ears and lips, painted their bodies or affixed permanent jewelry for thousands of years.

Perhaps the strongest motivations nowadays are to be beautiful, however one might define that, or simply to fit in with a particular group.

The lure of beauty can’t be denied as a prime motivator to nip and tuck. Studies have shown that shoppers buy more from attractive salespeople; attractive people capture our attention more quickly than others; and skinny people have an easier time getting hired and promoted.

“There’s this idea that if you look better you’ll be happier. You’ll feel better about yourself,” says psychologist Diana Zuckerman, president of the National Research Center for Women & Families. “And logically that makes so much sense, because we live in a society where people do care what you look like.”

A sign of the times, as Baby Boomer age: While cosmetic surgery sales sagged during the recession, wrinkle-blasting laser treatments have skyrocketed.

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As long as exotic food does not mean endangered species I think it has huge potential for domestication and consumption as healthy non GMO, no growth hormones, no antibiotics, organic food. Worms, crickets, rattlesnake meat, goat penis and testicles are just a few of the possibilities which should be promoted as nutrient rich healthy foods.

Google exotic foods and you will discover some exotic fruits and vegetables which can be eaten if you are not that much into protein rich foods. Eating exotic foods is an acquired taste and the best way to introduce them into the western diet would be to flavor existing foods such as organic yogurt, whole multigrain bread, burgers, salads, etc. with chunks or mashed exotic foods to enhance the nutritional value of the food. I know rattlesnake meat is delicious as is but some exotic whole fruits and vegetables may not be that tasty initially and will need to be added to good tasting food to promote greater acceptance by a fearful public which is always fearful of being poisoned by a new healthy taste sensation.

We need biodiversity or variety in the food which we eat to insure a nutrient dense diet without the need for artificial supplements or food additives. Exotic foods will increase the probability that you will get all the trace minerals, minerals, vitamins, protein, fat, and carbohydrates that your body craves and needs for optimum health.

What follows are links to a Livescience  and PopSci article which introduces members of the Explorers Club to deliciously prepared exotic foods.

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Answering vaguely but honestly is the best policy when answering private questions from acquaintances and strangers. The more remote the relationship the more tempting it is to lie because we think we will get away with it without being caught and maintain an over inflated ego or exaggerated sense of self. If the acquaintance or stranger is not someone you want to get to know better then you can simply answer that it is a secret if you don’t want to answer and leave it at that.

I am selfconfident with few casual acquaintances and am not a salesman so I never feel an urge to deceive, lie, exaggerate, and give vague replies. If you are very sociable and frequently meet with casual acquaintances and strangers then here are some suggestions of what you could do instead of lying outright to private questions.

If you are a woman and don’t want to reveal your age to boost your ego then answer that you are in your twenties, thirties, or fifties. Unless you have had cosmetic surgery if you lie about your age by more than 10 years you will be caught, especially if you put it in writing.

Instead of bragging about how much money you are making which is more than your true income answer that it is a middle class salary or much more than minimum wage.

If you are a woman your ego is on the line if asked about your weight. Pick a pound over your true weight and say that it is less than or below that amount. If you lie by more than 10 pounds on a dating profile you will just disappoint your date once you meet and they will wonder what else you are lying about in your profile.

If asked about your whereabouts you can answer at work, home, shopping, or downtown. Only if you are cheating on your spouse will you be tempted to lie about your whereabouts.

If your favorite pastime is bar hopping then you will probably not want to answer and if you don’t want to reveal your passions you can answer that you have many favorite pastimes which is true for most humans.

If asked about your favorite music and it is acid rock you may not want to answer truthfully so just answer rock and roll.

If asked about how many followers or friends you have on the internet say that you are interested in quality not quantity in your friendships if you have few friends or followers.

If asked about your relationship status you can answer that you are not currently dating or are in an ongoing relationship if that is the truth. If you must answer that you are single then you can add that you are not interested in a serious relationship right now and it will be the truth.

The most lying exists because humans are frequently not punctual and don’t realize that you are wasting another’s time, energy, and money if you don’t show up on time. Even though humans will sometimes be relieved that you finally showed up they will still feel offended that you are not a human who fulfills his or her punctual promises.

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Motivating yourself into an optimistic goal achieving attitude is not enough and needs a realistic plan of action to get results. What follows are motivating words or catch phrases which can be used but you must add a step by step plan of action which you then should follow on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

I have the power to choose my own destiny

I can and will achieve my goals

Persistence will help me succeed

I am flexible and open to change in every aspect of my life

I am confident, optimistic and look forward to new challenges

I am ambitious

I have the will power and ability to create a reality which I desire to live in

Every new day is a new opportunity

I can do it. I will do it. I am doing it.

Every day in some way I will try getting better and better

Here is an example of a realistic plan of action once you feel motivated to act.

I will spend an hour or more a day learning new knowledge or skills which I will need in a new or better job or career.

I will be honest, sincere, caring, and friendly to family, close friends, and coworkers and will devote at least a half hour a day investigating and finding out what caring and friendly behaviors I can turn into good habits which will bring me respect, admiration, and a good reputation.

I will learn to efficiently schedule my work time and time away from work by setting priorities in my life and devoting the most of my time, energy, effort, and money towards the most important priorities in my life which should be job, family, selfimproving education, and relationship skills on the job.

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Here are some generalized affirmations which are delusions or untrue beliefs which you should not have in your life because they boost your ego but are not true statements about you or your lifestyle. If you brainwash yourself into believing these statements are true about yourself then you will handicap your ability to grow and IMPROVE your personality and achievements in life.

Examples of untrue delusional affirmations:

I deserve to be loved, I love myself for who I am, I am loved and respected by everyone,  I feel safe and protected, I am appreciated and respected, I have everything I need in life, I approve of myself and feel great about myself, I am now a powerful and charismatic personality, I am confident and in control, my confidence and competence are exploding massively everyday, I have the willpower and discipline to do anything which I desire, I have the power to act correctly in each moment, and I am passionate and incredibly handsome or beautiful.

Revised true affirmations:

I will be honest, sincere, caring, and friendly towards others and will become a more lovable person.

I will be honest, sincere, caring, and friendly with others to develop trust, appreciation, and respect from others.

I am confident, have a strong desire, and will discipline myself so that I will get what I need in life by setting realistic desirable goals and applying enough  time, effort, and money to achieve those goals.

I would like to be powerful and more charismatic so I will improve my social skills with people and become more powerful by working towards a highly skilled professional job or a responsible high level managerial position in a company or organization.

I will become very handsome or beautiful by getting quality plastic surgery done on my face and/or body.

CONCLUSION: The true useful affirmations are not simple short untrue generalities or catch phrases because life is not simple but complex. Only developing an optimistic attitude is not sufficient to achieve improvement and success in the complex life that we are living in.

You must make a determined effort to improve your life with realistic actions which means making and achieving realistic worthwhile goals in life one step at a time. Improve your knowledge through more education much of which is selfeducation and improve the skills which you have in life to lead a more happy and successful lifestyle.

A useful true affirmation must communicate the goal or goals which you want to achieve and the steps which you will take to achieve that goal or goals. Motivate yourself with true useful affirmations and not untrue short general affirmations which will just make you feel good but not result in any useful achievements in your life.

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Enjoy these inspirational landscapes and share them with someone special!!!!!!

8598877306_be7125b531_z Ancient.Juniper.Crater.Lake.OR_4714 aspen-colorado img_003 Laucala-Island-Fiji-1 machu-picchu new-zealand-lake-forest-mountains-autumn-nature-600x375 Rocky-mountain430 Coastal view, Abel Tasman National Park, South Island, New Zealand. Image shot 01/2005. Exact date unknown. slide_292154_2341097_free slide_292154_2341116_free soper_7566 waimano-falls-coty-signed Moments before sunset at El-Khiyam "The Tents",  Sahara Beida (W Aish el-Ghorab "The Mushrooms", chalk sculptures, Sahara Beida ( Yellowstone430 zkp070721



No one likes a pushy salesman who is viewed as irritating and scary and someone that you probably can’t trust to sell you something good. 6 Questions can be asked in a friendly non pressuring way and can lead to a relatively anxiety free sale.

What brings you here today?

Asking “What are you looking for?” when a customer shows up can lead to a noncommittal answer “I’m just browsing”. Asking “what brings you to the store today” may also result in the just browsing answer but it is more probable that the customer will reveal what he may potentially be interested in buying and start a mutually beneficial conversation or relationship.

Why do you want this product or service?

If you get an answer to this question you may find out the reason behind the purchase such as for whom, for what, where, or how the product or service will be used once bought. You can then follow up with how ideal the product or service will be for the need or needs described.

Who is in charge of making the decision to buy a product or use the service?

The ultimate decision maker may not be the customer but the spouse of the customer or a boss who will make the ultimate decision. If that is the case then you can focus in and ask questions about the spouse or boss which will increase the probability of the sale by getting them involved too.

How soon do you need or want it?

Unless you detect that it is an impulse buy pressuring to make an immediate sale may not be wise if the customer does not intend to purchase it right away so to determine the urgency of the sale you ask how soon the product or service is needed.

You can then custom fit the timeline of the sale to the degree of urgency expressed. If you detect that it is an impulse buy then stress how great it will be or how happy the customer will be to have the product right away or as soon as possible.

What would you like to have happen next?

If a purchase decision has been delayed more than once, then it may be intimidating to ask the customer to commit right away because there may still be some unresolved questions in his or her mind. The question may uncover any remaining doubts or reasons why the purchase still hasn’t been made.

Do you have any other questions?

If you have determined that the purchase is an impulse buy then close the sale as soon as possible but if it is not an urgent purchase then you can ask if there are any other questions the customer would like to ask which may be reasons for the absence of urgency. If there are any other questions then you can answer them appropriately and eliminate any residual doubt the customer may have about the purchase.

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Mike Adams knows much about certified organic foods and reveals some of the potential hazards of buying from unscrupulous manufacturers of vitamins, supplements, and health foods. The message is fundamental, inform yourself about the product from unbiased sources if possible because most manufacturers are trying to cash in on the health conscious public and only care about the bottom line and not your health.

I include a link to the full article from I personally think is a fear promoting politically extreme website but I visit it almost daily for about one minute looking for rare gems like this article. They also rarely print useful information on the true state of the economy. It is an anti-establishment website so they sometimes print the truth which those with political and economic power would rather not have you know about.

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Most parents don’t know how to manage money and are in great debt. Read this blog and it might help your offspring to avoid your financial mistakes.

I am including a link to an excellent blog on how to be wise with money.

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